3 Useful Magento 2 Product Import Export Extensions Should Not Be Missed


3 Useful Magento 2 Product Import Export Extensions Should Not Be Missed

On the way of our series about best Magento 2 Import Export extensions, this blog post will provide you 3 Magento 2 Product Import extensions for your website to save time and human resources of product management.

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Magento 2 Product Import Export Extension by Magebees – $89

This Magento 2 Product Import Export extension with a very proper price is full of necessary features to make Magento mass product import and export. Admin can easily import and export products via a CSV file by one click.

To import products, admins need to download the CSV file and complete all necessary information about products, then validate this file and import it into websites.

For export, admin can have different filters to export their wanted data such as store views, attribute set names, product type, and so on.

Features of this Magento 2 product import extension:

  • Import-export all Magento product types
  • Import-export all types of custom options
  • Magento 2 Import related products, Cross-sell, and Up-sell products. (Export also)
  • Import-export multiple product images
  • Import-export products with category IDs or category names. The module also creates a new category to assign products if the category in the CSV file does not exist.  
  • Import-export Tier price for products
  • Give many options to export products


Magento Product Import Extension by Magebees comes to customers with quick free support, free update, and 30-day money back. This can be a good extension for your work to save time and costs also.

Magento 2 Product Import Export by Magesales – $99

Like Magento 2 Product Import Extension by Magebees, this module developed by Magesales also has the necessary functions to easily implement Magento mass product import and export into websites. Especially, it supports importing and exporting product reviews and tier prices as well as group prices.

Features of this Import Export Magento 2 extension:

  • Import-export products via a CSV file
  • Support all product types and all custom options
  • Support product images import export 
  • Magento 2 Import Related products, Cross-sell and Up-sell products with positions
  • Import-export product reviews
  • Support tier prices and group prices
  • Support multiple stores and multiple languages
magento mass product import -magesales
Magento 2 product import export extension

Policy: Free lifetime support, Free lifetime update, and $39 Installation fee.

Magento 2 Custom Bulk Product Import + Export with Tier Pricing / Custom Options / Configurable and Bundle Product – $150

This is a very special Magento 2 Product Import Export extension because its configuration or the way to run functions is a little bit different from other modules. It has clear sections for Import and export with detailed steps and instructions. Also, this extension gives customers information about import and export speed so that they have a clearer view of their work.

Features of this Magento 2 product import extension:

  • Import-export any product types and custom options.
  • Import-export tier pricing, customer group pricing, and pricing for configurable products (super attribute pricing).
  • Import-export images, multiple images, and gallery images.
  • Import-export product categories.
  • Support multiple stores.
  • Quick import and import with 36,000 products per hour.
magento 2 product import extension-settings
Magento 2 Product Import Export extension

However, this Magento 2 Product Import Export extension is not provided with a free lifetime update because you have to pay fees for 1 year and 2 years update. Also, you also pay $25 more if you want to receive an installation service for the provider.


3 mentioned Magento 2 Product Import Export extensions are good solutions for every Magento 2 store to solve complicated and time-wasting tasks when they want to migrate or move to new websites. Therefore, store owners can get a lot of benefits from using these Magento 2 extensions such as human resources, time, costs, and so on.

Also, you can also take a look both Magento 2 extensions and especially some other useful Import Export Magento 2 extension and take consideration to use for your website:

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