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TOP #7 Best Advanced SEO Suite Magento 2 Compared And Rated

For any eCommerce business, SEO is one of the most important factors to help boost revenue.

If you own a store on the Magento platform, you are benefiting from robust its functions. However, the default Magento SEO features may not make the best SEO performance.

In fact, there are a lot of additional Magento 2 SEO extensions that are needed. And to make it more convenient for you, third-party providers each offers their Magento 2 SEO package which gathers all necessary SEO features.

But since there are so many options, which toolkit is the best for your store?

Here we introduce you to our top advanced Magento 2 SEO suite list based on objective performance data, feature set and value. Compare these extensions to find one that fits your needs.

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Top Advanced SEO Suite Magento 2 Compared



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The following dissection will only focus on the general feature of said add-on with pros vs. cons analysis.


NO.1 Magento 2 SEO Extension – $149

This is without a doubt the best SEO suite in this price range with a full scope of SEO audit and betterment. This Magento SEO plugin sends you signals about your current SEO status and guides you on how to make it better.



FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Magento SEO tips that beginner-friendly!

You have everything from to improve SEO in Magento from a UX and a bot-crawler standpoint. Furthermore, speed-up and automate options are also included to improve your SEO within seconds.  


  • Robust and feature-rich
  • Combine SEO audit and SEO improvement 
  • Great support (1 year)
  • Scalable with lifetime update and competitive price
  • High compatibility with Magento 2


  • Lack of update directions
  • Enterprise stores pay more (+$150)
  • Lack of social SEO

SEO Suite Ultimate – $299

With regards to eCommerce on-page SEO, each and every detail matters. Appropriately advanced SEO tools, nonattendance of copy content, an all-around constructed site engineering, route, and internal linking — all add to higher rankings in SERPs. 


This Magento SEO plugin superbly handles a wide extent of on-page SEO exercises: from getting rid of copy content and improving site indexation to enhancing any kind of ULRs and large measures of metadata. 


  • Full features for basic SEO.
  • Highly customizable.
  • Constant update.


  • Expensive.
  • Fix bug still within the latest version.
  • Left question/comment on read.
  • Hard to use (due to customization)

SEO Toolkit – $299

This Magento SEO module is intended to improve your store positioning in SERP by helping you in pages streamlining and highlighting the spots that can perform better with “A single Click SEO Analysis” include. 


You can get more clients from natural pursuit, pull in important store traffic and work on improving store indexation. All the more significantly, this advanced SEO suite for Magento 2 helps decline manual work, improve store positioning situations in SERP and thusly increase turnover.


  • One-click- SEO analysis
  • Great range of supported browsers
  • Automate options included
  • Frequent update (the last update was 15 July 2019)


  • Pricey
  • Fragmented demo
  • Limited time on support (3 months)

Advanced SEO Suite – $149

This Advanced SEO Suite takes care of SEO settings for pages, classes, and layered routes. Get propelled rich scraps and create meta labels utilizing the offered layouts. Arrangement of the right authoritative URLs and make progressed sitemaps for Google.



  • Item-focused.
  • Great templates and rules.
  • Payment and shipping included.
  • Constant update


  • Lack of SEO report.
  • Open-source only.
  • Lack of Schema markup.
  • Breadcrumb not included.

SEO Pro – $199

SEO Pro is intended to assist you with computerizing a few SEO settings and raise your position on SERP. Beginning from the HTML sitemap to 404 redirections, the expansion is stuffed with creative highlights to make your store web search tool inviting.



  • Facebook SEO included via pixel.
  • Manage metadata smartly.
  • Constant update.


  • Pricey support (start at $100).
  • Enterprise stores pay more (+$200).
  • On page toolbar only.
  • Breadcrumb not included.

SEO Manager – $99

Get Technical SEO work to be done naturally with this Magento SEO module. No coding aptitudes required.


They put the focus on the Schema markup aspect of SEO, this is a great module to modify your appearance on the SERP.


  • Perfect Schema markup.
  • Tackle duplicate content easily.
  • Stable run.


  • Charge fee for installing.
  • Open-source only.
  • Lack of customer reviews

Advanced SEO – Contact Seller

This Magento SEO plugin elevates the basic SEO of your Magento store.


