7+ Magento 2 Instagram Extensions You CANNOT Miss!


7+ Magento 2 Instagram Extensions You CANNOT Miss!

Instagram could be the most important social media platform for your business for sure. A social network like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is truly important as when using Magento 2 platform to gain more customers and followers.

EXPLORE MORE Magento extensions help your websites and another status about your future revenues.

Instagram makes specific social platforms significant. Instagram is a good marketing tool for every business due to the number of customers and individuals using smartphone devices to check the internet is growing every day. 

We’ll discuss Magento 2 Instagram extensions today which are networks serving your company better than others.

1.Instagram Shop by Magenest

Magenest is a business solution partner of Magento, Instagram Widget extension is a reputable extension in the APAC region with more than 6-years experience. Magenest Instagram has built a comprehensive extension for Instagram integration as they bring all the fundamental features of Instagram integration tool.

This Magento 2 Instagram extension allows your website to post all photos from your Instagram with just a click or using hashtags. It is mainly an Instagram Shop for Magento 2. This Magento 2 extension integrates your Instagram with your online store.

Instagram Shop works with @username/ #hashtags, adapts to all sizes in any device.

  • Fully Responsive: friendly with mobile devices.
  • Unlimited Photos with Scroll
  • Widget or Gallery: Invite more Instagram followers by using it as a widget or amaze your audience with the help of the gallery layout.
  • Grades of Image Sizes: Depending on the website’s design and structure, you can change the image size from Small to X-Large. It’s up to you what fits your goals. Decide carefully to make the unique style of your website.
  • Flexible Color Customization
  • There is nothing more attractive than a correctly chosen color. It depends on the design of your website what is the appropriate color. InstaLink allows customizing the plugin as you wish.

You’re very welcome to check it out, and if you decide to use it, this extension helps you to attract your customers with creative, artistic, and get all stunning Instagram photos instead of boring products listing with just a click or using hashtags.

2. Instagram Widget Magento 2 Extension by Solwin Infotech

Instagram Widget Magento 2 extension is another free Instagram extension that will help your store gain more customers and boost sales products. 

How It Works

This extension is an effective way to integrate and display an Instagram feed. Because we do not have any inbuilt feature in Magento for integration and Instagram feed, so this is a new way to do it.

Solwin Infotech has designed the Instagram Widget extension that allows you in charge of setting the limits and the title for the Instagram pictures so they serve you efficiently. You can add new products to your feed by just taking photos of it. There is no Instagram authorization or permissions reviews are required to integrate. 

The Instagram Widget not only helps admin to put Instagram into the page, in the form of a widget-like block, your profile can be added anywhere but also create a gallery of your Instagram photos with special tags.

To enable this extension, just go to Instagram -> Configuration and set Enable option to ‘Yes’.

Then enter Instagram User Id and Access Token.

This is a powerful widget to take your store performance to a new level. Besides that, there is no default feature in Magento for integration and displaying an Instagram news feed. With the extension, it is easy to install and manage several posts displayed on the frontend. We need this Magento 2 Instagram extension for every company, especially retailers to promote the brand’s awareness through Instagram connection.

3. Magento 2 Instagram User Feed Widget

Magento 2 Instagram User Feed Widget is a premium extension to integrate Instagram Magento 2 store. This Magento 2 Instagram is a marketing tool to help you drive more sales and increase conversions rate or visit my Instagram gallery on your store online.

How It Works

With simple configuration steps, this Magento 2 Instagram extension helps admin easily to customize photo sliders and galleries. Just a click or get Instagram extension in Magento 2 Instagram, you can :

  • Get photo from Instagram account using/hashtags
  • Monetize your Instagram photos
  • Select desired photos to display
  • Customizable sliders and gallery
  • Add Call-to-action button
  • Social sharing buttons
  • Modify Instagram sliders with various choices 
  • Responsive layouts 
  • Adjustable grid breakpoint
  • Allow touch swipe navigation 

Magento 2 Instagram User Feed Widget ($35) is a must-have Magento 2 Instagram extension that strengthens both loyalties as well as trust in your brand community. Through your marketing campaigns which using creative, artistic, and stunning Instagram photos, repost with the hashtag from Instagram to your store instead of boring product listing, Instagram widget can attract more customers to your website

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4. Instagram Widget by Magecomp 

Based on your Instagram usernames, photos and hashtags, we have another Magento 2 Instagram extension which allows admin to tag products with an image to showcase in frontend popup and share their videos or images with the world.

