>>Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using 100+ Magento 2 Extensions Free

Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using 100+ Magento 2 Extensions Free

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If you enter “Magento 2 extensions free” on Google search box, there are over 12 million results to show up in a quarter of second. Without a doubt, online merchants pay much attention to Magento 2 extensions to improve or extend the default features for even better. When it comes to Magento 2 free modules, the cost to install is even as low as zero. Great deals ever! However, from hundreds of free extensions available, it is hard to decide which to install. Today, we will introduce you Top 100+ best Magento 2 extensions free to turn your business into selling machines. Although their features are not too much, this full list is carefully-picked from reliable vendors on the market who offer attractive functionalities and dedicated supports. 

What’s more, these Magento 2 free modules are sorted out into 9 categories based on their purposes, for example, site optimization, sales boost, customizing appearance, payment & security enhancement, etc.

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Site Optimization – Magento 2 Extension Free Download

1. Reindex from Backend – Free Magento 2 Extension by BSSCommerce

In the default Magento 2, the reindex feature is no longer available like in the previous version. You have to access SSH and use command lines in order to reindex. And Reindex from Backend for Magento 2 extension free by BSS is a useful solution to the problem. The main features include:

  • Reindex data from Index Management at Backend with only one click.
  • Notification about the details of rebuilt indexers.
  • Limit the ability to do the action by admin role.

Magento 2 Extensions Free

2. Magento 2 Keep Admin Authorized –  Free Magento 2  Extension by Mageside

The PHP expires after 24 minutes of inactivity by default; then you are automatically kicked out of the admin panel. This affects your work a lot. And Magento 2 extension free by Mageside provides a simple solution to keep admin stay logging in the admin panel with these key features:

  • Automatically send an Ajax request every minute to the server to keep your PHP session and browser cookies active.
  • Keep admin logged in when page is not reloaded for a long time.
  • No limitation on the admin session. No more fear of losing data when saving.

3. Easy Cache Cleaner – Free Magento 2 Extension by iFlair 

Magento 2 Easy Cache Cleaner allows admin to clean the cache anywhere or anytime within a single click. This Magento 2 extension free simplifies the cache cleaning process. Don’t miss out these functions:

  • Clean all caches just by a single click.
  • No need to select cache.
  • Admin can clean cache anywhere without going to the cache management section.

4. Performance Dashboard – Magento 2 Extension Download Free by MageHost BV

This Magento 2 free extension offers an overview of the store’s performance and gives advice to improve if needed. Performance Dashboard for Magento 2 extension free is very helpful to manage and enhance the overall performance of your stores by:

  • Provide a dashboard page to notify admin of store performance.
  • Notify what needs to be improved, give recommended actions and show links to devdocs.
  • Improve the speed of frontend, backend, cron jobs and reduce CPU usage.

2 buy 2 get 1 free extensions magento

5. Watchlog – Magento 2 Extension Free by Wyomind

The module helps admin detect any suspicious attempt to access the admin panel. With that function, admin can easily notice if someone or a robot is trying to log in the back office. This Magento 2 extension free also supports other benefits, as follow:

  • Track login attempts in form of daily or monthly charts. (both success login and failed login)
  • Check the summary table and detailed information of all login attempts.
  • Create a statistic report and send to admin email.

6. Developer Debug Tool – Magento 2 Download Free Extension by Cedcommerce

The next name on the list of Magento 2 extensions free is for developers, which provides all necessary information of the current page load and tracking of template file path.

The highlight features of Magento 2 Developer Debug Tool free extension include:

  • Provide a comprehensive set of data for the current page load (page request, collections, models, event data, extended classes…)
  • Allows admin to view full file path, block data information, handle names and associated template files.

best free extensions for magento

7. Magesetup – Magento 2 Extension Free by Firegento

Magento 2 Magesetup module provides a free solution to set up the online store for a national market. This Magento 2 free extension is developed after the successful release of Magesetup extension for Magento 1 on Github. Below are the practical benefits of it:

  • Configure and prepare your store for national market (important configuration settings, predefined tax classes for worldwide shipping, email templates based on local language packs…)
  • Current support: Austria (at), Switzerland (ch), Germany (de), Spain (es), France (fr), United Kingdom (gb), Italy (it), Netherlands (nl), Poland (pl), Romania (ro), Russia (ru).

8. FREE Change Attribute Set Magento 2 Extension by MageAnts

By default, there are 4 attribute sets and 66 attributes which can only be customized once listing. Afterwards, you can’t change the attribute set. Magento 2 Change Attribute Set extension free helps to overcome such the difficulty by allowing admin to:

  • Easily customize the attribute set as you wish.
  • No conflict with the Magento default attribute set.

9. Free Pace Magento 2 Extension by Schumacher FM

Magento 2 Pace extension free equips your website with an eye-catching progress bar for page load and ajax navigation. You don’t need to hook in the code, the progress will be automatically executed with:

  • Create loading indicator for both the frontend and backend.
  • Automatically monitor the ajax requests, event loop, and element of the page to begin the progress bar.

