5 Ways to Optimize Magento 2 One Step Checkout for Maximum Profit

While it’s not rocket science, it takes a lot to optimize Magento 2 checkout. One Page Checkout option that Magento 2 offers is excellent, but once you enable it, you realize you’ve opened a can of worms. The design – below average. The custom fields – not found. Personalized options – vaporized.  

It’s hard to render the vision of your dream checkout page to the front end. And it’s even harder to capture more sales with it. Today, let’s learn about how to finish strong with these last miles. We made a list, and we checked it twice.

I. Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Magento 2 One Step Checkout or One Page Checkout is an all-in-one checkout solution for user intent and user intent. You can shorten your checkout time by up to ⅓ and reach a new maximum conversion rate.

It is compatible with popular payment methods and free support on highlight themes; fully geared for RESTful API and GraphQL API, Plug-n’-Play compatibilities, lightning setup with unlimited customization capacity, and Elastic checkout with multiple addresses and automatic GeoIP detection.

Every checkout option has its flaws, and this model is no exception.

Here are our pro-tips on how to better your Magento 2 Checkout page.

II. 5 Tips To Optimize Checkout Of Magento 2.

1. Faster one step checkout for Magento 2

Warm-up your checkout Magento 2 process is a step in the right direction. You don’t want to run behind in this information superhighway. But first, we need to identify what weighs it down.


One by one, let’s tag team these problems. First, One Page Checkout Magento is the way to go. Simple and delicate. Then, make sure your code runs correctly and smoothly.

The next step, keep the visual cues subtle. In fact, it is more tasteful to portray them this way. At the same time, pay attention to the extensions you buy from 3rd-party. Make sure to see the phrases “high compatible rate” and “free support” on them before purchasing.

Last but not least, you want to check on your hosting site and server. Investing in this front to attain a stable and interactive website.

2. Lesser required fields, faster checkout.

Even with One Page Checkout Magento, there are still options to shorten those steps. Reducing the required field is one of them.


You can turn them from a must to optional blocks for your customers. This will boost up the process and make the flow goes smoothly. But the fields you can leave out are little (i.e., “where you heard of us?” question). So what is the better solution? 

Lesser by pre-selectors. People love guidance but hate being told what to do. Therefore, pre-appoint payment and shipment with other choices by the side are significant. Equipping your website with Google’s suggestion to fasten address filling is also a great addition.

3. Cleaner Magento 2 checkout page.

Customers see a lot of information immediately after landing on the checkout page, which can be overwhelming.

The cleaner, the better, no doubt. You don’t want to bombard your customers with information, pictures, and banners. Also, spacing and placing the essentials on the checkout page is vital. This is where the default runs short in the optimize Magento 2 checkout process.

If you believe in fostering creativity and innovation to better Magento’s one-page checkout organically and authentically, the default will not do you justice. Therefore, you want to either change the code or work with an extension of your choice.


Make it sleek; make it neat. The more at ease your customers feel, the more likely they will finalize their purchase.

4. More checkout options for better sales.

We’re talking about the range here. Of course, four default options in checkout Magento 2 for payment are great, but the more, the merrier. Shipping methods are always appreciated with more choices.


You can apply this logic to the login department, as well. You want to personalize the buying experience by targeting different customer groups. Therefore, allowing customers to create and login to an account on one-page checkout Magento 2 through various outlets is definitely a must.

5. Explain sensitive fields filling reasons.

A security breach is one of the greatest fears that shield people from buying online. Therefore, when asking for personal information, you need to explain yourself. 

optimize-magento-2-checkout-with-explanation-1 optimize-magento-2-checkout-with-explanation-2

For example, on the screen, you can give a question cue at the end of the field to show your reason. On the other hand, this explanation can be included in the required notification. 

Keep in mind, optimizing Magento 2 checkout doesn’t only mean “make it faster.” It means to make the checkout suit better for shop owners and customers at the same time. And better in the sense of speed, stability, user-friendly, and effectiveness.

III. Extra Tip: One Step Checkout For Magento 2.

How about a tip to rule them all? Read on Magento 2 One Step Checkout: Complete Handbook A – Z! – BSSCommerce Blog by BSS Commerce to have a better understanding of Magento 2. 

