>How to Restrict Category Access on Magento 2 Sites?

How to Restrict Category Access on Magento 2 Sites?

Get straight to the point, you do not want to expose your categories to everyone!

However, Magento 2 fails to do so. Since your eyes end here, I would like to suggest you two easy ways to restrict category access within a matter of minutes.

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1. Magento 2 Catalog Permission Extension

Not only can you limit the category’s access to specific customer groups but you can also apply the restriction to CMS pages. Non-authorized groups, on visiting that category/CMS Page will be redirected to another place, based on your settings.

Restrict category in Magento 2

The workflow is straightforward:

  • Enable BSS Commerce Catalog Permission for Magento 2 Extension
  • Tailor message to inform customers about the restriction
  • Decide where to redirect the non-authorized customers to streamline their shopping experience.

Magento 2 Catalog Permission Settings

  • Go to the category or CMS page in the backend
  • Pick one or multiple customer groups you want to hide the category/CMS content

For example, you just grant access to the Wholesale Collection category for B2B customers.

Restrict access to category

Or, only logged-in customers can visit your Policy page.

Restrict access to CMS Page

Advanced features:

  • Set catalog permission for parent and subcategories separately

You can enable the parent category while disabling its sub-categories and vice versa.

Example of Catalog Permission

  • Disable products belonging to the restricted category

You can make products under the restricted category unvisitable if wished.

  • Disable category link from the menu and layered navigation

The restricted category is completely hidden from the non-authorized customer groups to avoid the confusion.

Example of Category Permission

2. Magento 2 Force Login Extension

Another choice to restrict access to category access on Magento 2 website is to use BSS Commerce Force Login extension.

Customers must login first to access restricted content.

Force Login example

Restrict Category Access to The Non-logged-in Visitors

You can choose the category page or CMS page to be unvisitable for the non-logged-in customers. Also, there are various pages available to apply the “force login” function.

To be short, you can even keep all your website private for members only.

Force Login Pages

Additional Features of Force Login

  • Display message to announce customers of the login requirement
  • Disable the default registration link (if you just want to create accounts from admin for better management – in case of B2B account for example)
  • Redirect customers after their logging in for a constant shopping experience.

Still Can Not Make The Choice?

If you are confused about whether to choose the Catalog Permission or Force Login extension, here I present a quick comparison between the two so you can find one suitable your business requirements the most.

If you have any question about these two extensions, feel free to ask right below!

Magento 2 Catalog Permision vs Magento 2 Force Login