To create a shoppable Instagram store, as a certified Extension Builder Partner of Magento, Magecomp Magento 2 Instagram was born and trusted by many stores. 

How It Works

This Magento 2 Instagram extension by Magecomp has one amazing feature which supports multiple users as admin to add multiple Instagram users and hashtags to the list.

By adding this addon, business owners can increase their visibility to follow their Instagram images on the homepage and product detail page. This Magento 2 Instagram extension integrates Magento with Instagram to fetch Instagram images and videos with the world.

With Magento 2 Instagram Integration, you’ve able to:

  • Share content with hashtags
  • Gives customers a wide range of power helpful tools power to the admins to configure Instagram integration.
  • Enable and disable extensions
  • Approve posts
  • Works With New Facebook Graph API
  • Fetch Instagram Images and videos by Users/Hashtags at the set frequency.
  • Create a Gallery page with a custom SEO friendly URL that can lazy load and shuffle images.

You can decide whether you want to upgrade your extension (~$89) or not because the basic community edition of this extension is free. This Magento 2 Instagram extension is a great choice for retailers.

5. Instagram Widget by Modulebazaar

Instagram Widget by Modulebazaar can attract more customers by integrating Instagram widget on their site. It also improves the traffic dramatically by displaying producing images in Instagram feed to any page or post in a static block.

How It Works

Instead of showing a boring list of products, Magento 2 Instagram will fetch the photos from the user Instagram profile which are added to his account. Besides that, Magento 2 Instagram will appear on the right-side panel of the Magento store and display your feed in a grid view on any page or blog post.

With a very simple process, the Instagram widget can be placed on as many pages as you want. Even you can place the widget at any location on the Web page.

  • Display Instagram Photos on your store.
  • Conditional numbers of photos will be displayed.
  • Easy to redirect concerned images on Instagram.
  • Enable /Disable the widget option.
  • Friendly interface
  • Allow recent feeds with limit the number of elements to be displayed
  • Uses cache to improve page load time further

Magento 2 Instagram Integration Extension ($19) will improve your store functionality for sure by grabbing the attention of many users by displaying my Instagram photos in your store 

6. Instagram Widget by Meetanshi

The advanced Instagram widget extension by Meetanshi that integrates Magento 2 stores with Instagram lets you make the benefit from your Instagram account to shape and grow your business. 

Meetanshi lets you take advantage of your Instagram account to shape and grow your business via hashtags or your username on your Magento 2 store. The Instagram extension will fetch images, edit and show customers in the front-end, by the way giving a look and make the amazing shopping experience in your store

How It Works

Everything with the feature-rich Magento 2 Instagram extensions comes with 3 pop up views to choose from that will make an amazing shop in the store. 

  • Display Instagram images for the entire store, particular categories or products.
  • Add an access token to start using the Magento 2 Instagram, enter the username and authenticate the Instagram profile.
  • Add multiple hashtags or use the username to fetch images to update the Instagram content in the store.
  • Select the username or hashtags from the product edit and category section to display images on the product
  • Instagram images can be shown on any CMS pages of the store.
  • Delete the unapproved images in bulk or one by one from the admin panel.
  • Collect images based on your username or multiple hashtags

With the help of Meetanshi’s module will increase the traffic, Instagram followers and engagement of your Magento. Magento 2 stores can get you tons of visits that can lead to more conversions when using this extension.

7. Instagram Widget by Weltpixel

Magento Instagram Feed Widget by Weltpixel can display different layouts in their preferred ways. The module is quite simple, with easy installation and configuration which can help to promote products by taking their photos or using special Instagram tags.

How It Works

People using the Magento 2 Instagram can add descriptions and titles on the images as well as change the resolution of each post according to the requirements. It also connects the Instagram feed with Magento 2 to add the new element (slider) to category pages. 

You can enhance your homepage:

  • Very flexible configuration
  • Display all your photos on the main page of the storefront. 
  • Can add the new element (slider) to category pages.
  • By choosing any color for its background, you can customize the appearance of the slider container by choosing any color for its background
  • Set a limit on the number of pictures displayed in a slider and specify how many images should be displayed per row.
  • The module provides three formats to show images in Standard Resolution, Low Resolution, and Thumbnail.

Social network influence like Instagram has become incredibly big nowadays including sales, so using Magento 2 extensions for your eCommerce site, is what you need to have on your store to take the relationship with your customers to a new level.

Instagram extensions allow your store to be one of the most popular social networking services ever to add new products just by taking a photo of them and uploading those photos to Instagram, these extensions fit you perfectly.

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