10. Free Maintenance Magento 2 Extension by Customer Paradigm

It is easy to put your website into maintenance mode by deploying the next Magento 2 extension free. No need to use FTP or SSH. This feature is very practical when you update the site, go live new features or take the store offline.  Some of the key features of Magento 2 Maintenance free extension:

  • Set the website in maintenance mode.
  • Display a custom maintenance message for guests.
  • Automatically whitelist the IP address

Sales – Magento 2 Free Extension

11. Gift Wrap – Magento 2 Free Extension by Imagination Media LLC

Gift-wrapping your products can really make your business differentiate from other competitors. Magento 2 free gift extension by Imagination Media LLC will definitely be your preferable choice to enhance user experience in your stores. Thanks to this Magento free gift wrap module, online shoppers possibly:

  • Purchase a gift-wrap during checkout their cart.
  • Easily to select wrapping products in single or multiple packages.
  • Identify whom Magento 2 gift-wrap is being sent from or to.

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12. Web Push Notifications – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by PushAssist

This Magento 2 free extension by PushAssist aims to create push notifications in customers’ devices. These push notifications can notify customers about personalized offers, special discounts or other promotion programs, for example “Buy-2-get-1 free extensions Magento”. Make out of this Magento extension free to encourage online users to visit your stores again and make them become your regular and loyal customers.

The main features of this extension include:

  • Create on-time push notifications to all or segment of customer via desktops, laptops, tablets and Android mobiles.
  • Make use of push notification to launch marketing campaign.
  • Divide customers into separate segmentation.
  • Allow admins to use APIs, FCM/GCM keys while using.

13. Promotional Banner – Magento 2 Free Extension by BelVG

Magento 2 extension free download launched by BelVG is a perfect choice to attract more customers in this Holiday sales season with eye-catching banners on screen. Admin can easily show their offers, special discounts or promo codes to raise customer’s spirit to make transaction in their stores. This Magento 2 extension free will optimize your stores by:

  • Create and modify how and where promotional banner display in the backend configuration.
  • Offer 15 different themes of popup banner for popular holidays.
  • Add up to three promoted products into banner.

14. Price Countdown –  by Magebuzz

Normally, customers often consider carefully before making decision to purchase any products. However, with this Magento 2 free extension by Magebuzz, a countdown timer will appear right below the sale price, creating a sense of urgency to drive clicks on “Buy Now” button.

  • Display an attractive timer on product page and home page
  • Admin can easily set up which date the promotional price is available from and to.
  • Assign promotion campaign to specific products or categories.

free magento 2 extensions for customizing appearance

15. Sale Category – Magento 2 Free Extension by Mageside

When a customer visit an e-commerce store, they are likely to discover the sale category first. However, in the default Magento 2, admins must select each product at special price and put them into specific category. This Magento 2 extension free download by Mageside would be a promising tool to solve this problem quickly. Some of notable advantages:

  • Automatically search for and select promoted products to Sale category.
  • Admin can choose to collect or not: out of stock products, products without images, products whose regular price is lower than special price.

16. Reward Points – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by BrainActs

This Magento 2 free extension by BrainActs is an effective way to let your customers know that you appreciate their orders and want to keep a long-term stable relationship with them. For each order, customers will receive a certain number of points, which can be transformed to a discount at the next checkout. Let’s see how this extension works in your Magento 2 stores by:

  • Admin can set up the quantity of points for each order in backend configuration.
  • Points are automatically added to customers’ account and can be used for registration, submitting reviews, sharing wishlist and discount while checkout.
  • Reward Points History and Points Balance will be automatically updated.

17. Wishlist Notification – by TechDivision GmbH

Understanding customer’s shopping behavior is very important to any e-commerce business as it helps store owner make right decision to boost their conversion rate. One effective solution to address this problem is the Magento 2 extension free download by TechDivision GmbH – Wishlist Notification. By using this extension, admin can:

  • Manage all customers’ wishlists in the backend grid.
  • Easily click to see customer information about name, address, current wishlist and newly-added item.
  • Contact customers and give them offers for product in their wishlist.
  • Simplify backend activity by easy control when products in wishlist are reviewed.

magento 2 extensions for free

18. Promotion Manager – Magento 2 Free Extension by Amasty

One of the best Magento 2 extensions free  from the well-known Amasty that is definitely worth to try. This module can simplify promotion management process with the expanded price rules grid. With the help of this Magento 2 free extension, admins can apply various actions to manage the rules. The main features are:

  • Show promotions in a handy grid view with all related information including rule type and discount amount.
  • Enable/disable or delete rules and coupons  in bulk.
  • Duplicate rules at an instant.

19. Featured Products – by Solwininfotech

If you want to promote a specific product, you should never miss this Magento 2 free extension by Solwininfotech. This extension allows admin to set any product as featured products quickly just by some clicks. Therefore, these featured products will attract customers while they are visiting Magento 2 stores, which can boost their sales dramatically.

