3 Reasons To Use Push Notification in Magento 2

There are various ways to get your customers updated with the latest information on sites; however; using push notifications via web browsers appears to be one of the fastest and most convenient methods. With our Magento 2 Push Notifications extension, admins can instantly deliver alerts and announcements to customers and engage them even when they are out of the websites.

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  • The Limitation of Magento 2 to Web Push Notifications
  • Why Should Use Magento 2 Push Notifications Extension to Reach Your Customers?
  • How Push Notifications for Magento 2 Extension Works Effectively on Sites?

The Limitation of Magento 2 to Web Push Notifications

Unfortunately, Magento 2 default does not allow web push notifications at all. Admins often send emails themselves for any updates, which means waiting for customers to open their inbox. Sometimes the messages go straight to junk box and cannot access to your clients. Magento 2 Push Notifications extension solves it well by enabling instant notifications to reach web users in real-time and at anywhere on browsers.

3 Reasons to Know Why Should Use Magento 2 Push Notifications Extension

  • Connect with customers worldwide right on their web browsers: Magento 2 Push Notifications extension supports the most popular browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox,... Thus, your messages are accessed to a large number of web users from different places at one time. As a result, more users become subscribers, then turn into your customers.
  • Get higher opt-in rates: There are many anonymous users who never engage to opt-in with their email. On using Magento 2 Push Notifications extension, no email or personal details are required, so customers find it easy and safe to accept web notifications.
  • Encourage higher click-rates to view pages: Magento 2 push notifications are often short, eye-catching, and directly targeted. They encourage customers to take conversion actions to explore more for promotion, new arrivals, recommended products, etc. 

How Does Magento 2 Push Notifications Extension Work?

Let’s have a quick look at wonderful features of Magento 2 Push Notifications Extension.


magento-2-push-notification-extension Customers' Allowance of Push Notification via Browsers
  • Instantly deliver push notifications to customers via web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox,...)

Magento 2 Push Notifications extension supports various top-of-funnel web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox on any devices: desktop, mobiles and tablets. Admin can send notifications to customers at real-time even when they are not on your sites.

Those push notifications on the right bottom of browsers enable users to get new information without opening website.

magento 2-push-notification-extension An Example of Push Notification on Magento 2 Website
  • Customize the content of push notification message, add URL, and upload images to various notification templates

Web notifications are often clear and action-oriented. To make use of them, Magento 2 Push Notifications extension allows tailoring the content of the notices, as well as, add URL to direct your customers to sites. Moreover, admin can choose different templates for various notification purposes, such as sales or promotions, social share CTA, price alerts, and so on.

magento-2-push-notification-extension Customize Magento 2 Push Notifications in The Backend

You can try creating one push notification in Backend Demo of Magento 2 Push Notifications extension and see how it engages your customers.


  • Manage notifications on a dashboard including weekly statistics for clicks, subscribers, browsers, sent notifications…

When using Magento 2 Push Notifications extension, the store owners can manage all notification statistics on a dashboard. Based on the number of clicks, they can find out which notifications receive good interaction from customers and take the right marketing actions.

magento-2-push-notification-extension Dashboard Push Notification
  • Apply time picker feature to schedule the notifications based on customers’ behaviours for better marketing purposes

Since web notifications encourage instant responses from the receivers, timing is one imperative factor. Notices should not be sent too frequently. Also, the time zone your customers are located need be taken into account to make sure that your messages reach them at the most suitable time. Admins can apply time picker feature in Magento 2 Push Notifications extension to schedule web push notifications appropriately.


There is a survey on the efficiency of web push notifications in comparison with email. It claims that the Click Rates for Browser Push Notifications varied between 5 to 30%, and was 2x to 10x higher than Email. 

Install Magento 2 Push Notifications extension now to build real-time, in-the-moment interactions with your potential customers.

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