Notably, the augmentation currently includes the altercation to make your store presentation more appealing on the SEPR. 


  • Basic-proof.
  • Rich-snippet included.


  • Lack of update. (The last version was in 2017)
  • Low compatibility credential.
  • Lack of customer reviews

Best Magento SEO Tips For Small Business

Small business doesn’t have the budget for extravagant features in a Magento SEO plugin.  Asides the value, the evaluation structure of such investment is very important – be it one-and-done, monthly-based or any alternative fees.


In our testing, we tend to additionally check the measurability of said Magento SEO module. That means the potential of the extension to grow with your ecommerce.

As your sales blossom, you will extend to different media of selling/multi-channel. That’s why you need room to grow and even request that is bespoke your own business. 

Recommended extensions

  • Magento 2 SEO Extension 
  • Advanced SEO
  • Premium SEO

Best Magento SEO Tips For Startups & Beginners

Online business is having a moment right now, due to the current events and the rise of the Internet, more and more people want to start selling online. And as such, you need advanced SEO tools to stand out from the competition.

Beginning a web-based business likewise implies encountering each new design that appears to be a fundamental need and exclusive standards from e-exchange frameworks. 


Like private companies, new businesses need a stage that allows them to scale results easily and break through the previously existing folks. 

Since you’re new to the game, your SEO foundation needs that permits you to deal with what you get in the first place simultaneously as giving space for more prominent development. 

Our evaluation checked the functionalities that new businesses need in an advanced SEO suite Magento 2. We’re looking for 3-C when it comes to SEO extension for a startup:

  • Capacity: The ability to cover the basics and expand down the line.
  • Convenience: Easy to use is a must.
  • Communication: It’s only an extension-provider but also a partner. Make sure the support and interaction are good through and through.

Ease of use

Magento start-up ecommerce should be able to install an SEO extension and run it on their own without having to call a developer for every last thing. 

That’s why any SEO extension that doesn’t require coding knowledge gets a plus in your evaluation.

Magento 2 SEO Extension 4.7 Yes Yes Yes 5
SEO Suite Ultimate 4.1 Yes Yes Yes 5
SEO Toolkit 3.9 Yes No Yes 4
Advanced SEO Suite 4.2 Yes Yes Yes
SEO Pro 4.2 Yes Yes Yes
Premium SEO 3.9 No No No
Advanced SEO 4.1 Yes No No

From our analysis, Magento 3 SEO extension and Advanced SEO Suite are at par in ease of use scores. You don’t need to be the master of web dev before you can use them and there’s a ton of support. 

Recommended extensions

  • Magento 2 SEO Extension 
  • SEO Toolkit
  • Advanced SEO Suite

Best Advanced SEO Suite Magento 2 For Established Business

If you run a large ecommerce business, you might want complete control and utmost convenience when it comes to the best SEO suite criteria. 

In that case, you’re looking at buying a fully-function product with dedicated support. As such, SAAS like Advanced SEO will not satisfy you.


This is when expertise really comes into play. And there is no such thing as getting the best Magento SEO tips as working with professionals. 

Recommended extensions

  • SEO toolkit
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced SEO Suite
  • SEO Suit Ultimate

Best Advanced SEO Suite Magento 2 For Migration

If you’re in the mid of transmitting your website, SEO is even more vital to your success.

There is no way you can transfer 100% of your SEO values during migration. That’s simply impossible.


SEO takes time as Google and search engines re-crawl your site and re-evaluate your SEO potential.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t faster and better the process while maintaining the best SEO merits as you can. 

What module do you need for such an initiative? Well, let’s review 2 scenarios together:

  • Cheaper option: In case that’s you’re satisfied with your current SEO results and just want a quick tool to transmit to the new website.
  • Delicate option: You’re in uncertainty with your SEO and transferring to the new website is one of your SEO steps to boost your site. In this case, much-dedicated support for the add-on is recommended.

Recommended extensions

  • Advanced SEO Suite
  • Advanced SEO
  • SEO Pro

Wrap Up

We’ve just compared the top 7 best SEO suite for Magento 2 on the market with different niches of use.

Hopefully, you find the one that fits your needs the most and up your SEO game in no time!

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