Admins are able to display the featured products in three ways:

  • As stand-alone Magento page.
  • As a block that can be placed anywhere.
  • As a slider in the sidebar.

magento 2 extensions free download

20. Shop By Brand – by Emizen Tech Private Limited

If you are running an online store that provides a wide range of products from different brands, this Magento 2 shop by brand extension free download by Emizen Tech Private Limited will be your effective module. This extension’s main purpose is to manage your products and brands, consequently, customers can find their desired products easily.  This shop by brand Magento extension is must-try with these following functions:

  • Display brands in alphabetical order (A to Z) to simplify searching process.
  • Show brands in a specific category or in the left/right sidebar.
  • Promote brands by setting up as featured brands on top of brand’s list page.

21. Sold Out Label – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by Solwininfotech

As its name, this Magento 2 free extension by Solwininfotech enable admin to mark out-of-stock products with visible sold-out label. Visitors now no longer have to click on the products to see if the item is available or not. This can improve customer experience in your Magento 2 stores.

Once installing this extension, Magento 2 admin can:

  • Display a sold out label automatically right when the quantity is zero.
  • Use custom picture as sold out label.
  • Configure label size.
  • Modify position of label in product page.
  • Set text and image for label.

Payment and Security – Magento 2 Extension Free Download

22. Order Comments & Attachment – Magento 2 Free Extension by Vsourz Digital

In default Magento 2, it is impossible for customers to leave their comment or place a file attachment on order. So, this Magento 2 extension free download by Vsourz Digital is a useful tool to help improve user experience by

  • Enable customers to submit their comments and attachments during checkout.
  • Admin can also decide what type of attachment can be submitted in the backend configuration.

23. Mastercard Payment Gateway Services – by On Tap Networks Limited

These days, along with rapid development of online shopping, card payment become a popular payment method in any e-commerce websites. This Magento 2 free extension will be your must-have upgrade to optimize checkout process in your stores. The main features include:

  • API will be directed to sellers to determine payment details.
  • Collect customers’ account details safely by using Mastercard Payment Gateway Services’s hosted checkout light or other payment sessions.
  • Process transactions quickly by one or two steps.
  • Use 3-D Secure and Verification and Security Code policies to authenticate cardholders.
  • Automatically save card details for following transactions.
  • Avoid fraud by GateKeeper 2.0.

magento 2 free extension

24. Amazon Pay – Magento 2 Free Extension by Amazon Payments

It is undeniable that Amazon is the largest Internet retailer in the world. Therefore, allowing customers to use their Amazon account to check in and out in your Magento 2 store seems to be an ideal choice. With this extension, customers can:

  • Log in Magento 2 websites with their existing credentials: name, email address, shipping address and phone number.
  • Checkout their cart with payment methods available in their Amazon accounts.

25. Cash On Delivery – by Phoenix Media GmbH

Despite the growth of electronic payment methods, Cash On Delivery is still a common method in e-commerce. However, default Magento 2 has some limitations that need to improve. For example, when admin enables “Cash On Delivery” function, the fees between national and international orders are the same. This Magento 2 payment fee extension from Phoenix Media GmbH will be a helpful tool to help you handle with this:

  • Easily set up an additional Magento 2 cash on delivery fee per order: fixed or percentage, minimum fee, domestic/global fee.
  • Support Magento 2 payment restrictions to selected applicable countries where Cash On Delivery method is enabled.
  • Associate Cash On Delivery with other shipping methods.

26. myPOS Checkout – Magento 2 Free Extension by myPOS Europe

This Magento 2 extension free download launched by myPOS Europe also supports credit card payment in-store, online or over the phone. Customers now can use both credit card and debit to pay for their orders quickly. This Magento 2 free extension provides:

  • Easily enable credit/debit card checkout.
  • Fully PCI Compliant Service and 3-D Secure Payments to enhance security and avoid any fraud during transaction.

magento 2 free extensions

27. PayPal Plus – by i-ways sales solutions GmbH

If you are running an online store in Germany where PayPal is very popular, you should never neglect this free extension for Magento 2 released by i-ways sales solutions GmbH. This extension’s main idea is to provide over 80% German customers with PayPal, Credit Card, Direct Debit (ELV) and Pay Upon Invoice payment methods. The primary functions of this extension include:

  • Allow customers to log in by their PayPal account to continue checkout.
  • Fully secured for both sellers and buyers to avoid fraud or losing card details.
  • Admin can integrate PayPal plus with standard Magento payment methods as well as other ones.

Lots of Magento 2 extensions free are available to download, keep scrolling down!

Content and Customization – Magento 2 Free Extensions

28. Yotpo Reviews –  by Yotpo

Reviews are an essential part of online stores as they prove the quality of products and services. This Magento 2 extension free download by Yotpo aims to enable customers to upload reviews and photos about products on product pages with their email. The main features include:

  • Allow customers to generate product reviews, photos and ask questions on Magento 2 websites.
  • Enhance product credibility to boost business revenue.
  • Friendly display for mobile users.

magento 2 free search extension

29. Better Blog – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by Mageplaza

If you are familiar with doing SEO for E-commerce, you must have known that a high-quality blog has a significant effect on your ranking. However, in default, there is no Magento 2 blog functionality yet. Under the list of Magento 2 Extensions Free, we introduce you to Mageplaza free blog extension for Magento 2 stores. This module gives you a more control over blogging in Magento 2 with features as below:

  • A responsive design for PC, tablet, and mobile.
  • Easily edit with blog widget and manage blog content with tags, topics, and categories.
  • Optimize your post with meta data, friendly URL.
  • In the blog interface, visitors are free to comment via Disqus and Facebook.
  • Social sharing is also enabled via several platforms.

