6+1 Significant Elements to Announce Any Promotion in Magento 2 (with Comments)

6+1 Significant Elements to Announce Any Promotion in Magento 2 (with Comments)

Most of store owners have the worry about sales. Everywhere you go on the internet, you will soon come across with promotions or sales because they are among the best practices to quickly boost sales.

Let’s think about one of this two conditions that every business might meet in its life:

#1: You have developed such high quality product in comparison with other products in the same industry; however, the sales are still low because of the high price level you have set from the beginning

#2: You cannot create higher-quality products at the very moment because the leaders in the market have the far-reaching standard. However, your products are considerably affordable

You might have read quite a lot articles about boosting sales in Magento 2. But these kinds of solutions take the time to carry out as well as prove a success.

So in this article, I’m gonna make a list of quickly-proven elements to announce promotions in Magento 2 effectively.

But to begin, back to the Magento 2 default, when talk about display ads, we will think of widget which is carefully explained here. This is such an useful and easy-to –use component that Magento 2 provides to help creating an eye-catching banner or CMS block for product sales and promotions. Wherever it is, homepage, category page or product page, merchant can use widgets to display hot content in concise blocks.

However, for its basic usage and display, widget cannot cover all demands from marketers to dynamically guide customers through the sales funnel to the purchasing decision. So many extension builders make modules that could help you to attract customers effectively besides widget.

As the following, I will mention 6 + 1 elements to help Magento 2 merchants and marketers to successfully convert as many as possible visitors to customers with promotions as well as sales campaigns for online stores.


Personally, I think this is such a creative idea that has ever been generated to motivate customers to purchase more and rocket sales.


Just use 5 seconds to look at these examples above, how many promotion bar that your eyes notice?

I bet that the number is more than one.

The bar is simple and pithy.

The promotion bars are used mostly in the footer or header of a website to both save space for other contents and… perfectly catch attention. Yet customers will not feel annoyed by this bar, on the other hand, being attracted by the myriad benefits it contains. Did you see that from the examples above? 

Less is more. 

The less content the bar contains, the more curious customers are.  

To maximize the power of a promotion bar, you must remember to make it both recognizable and persuasive all the way, so far. 

Think about the target customers that you will show the bar. 

Try different color combinations for your landing page with the promotion bar to find which is the most ultimate usage. 

And please make sure that the text upon the bar are concise and readable. You should use the font size of the bar text larger than that on the site – that’s what I recommend to you

Score: high – medium – low

  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): low
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: medium
  • Annoying level: low

2.   POP-UP

Indeed, pop-ups are worthwhile in a website. Hmmm…Do you think so?Yeah I know the answers may be contradictory.

However, let’s see the statistics coming up next.

According to eCommerce data, the best well-made popups can bring about more than a 50% conversion rate, but the average is only 3.09%.

Explaining the figure above, well, we all can associate.

On the one hand, pop-ups appear over other windows on the screen can catch attention instantly, beating the inattentional blindness bias easily. On the other hand, standing in customer’s foot, it seems hard to accept the content which he or she is reading is shadowed and hide behind an unexpected pop-up. Most of the time, visitors will shut the pop-up down, even without reading it.  

So, temporarily, we can conclude that much of popups’ effectiveness depends on how well you craft your popup campaign.

Think about the segment, the time and the offer that you setup for the popup. 

If you are good at design, craft a visually breathtaking pop-up, it will catch visitor’s attention instantly to make forget about how their journey is disrupted by the pop-up  

If you want to seduce customers into buying more products, make sure that the deal in the pop-up are emphasized enough

If you have multiple target customer groups, consider to use segmental pop-ups


  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): medium to high
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: high
  • Annoying level: high

3.   Promo banner

Since banners are indeed familiar with everyone in the reign of e-commerce.  (Almost) all websites use banners for multiple purposes.

Nevertheless, the problem is too many websites use banners.

Provided that, your store’s banners must prove to be catchy and…unforgettable

Yeah, I know it is may sounds a bit dramatic

But among hundreds of banners shoppers come up with every day, which points do you think are gonna make them remember, let alone successfully converting visitors to customers. 

There are several positions on a website to place banners,you can check here but because we are talking about sales, the recommended positions is above the fold.

Also, keep in mind that customers can never remember too many information. You can place banners at the homepage, product page or categories page, but remember to make the repetition of banners according to a unified content.

For examples, have a look at the above website with one banners at two pages. The repetition is clear and this will get customers to notice the promotion, even when they leave the site.


  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): high
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: medium
  • Annoying level: low


According to recent eCommerce data, 88% of consumers would be more likely to shop at a site online if they were promised free shipping. 

Basically, the meat of this method stays in the ability to induce customers want more than they need. When customers have been already well converted to the last stage of the sale funnel. In other words, they have added certain items to cart. 

For the form of a bar, free shipping bar can save lots of space at the same time be eye-catching considerably. Customers can easily notice the “movement” of the bar when they add more products to cart. This “movement” increase the want to get free shipping which can eventually increase the sale value. 


  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): low
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: low to medium
  • Annoying level: low


If you are looking for an elegant way to notify customer about your good deals like promo bars, hmmm… this method may not fit it well.

But like pop-ups, push notifications can instantly draw attention when popping up on the corner of the screen. 

Compared to pop-ups, push notifications seem to be less “annoying” for its size and position, which will not disrupt the journey of customers online. 

Push notifications embrace the feeling of a personalized message to customers who are more likely to respond to a notification if it’s designed to themselves personally.


  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): low
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: low to medium
  • Annoying level: medium to high    


Scarcity makes everything desirable.

So the less there is of something, the more people perceive it to be highly valued, which in turn means that the more they will want to buy it.

Countdown timers exactly make the scarcity a key factor.  

It gives merchants the opportunity to create the sense of urgency. The countdown clock interactively calls out for getting the good deal before it expires. 

You can turn customers from the Consideration stage to the Conversion one quickly. The power of the clock will reduce the goods in your inventory at a rate of knots. 

However, the drawback is that you cannot use it frequently on your website. This will make your site become less valuable. When you increase the value of your product by scarcity, you cannot do it as regularly as clockwork!


  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): low
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: medium to high
  • Annoying level: low to medium


This is quite different from the above method because this element applied to products only.

Just like the name, labels are stick into the product thumbnail picture to highlight its noticeable feature such as discount, new, hot or any label you can think of. 

In this article, I mention sale label only. 

The advantages of this element is you can design label one time and use for many times. 

The disadvantage is the call to action is not as direct and powerful as the other element. 

However, it can be the least “annoying” in the comparison with pop-ups and push notifications. And one plus is you may not need a designer when you want to create a label for your sudden sales idea while you are showering your dog. 


  • Completing time (sophisticated & detailed required): low
  • Ability to make it the most out-standing content: low to medium 
  • Annoying level: low


Hope that you can take a break after this article.

Choose some elements favorably to make your sales campaign roar.

BUT if you are start questioning how to have these elements on you website, don’t hesitate to check out our already made extensions. They are well – crafted to meet your demand.

And we are always willing to help you out if we receive your request.


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