Boost Your Magento Wholesale Website Sales With These 7 Tips

Boost Your Magento Wholesale Website Sales With These 7 Tips

In B2B, e-commerce, even as a wholesale business that has high-quality products, is not enough to make money. It is true because retailer customers who wish to buy your goods want to be treated differently with an engaging experience at your outstanding ecommerce store

For this reason, you need to improve your store and effectively engage shoppers to make your Magento Wholesale store stand out. That’s easier just by getting into Magento ecommerce development with equipping additional B2B modules for fruitful ecommerce operations.

In this article, we declare five tips on how to attract more buyers for wholesale business owners that you might be interested in!

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1. Special Prices 

As a wholesaler, they want to get the best prices for sure. They are looking for exclusive deals such as a quantity discount while buying products for the wholesale customer’s group.

This is one of the Magento wholesale tips when store owners like you can get an advantage to boost revenues. How do you do that? Well, firstly, you should notice the preceding tier pricing for users. It depends on the customers who are not logged in and for users in the General customer group (Settings). For some tiers, the Customer Group is set to Not Logged In, and the others set to General.


For Magento wholesale customers, they have to create an account instead of viewing the group as an anonymous user. After logging in, retailers’ customers will see these tier prices. This method gives Magento wholesale customers the benefit is to help them control the pricing on merchandise more quickly and easily.

Better prices into your offerings through daily, weekly, or monthly deals will put your Magento wholesale at a competitive advantage. At the same time, you – a B2B wholesaler business can offer incentives in the form of discounted prices for bulk orders.

2. Great customer service

Service is the essential tip for Magento wholesale businesses, whether online or offline, you want to provide the best service for your customer shopping experiences.

So make your customer service easy to use, and serve your customers best for help. Customers demand might be just a question about warranty return or unique needs, requirements, and priorities.

Many small businesses even want to put their name or phone number on their websites, but they can go to the extra live chat to make wholesale stockists’ lives a little bit easier. Customer care is one of the key points in wholesale sales to encourage customers to buy products.

By meeting customer requirements, it will boost your sales with specific promotions. Due to the ability of the customer team, you should communicate nicely and professionally with your customers while motivating the team to make decisions in a way that puts customers first.

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3. Wholesale ordering, delivery, and billing as seamless as possible

Make ordering simple and shipping fast for Magento wholesale can be another tip. By offering multiple ways to order via phone, email, and website, your retailer’s store can make more money due to the fast ordering process.

All the processes, such as wholesale ordering, delivery, and billing as simple as possible and easy to understand, could put your company near the top of customer brand lists they buy from.

If customers have to wait for shipping, for example, this means retailers can’t sell your products quickly, especially the stock on the shelves.

Try to speed up the ordering process & shipping and always stay active both by telephone and email, which reduces abandonment carts. With EQUIP Inventory in the inventory management system and several payment methods, even track shipments via smartphones, you can detect any shipping issues.


4. Make Order Recommendations

When a customer makes a purchase, you also make them buy more items by recommending related products for them on your website. Many retailers have used this method, but wholesalers can also implement it. 

At BSS Commerce, we have an extension called “ Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together”. This is an excellent choice for the store owners to boost up sale by suggesting/recommendations frequently bought together products for customers. We promote products while customers are checking out a particular item. Customers can see a bunch of suggesting products displayed, therefore they can add a set of different products to cart at once. 

QUICK AND EASY TO MAKE ACTIONS WITH  Magento 2 Frequently Bought Together 

Amazon has been offering customers related products during the checkout process and on every product page. It makes customers see the related products they want, like suggestions for them to buy more products.

What Amazon doing also increases the chances of cross-selling, encourages retailers to try out new merchandise & provides more revenue for Amazon.

5. Increase Your Wholesale Sales with Referral Programs

Offering a reward program for referrals is another effective way to increase your wholesale sales. For existing customers who refer your products to new customers or loyal customers, you can quickly build a long- term relationship with them. As all we know, Wholesale connections have their networks; the rewards given are appropriate to each company’s niche. You’ll make it even more likely that a buyer will select your company as its wholesale while encouraging a more significant initial purchase.

6. Offer special discounts to new buyers or gifts cards

Customers will keep coming back if they get a discount, especially for new customers. This way to attract new buyers to come to your company, whether the customer is a retailer or a consumer. 

As a program that offers Magento 2 gift card extension, you are able to freely upload unlimited background images and customize code and message color as well. This module allows you to create diverse templates for gift cards

7. Streamline your operations

Business owners want to maximize operational efficiencies at business, which includes integrating inventory, finance, shipping, logistics, etc. within an intelligent cloud B2B inventory management system or ERP inventory management system. Wholesale customers expect the same from their suppliers because it is a win-win for both the customer and wholesale business.

As a Wholesale business, you should continue to develop systems to streamline the company’s order processing, which can help shipping companies orders more quickly within hours

Once you have successfully approved your customers as wholesalers, you have to find some good keywords with free keyword tools.

Your powerful Magento wholesale feature/Magento wholesale extensions or Magento widespread theme can now be implemented with multiple free keywords tools in spreadsheets. Hopefully, these additional tips to make skyrocketing sales in Bigonline stores like Amazon and Shopify. Hopefully, you find this as a useful starting point in how to communicate site performance.

Follow these simple tips carefully can create a display of different content on your website to Magento wholesale customers.

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