30. Free Facebook Comments –  by Amasty

Instead of using any APIs, Facebook Business account or paying extra fees to third-party services, Amasty’s Magento 2 free extension seems to be a perfect choice to increase page reach and search engines. This extension offers the below highlighted features:

  • Enable visitors to post comments via their Facebook account and duplicate comments to Facebook timeline.
  • Admin can easily embed customers’ comments into any place in Magento 2 stores.
  • Modify how customer reviews are displayed in product pages.


31. Price Slider – Magento 2 Free Extension by PrashantBlog

If you are running an online store that offers a wide range of product prices, this Magento 2 Price Slider extension free download produced by PrashantBlog is definitely worthy to try. This helps save customers’ time and effort by allowing them to slide the price bar to determine their appropriate price range. Key functions of Price Slider by PrashantBlog:

  • Customers can easily modify the price slider to find products in their price range.
  • Show price slider in category page and search page.
  • Support multiple store views and currencies.
  • Optimize for mobile users.


32. Base Price – by TechDivision GmbH

In some country, it is compulsory to show the price per unit next to the product price. Therefore, this extension is an ideal choice to calculate the base price for a product for its amount and unit. Moreover, Magento 2 admin are able to set up reference unit by using conversion rate. With this extension, Magento 2 users can:

  • Flexibly manage base price for their products.
  • Select suitable units for their products: kg, mg, g, l, ml, etc.
  • Easily add or delete a product unit and its conversion in backend configuration.
  • Determine how base price is displayed on product pages.

33. Banner Slider – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by Magestore

Another banner plugin on the list of 100+ Magento 2 Extensions Free to make your promotions even more visually-appealing. Feel ease to display any number of responsive banner sliders on your site without too much effort. Such a great deal for a Magento 2 free extension, right? The main features also include:

  • Up to 36 banner position to choose from homepage to product or category page.
  • Allow you to add more effects to the banners with text message, URL.
  • The banner/slider report will show the statistic to analyze the effectiveness of your work.


34. Sticky Sidebar Summary – Magento 2 Free Extension by Magearray Github

The more visible the product information is, the less hesitant online shoppers feel to add items to cart and proceed to checkout. Hence, Magearray Magento 2 Sticky Slider Summary extension is your right choice to display the cart summary with product image, price, qty box, add to cart button, etc right at the fingertips of shoppers.

This Magento 2 extension free includes astounding features you should never miss:

  • Show block of product details with sticky behaviors
  • Support simple product, simple product with custom options, and bundle product
  • Update price based on customers’ selection

35. Search Autocomplete –  by MageWorx

As its name, this module is one of the best magento 2 free search extension to enhance user experience by displaying instant search result while customers are entering characters. That way, customers can get to the products that they are searching for quickly and conveniently.

With this Magento 2 extension free, MageWorx provides:

  • Determine the search delay period between when customers first enter the character and a search result appears.
  • Product details (name, image, price, short description, etc.) will be shown in pop-up search result.
  • Sort search results based on relevance, price or name.
  • Choose the number of products that appear at the same time.
  • An “Add to Cart” button can be set to display in search result to shorten checkout process.


36. Testimonials – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by Templates Master

Boosting business credibility has always been a big problem in e-commerce. However, it can be solved easily by Templates Master because customers now can leave their evaluations into Magento stores. Templates Master Magento 2 testimonials extension github is also available to download freely.

The significant points of this extension are:

  • Customers can rate website on a 5-point scale using their Twitter and Facebook accounts, enter company name and website link.
  • Admin can easily manage the display of testimonial listing in Magento stores.
  • Redirect guests to the page where testimonials are shown.

37. Masonry Responsive Image Gallery – by Vsourz Digital

This Magento 2 gallery extension free is a good choice in features and budget to take control over the rich image gallery. Not only can admin add and manage any number of images but customers can also get more product information. Then, they can quickly turn to purchase decision. Below are some highlight features to explore:

  • Create unlimited responsive image gallery
  • Add category banner and description to each image gallery
  • Support popup to display image gallery with flexible effects

38. Quick Cloud Zoom – Free Magento 2 Extension by IBNAB

Giving online shoppers a closer look to product will be likely to increase the conversion rate. Hence, we introduce this Magento 2 Image Zoom extension free. The features are simple but very effective:

  • Bring up a zoom view just by hovering over the product image
  • Improve UX/UI experience
  • Support user-friendly admin panel

39. Contact Page With Google Map – by Clarion Technologies

Some customers might find it difficult to determine the exact location of Magento stores and click on “Contact” page to look for more information. By default, it is impossible for admin to attach a Google Map of their store location on the Contact page. Hence, this Magento 2 Contact Page with Google Map extension free stands out by providing the noticeable advantages:

  • Create and modify a Google Map display of store location in Contact page.
  • Determine exact location by entering latitude and longitude.
  • Customize Contact page layout with columns and sidebars.
  • Optimize with different devices.

magento 2 extensions free

40. XML Google Sitemap – by Mageplaza Github

XML Sitemap is one of the SEO best practices to get your Magento 2 stores ranked higher and produced better sales. Now, you can deploy this wonderful features without any fee by downloading this Magento 2 sitemap extension free. SEO sitemap features supported by Mageplaza free module:

  • Remove links of CMS page used for Homepage
  • Add additional custom links to sitemap
  • Define the frequency of update as well as set priority to group of links
  • Create HTML Sitemap to products, pages, and categories

41. Category Product Link – by TechDivision GmbH

In case your store is a wholesale site that sell a wide range of products, this Magento 2 free extension by TechDivision GmbH will surely your must-have efficient tool. This module aims to simplify the editing process by using a column “Edit” next to each product in Category Products section. Then, you will be redirected to the product edit page right after tapping this column. Magento 2 users no longer have to waste time searching and editing products in the product grid.


42. Product List – by Landofcoder

Have thousands of products in your online store? If yes, you should try this Magento 2 free extension by Landofcoder. This extension will optimize your Magento 2 stores with separate product lists such as Latest, New Arrival, Special, etc. With this extension, Magento 2 users can:

  • Display 2 types of widget and up to 9 types of product lists.
  • Improve page speed by using AJAX.
  • Easily choose where to display product lists.
  • Modify layout customization and tab effects.
  • Optimize with different devices: Desktop, tablets, phones.
  • Configure rule conditions to determine which products will be shown on screen.

43. Brand Extension – Magento 2 Free Extension by Landofcoder

One more must-try plugin from Landofcoder named Magento 2 Brands extension! This Magento 2 free module is specially released for stores that contain products from different brands like Walmart, Walgreens. Its main purpose is to show all your brands with logo and short description, therefore customers are able to search the brands and products easily. The main features include:

  • Create multiple brands with names, logos, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Optimize with different devices by using owl carousel for tablet and mobile.
  • Different layout for Magento users to select and modify.
  • SEO-friendly to boost site rank.


44. Scroll To Top – Magento 2 Free Extension by Solwininfotech

The next name is the list of best Magento 2 extensions free download is developed by Solwininfotech. As its name, this extension will create a button that can scroll from bottom to top instantly with just a click. This extension is specially designed for long-page sites where customers usually find it annoying to scroll manually. The module comes with:

  • Set up a “Scroll To Top” button and modify its color, text, images.
  • Support scrolling effects.
  • Choose to place this button in the left or right side of screen.

45. EU Cookie Law – Magento 2 Free Extension by Mageants

Cookies is a vital function of a site as with this function, user information can be saved on users’ devices if they allow cookies. However, if Magento 2 admin do not understand clearly Cookie Law, they might face problem. The primary features of this extension are:

  • Allow admin to create and modify an alert message to notify users whether they allow cookie or not.
  • Store user information on users’ devices for the next times.

P/S: Continue scrolling down for more and more Magento 2 extensions free.

Marketing & SEO – Magento 2 Extensions Free Download

46. Mailchimp – Magento 2 Extension by Mailchimp

With up to free 12,000 emails per month for under 2,000 subscribers, Mailchimp is among one of the most popular email marketing platforms. These Magento 2 free extensions allow you to connect your store with Mailchimp and the power to:

  • Sync list and purchase data.
  • Set up marketing automation with abandoned cart email, customer re-engagement email, product follow-up email and more…
  • Track and segment customers based on purchase history and purchase frequency.
  • View detailed reports on the performance of your email marketing campaign.
  • Grow your audience and sell more stuff with Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns in MailChimp.
  • Create personalized transactional messages—like shipping notifications, invoices, and more—directly through MailChimp.
  • Build your own subscription form.


47. Subscribe at Checkout – Magento 2 Free Subscription Extension by Mageside

This free Magento 2 subscription extension adds a “sign-up” checkbox to the checkout page, so guest customers can register to your store’s newsletters. A big improvement for your email marketing activities as you can now inform your buyers about upcoming events and promotion.

P/S: In this Magento 2 free extension, there is one configuration to check the subscription box by default. Please  careful since you might violate GDPR law.

The full list of features include:

  • Add a subscription checkbox with a customized label at the checkout page.
  • Enable/Disable selected checkbox by default.
  • Allow admins to force-subscribe guest customers.