Here is the list of the module’s core features and benefits:

Utilize one-page layout

Your Magento 2 One Page Checkout will be presented in a 3-columns layout. Information is shown to customers at a reasonable rate and easy-to-follow order.


Granted, this layout is more practical than the 2-steps default one. It’s easier for customers to check back and change every detail of the purchase at will. With the combination of the shopping cart, buyers feel welcomed to commit to their decisions.


Furthermore, a consistent checkout experience across platforms is what we aim for. One Step Checkout Magento Extension will guarantee this front and help you please your customer with it.

Cozy up the checkout flow

Tuning your checkout Magento 2 page can be a nightmare. Too long – no one wants to engage. Too short – you don’t have enough information to process the order. As we mentioned before, lesser required fields are the answers.

To be specific, our module will speed up the flow by pre-selecting payment and shipping methods. Other options are also on the page for consideration. 


Besides, the customer’s country is auto-filled in advance by the GEOIP feature to optimize Magento 2 checkout. Google’s suggestion appears after each syllable is filled in with finishing the address field quicker.

Widen payment method range

One Step Checkout Magento Extension automatically supports all four default payment options within the built-in store. And, of course, there is always room for betterment. 

The module also works well with Stripe. More platforms to set payment – more opportunities to capture sales. You don’t want to upset a customer just because they don’t have your preferred transaction method.

Humanize the checkout Magento 2 page 

The personal touch is the factor that sets your brand apart. Giving customers a chance to communicate with you about their order will encourage them to follow with their purchase. 

With One Step Checkout Magento 2, the delivery date is an open gate. Customers can pick and choose their wanted time down to minutes. Note on delivery is optional to customize the order further.


Moreover, the module allows you to create paths and turns that buyers can take to make the checkout more flexible. Here are those conveniences: 

  • Create an account right on the one-page checkout site
  • Edit product quantity and go to the product page by clicking the product name
  • Enter discount code in the discount code box
  • Add an order comment
  • Subscribe to receive newsletters

Think of your checkout Magento 2 page as a character and portraits it with fineness. You want the checkout page to be friendly, interactive, dedicated, and professional.

Build trust factor

Trust will ensure your customer lifetime value. That’s it. That is the sentiment. But while it affects your business in the long run, it also has an immediate impact on the checkout page. 

People are genuinely skeptical about their safety on the Internet, and for good reasons. Understand that concern; we equip One Step Checkout Magento Extension with trust badge under widget form. At the backend, you can freely arrange this badge as you please.

optimize magento 2 checkout with trust

From here, there are countless possibilities for you to decorate your checkout interface with widgets. Let’s the module translate your thoughts and put them on screen.

You can also build your trust factor by Boost Your Product Reviews With Magento 2 Review Extension. READ NOW to know-how. 

Compatible with other extensions by BSS Commerce

Customer changes, business changes, and market changes. That’s why adding more extensions to adapt is inevitable. For example, you can add in a store credit and reward system to keep your customers engage with your site. Considering this as a long-term approach because it builds the tie and the loyalty of buyers to your business.

Optimizing Magento 2 checkout process should be done with other extensions in mind. To affect the purchase buyers’ stage in the right way, everything must work in harmony. Yes, that’s the goal, but keeping track of every 3rd-party module is hard.


Therefore, we design and develop extensions to make your life easier. One Page Checkout Magento Extension is no exception. We guarantee a high compatibility rate that makes your management more convenient now and down the road.

IV. In Conclusion

This is all about how to optimize Magento 2 checkout for maximum profit. Turning your checkout Magento 2 site to its full potential takes time and effort. However, this list of helpful tips can make it much more manageable—set up a better checkout protocol to enjoy a more significant revenue number.

For your convenience, you can take full advantage of a one-page checkout by installing the One Step Checkout Magento extension. Offer your customers an outstanding checkout page in exchange for minutes of their attention and bytes of their confirmed purchases on your business.


You don’t want to miss our comprehensive collection of Magento 2 checkout extensions by BSS Commerce. Take a look and better your site today.

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