48. Free Google Tag Manager –  by Mukesh Chapagain

Google is a well-known service provider in Marketing with search engine, Adwords, Analytics and many more. This free extension connects all of these tools with your site by integrating Google Tag Manager on your store. The module helps reducing errors, frees you from having to involve a web developer and deploy new features or content onto your site quickly. Some of the data you can track with Google Tag is:

  • Tracks views of the product
  • Tracks transaction of the product by SKU, name, category, price, and quantity
  • Tracks the transaction purchase revenue, tax and shipping cost

49. Free ROI Hunter Easy – Magento 2 Extension by Mukesh Chapagain

Ever heard about Google Remarketing? If not yet, you should explore about it now. It’s the latest display advertising format targeting users who already visited your site. And this module supports setting up remarketing for free. The features are quite impressive for a free extension:

  • Register your website to Google Merchant center
  • Upload your product catalogue to Google
  • Verify your website
  • Connect your AdWords account with Google Merchant center
  • Deploy all dynamic remarketing scripts to your website


50. Amazon SES – by OpsWay

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) is one of the most popular and cost-effective email services based on scalable Amazon.com infrastructure. Magento 2 Amazon SES free extension replaces basic Magento2 mailer with ability to send all your emails through Amazon SES.

  • Send transactional emails through Amazon SES service
  • Allow admins to choose Amazon SES endpoint during configuration
  • Send a test message from the extension’s settings tab to see if your configuration is valid

51. Social Share – Free Magento 2 Extension by Magebuzz

Social extensions are among the best free extensions for Magento 2 required by online merchants. In the default Magento 2, sharing a product page via social network is not available. And the extension from Magebuzz is an ideal free Magento 2 solution to make up for this drawback. Once installing the module, you can have

  • Social share via Facebook
  • Social share via Twitter
  • Social share via Pinterest
  • Social share via Google Plus


52. Social Login – by BSSCommerce

Social Login is one of the most frequently-downloaded by online merchants due to the fact that social login implementation increases the conversion rate up to 40%. This Magento 2 free extension allows placing social block such as Facebook widget, Twitter widget, Pinterest widget, etc. anywhere on page. That way, complex registration will be shorten and streamlined within one or two clicks.

Below are outstanding features by Magento 2 Social Login extension free:

  • Support various social media account for customers to log-in whin clicks
  • Display social block on any page using widget
  • Show ajax popup for quick registration or login
  • Set up the display of reCapcha to avoid spamming

53. Pinterest Tag – by Cadence Labs

The Pinterest Tag is a piece of Javascript allowing Pinterest user to track customer purchases or target user via advertisement on Pinterest. This Magento 2 extension will implement this code quickly for  your store (Pinterest Business Account is required). The full features are:

  • Easily enable or disable Pinterest Tag
  • Supports Add To Cart and Checkout tracking events
  • Provides line-item level details for Add To Cart and Checkout for audience building.

54. Facebook Pixel – Free Magento 2 Extension by Cadence Labs

Basically, Facebook Pixel is similar to Pinterest Tag. It is a piece of Javascript to track different event on your website and build audiences for Facebook Ads. This Magento 2 extension will implement this code quickly for  your store (Facebook Advertising Account is required). The full features are:

  • Enable or disable Facebook event tracking via Magento 2 backend
  • Multiple Facebook Pixel ID’s can be used for different stores
  • Support all Facebook Pixel standard events
  • Tracking is unobtrusive and compatible with most Magento themes

55. B2B eCommerce Suite – Magento 2 Extension Free Version by IWD

As its name, all features are developed with wholesale business in mind. Both Magento 2 B2B extension free and paid are available. In free version, admin can restrict wholesale customers to B2B registration page rather than the default create-account page. Those features in Magento 2 Free B2B eCommerce Suite are limited in comparison with the pro version, it is still worthy to try:

  • Allow customers to request access to B2B portal using new registration form
  • Display new B2B form along with the default form
  • Approve or disapprove the requested access

Customer Support – Magento 2 Free Extensions

56. Zendesk Connector – by Wagento Creative LLC

Zendesk is known as a customer service platform which can help a firm and customers get closer. With a perfect combination between Zendesk and Magento 2, this free Magento 2 extension can be an useful solution to connect customers and firms by opening support tickets right for customers in a simple way by:  

  • Allow clients to create support tickets.
  • Store admins are enabled to pull support tickets per client.
  • Respond and give support form from Zendesk account.
  • Enable customers to see response from the firm in client’s dashboard.


57. Callback – Magento 2 Extension Free Download by Slava Yurthev

What if customers want to call you for a help in case of necessary and you are not on the site. As a result, you can lose a potential customer immediately. And this Magento 2 Free Extension will be a perfect choice to help store admin get over this difficulty. Some key functions include:

  • Allow customers send a request to call back by filling in a form.
  • Record and remind store admin a list of client requests in admin panel.

58. Track Order –  by M-Connect Solutions

The Magento 2 order tracking extension free by M-Connect Solution’s main purpose is to provide customers with shipping information about their orders. By using this extension, conversion rates as well as brand reliability of Magento 2 stores are expected to increase considerably. The primary features include:

  • Easily access order tracking by multiple ways: via their registered email or “Track Your Order” widget on Magento 2 pages.
  • Get instant update of delivery by using Real-time Order Tracking by AJAX.
  • Receive order summary at frontend stores for registered customers or via email address for guest customers.

59. FAQ – Magento 2 Free Extension by MagePrince

Magento 2 FAQ Manager Free Extension by MagePrince gathers customer concerns in one place. Customers are able  to see the relevant information in the same page without moving to another page or reload the current page. The following features are what you should not miss:

  • Allow admin to add any numbers of FAQ.
  • Easy to manage and edit categories anytime.
  • Add faq or faq group with store view or customer group visibility.
  • Enable/ disable status faq category
  • Add images, icons, widgets in the FAQ page.


60. Contact form for Magento 2 – by MageAnts

It is always better when a store can support customer questions as quickly as possible. With the support of this Magento 2 Custom Form extension free, store admin can have the ability to control and manage customer query in the backend conveniently.

Let’s see some practical attributes you can gain by using this Magento 2 Free Extension:

  • Admin can receive any new contacts from customers via email
  • Create a desired format to receive the data.
  • Easy to take a look at all the requirements in admin panel.
  • Set store’s location by Google Maps.

Accounting and Finance – Magento 2 Extensions Free Download

61. B2B Forced Login –  by Ecomwise

Whenever a customer enters into a website, he/ she often logins or registers for an account.That is the reason why B2B Forced Login was developed as a tool to support admin in managing customers access.

Some important features consist of the following things:

  • Store admin is free to enable/ disable this extension as demand.
  • Require customers to log in or create a new account.
  • Enable customers to view all pages and orders after logging in.

62. CopeX_VatFix – Magento 2 Free Extension by Roman Hutterer

Customers from different countries will have to bear dissimilar VAT. They may come from America, Japan, Germany and so on, but default Magento 2 does not assist VAT’s with country code from EU. That is the reason why this Magento 2 Free Extension is grown to solve VAT problem for citizens from EU countries.

A few functions of this module will be mentioned below:

  • Enable automatic assignment to customer group.
  • Allow Magento 2 to accept VAT with prepended country codes for European countries.

63. Ava Tax –  by Classy Llama

Ava Tax is considered as the fastest and easiest way to calculate exactly sales tax for a store. Besides, this module can help store admin managing certificates for free-tax of multiple countries. To use below features effectively, it requires a paid AvaTax account as well:

  • Jurisdiction assignment.
  • Address validation.
  • Product taxability.
  • Reporting all transactions.
  • Filing and Remittance.


Advanced Reporting and Analytics – Magento 2 Extensions Free

64. Custom Product Attribute Export – Magento 2 Extension FREE BY BSSCommerce

In Magento 2 default, admins can have all products with attributes in your store exported in a CSV file. These attributes will be shown in only one column named “additional_attributes” separated by a comma. This Magento 2 advanced reports free extension will help you fix the problem easily.

  • List custom attributes in different columns in CSV export file
  • Choose specific custom attributes to apply module.
  • Auto update new custom attributes in module config.


65. Analytics – Extension for Magento 2 Free Download by EXTO

This module has been named in several best Magento 2 extensions free list. It enables you to build enhanced sales reports with data graphs. In this free extension version, let’s see what you can get:

  • 3 reports which are sales overview, sales by product and sales by attribute.
  • Comparison feature within products or time periods.
  • Filter can be applied by order status, order creation or update date.
  • The aggregate data by month, quarter or year, on the other hand, gives an overview look to watch over your business.


66. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce – Advanced Reports for Magento 2 Extension by WeltPixel

Every store admins are familiar with Google Analytics to analyze traffic to a website. This Magento 2 Free extension by WeltPixel can be considered like an upgrading version based on the foundation of Google Analytics. The advanced reports plugin can help store admin to add, edit or remove marketing and measurement tags without the intervention of webmasters. Some promising roles provided by this perfect module:

  • Integrate and create tag with Google Analytics, Google Adwords automatically.
  • Follow and manage product impressions and clicks in the Category Page or Search Result Page.
  • Enable to control transactions from configurable products.
  • Manage number of times an item is added to cart or deleted from it.
  • Track every steps in checkout process (Shipping, tax rate, bill address and so on).
  • Control sales by product attributes, products in stock or not.

67. Admin Email Notifier –  Magento 2 Free Reporting Extension by Extait Inc

It will be a barrier when a store has an important event and admin misses it. This Magento 2 Free Extension is created to support admin in this problem. Admin will feel easier when receiving notifications about an event quickly without checking Magento admin panel. Here are some key features of this module:

  • Be flexible in choosing which types of notifications received.
  • Easy to customize email templates for different response.
  • Easy to add multiple recipients.

Shipping and Fulfillment – Magento 2 Extensions Free Download

68. Adressy – Magento 2 Extension for Free by PCA Predict

Getting an accurate address in shipping information helps to reduce fail delivery rate and also fraud orders. This extension will verify customer billing and/or shipping addresses as they’re entered into your checkout or admin forms. 100 USA address credits each month are free of charge. The features include:

  • Interpret and correct typos without creating annoying popup error messages when an address looks wrong
  • Validate US and international addresses
  • Validate with official delivery point data – from suppliers like USPS and Canada Post.


69. UPS i-parcel International Cart – by UPS i-parcel

A top choice if your site deals with out-of-border shipping. With this Magento 2 free solution, your issues with international checkout, currencies, payment methods, fraud handling and shipping will be taken care of. Take a look at these features

  • Delivery to 92 countries through our low cost, asset-light based network
  • Fully Landed Costs at the cart level
  • Rich, event based tracking and tracing
  • 24/7/365 in-sourced customer service

70. Same Order Invoice Number – by Fooman

A top choice if your site deals with out-of-border shipping. With this free solution, your issues with international checkout, currencies, payment methods, fraud handling and shipping will be taken care of. Take a look at these features

  • Delivery to 92 countries through our low cost, asset-light based network
  • Fully Landed Costs at the cart level
  • Rich, event based tracking and tracing
  • 24/7/365 in-sourced customer service

71. Free Shipping Admin – by MageVision

Many customers choose to pick up their orders at store to save the shipping cost. This extension create a new free shipping method at backend to handle this problem. The free shipping admin method can only be used for orders that will be created in the Magento admin.

  • Free shipping method available only for admin users (backend)
  • Not visible in frontend
  • Method name and title fully configurable

72. Shipping Flat Rate5 – by InfoBeans Technologies Limited

This extension overcomes the limitation of having only one flat rate shipping method available in Magento. Now admin can provides multiple flat rate methods based on different prices and conditions. It is a must-have module if merchants dispatch the items in more than one country and flat shipping is required for them. Some of the main features:

  • Set minimum/maximum order amount for free shipping feature.  
  • Configure the shipping price for each of flat rate shipping methods in fixed manner. Admin can select Type and based on the same it can charge to customers.  
  • Add handling fee for the shipping method
  • Enable specific flat rate shipping method for specific or all countries.  


73. Order Manager – Magento 2 Free Extension by IWD

A convenient tool to manage your orders at backend. This free Magento 2 extension extends admin actions to modify orders and reduce time to resolve customer’s request to edit the orders.

  • Delete an order from the order page and order grid
  • Edit an order’s status at order view and grid view
  • Edit an order’s customer info
  • Edit the shipping and payment address

74. Request For Quote – Magento 2 Free Extension by FMEextensions

If you are running a wholesale site, then the Magento 2 request a quote extension free by FME will be a promising tool. The extension upgrades your regular request to quote method with an automated quote request form to receive estimated cost. Let’s take a look at this Magento 2 extension free download:

  • The request form includes essential information for any quote requirement: name, email, brief, phone number and file attachment.
  • Featured with an automatic validation  form fields and email alerts for admins.
  • Easily manage the quote request with a handy management interface.

75. Custom Shipping Price – Magento 2 Free Extension by FMEextensions

It’s always good to have more flexibility when processing orders in Magento. Usually, the shipping method choice is restricted by configured shipping methods. Thanks to Magento 2 Custom Shipping Price extension free, it is easy to take control over the shipping methods by allowing admin to create shipping methods and add custom shipping rates to any order. For example, admin can apply Magento 2 Canada post shipping or store pickup as the store shipping method, then set shipping rate separately.

  • apply any shipping price to order
  • apply any shipping description to order


76. Print Order Pdf – by Fooman

The Magento 2 pdf print-out extension free helps admins creating and printing Order Confirmation paper from a PDF file. The content of this confirmation document is the same as invoice. If you select multiple orders, a bulk Order Confirmation document for all selected orders will be displayed in a single PDF document.

  • Generate an “Order Confirmation” PDF from Magento’s Order Overview Screen
  • Generate an “Order Confirmation” PDF from within an individual Order View page
  • Print a single “Order Confirmation” PDF document which contains multiple orders, from the Order Overview screen.

77. Email Attachments – Magento 2 Free Extension by Fooman

How to magento send transactional email with attachment? This Magento 2 free extension is the answer which automatically attaches additional documents to your regular order confirmation email. Your customers will be provided with more helpful and professional information of

  • Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo pdf documents (with or without comments) to Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo emails
  • Automatically attach your Terms and Conditions (as html/text file) to Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo emails

***Warn: Should You Install Magento 2 Extensions Nulled?

For those wondering whether to install Magento 2 extensions nulled, our pro advice is “No!”

Please bear in mind that using Magento nulled extensions means also putting your Magento 2 store under serious risks of hackers since:

  • Security Issue
  • Privacy Issue
  • Bad for SEO
  • Legal Troubles
  • Neither Support nor Update
  • Incompatibility with other Magento 2 extensions

Wrapping Up

Recently, we have received lots of questions related to Magento 2 extensions free, such as:

  • RMA extension free (Magento 2 return management;)
  • Event tickets extension free (Magento 2 event management;)
  • Product parts finder extension free;
  • Point of sale extension free;
  • Follow up email extension free;
  • Guest wishlist extension free;
  • Auction extension free;
  • Marketplace extension free download (Magento 2 multi vendor;)
  • Customer approval extension free;
  • Booking extension free; etc.

For the time being, such Magento 2 free extensions are not available yet. We will continue update the Top 100+ Best Magento 2 Extensions Free Download 2018.

Stay tuned and subscribe!

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