How To Configure Magento Quick Order Function For Faster Order

In this article, we will show you how to configure the Magento Quick Order function to enhance the B2B shopping experience in your store.

Customers love the convenience and fast. And that’s what eCommerce shopping can bring to them.

With online shopping, customers can easily search, and purchase products they want without going to a brick-and-mortar store and waiting in line for the checkout.

However, if you own an online store on the Magento platform, you should know that in default Magento, it is not convenient for customers to add a large number of products to the shopping cart. It takes them a lot of time and effort.

Meanwhile, it is crucial to get customers through the ordering process as fast as possible. Especially if your store is focused on B2B customers.

That’s why you need the Magento quick order function to fasten the order processing and enhance the shopping experience in your store.

But how to configure this function? Please read the content below to find out!

What Is Magento Quick Order?


Normally, to order several products, customers have to visit several product pages before reaching the end of the order process. It annoys your customers, especially when they are buying in bulk. 

B2B businesses deeply understand this issue, and quick order is their top solution for it. 

Magento Quick Order feature allows customers to finish the order process with just several clicks without navigating to different product pages.

There are 3 major benefits of Magento Quick Order:

  • Enhance bulk ordering: This function allows customers to order rapidly through a quick order form.
  • Reduce abandonment rate: Lower cart abandonment rates by speeding up the ordering process.
  • Encourage repeat sales: Time is essential in winning customers’ hearts, so providing a simplified shopping experience will make customers want to return and repeat their orders.

How Can BSS Magento 2 Quick Order Helps Fasten The Purchasing Process


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Magento Quick Order speeds up the ordering process by allowing your customers to add products to their cart quickly and easily in 2 ways:

  • Entering products’ names or SKUs
  • Uploading CSV file
  • Mini fast order

Entering products’ names or SKUs


In the quick order form, customers can search for products by their name or SKUs. Then they can easily change the quantity of each product in the form and then click the Add to Cart button to add all to the cart or click the Proceed to Checkout button to go straight to the checkout process.

This supports AJAX and Elasticsearch, which help quickly filter what customers are searching and give auto-suggestions. In case there is only one result matched, it will auto-select, too.

Customers can also enter multiple SKUs and quantities to order even faster.

If your customers choose products with custom options, a popup will be shown so they can quickly select options without browsing product pages.

In case they search for multiple products with custom options, the popup will display the next and previous buttons, so they go back and forth and choose.

Uploading CSV file


B2B customers usually prepare a sheet including product names, SKUs, quantity, etc., they want to order. 

This module allows them to make use of that form to order faster.

It enables your customers to download the sample CSV file so they can input the SKU and quantity. Then they just need to upload that CSV file to the quick order form.

Mini fast order

This extension also offers the mini fast order feature. 

Customers can click on the Fast Order button on the top right of the website, and the mini order form will appear.

In that mini fast order form, they can add multiple products to order by entering products’ names or SKUs and quantities.

That way, they can order even faster without redirecting to the quick order page.

Full list of features

Other than those quick order features we introduced above, BSS Magento 2 Quick Order offers many more features to help boost your sales.

Check out the full list of features below:

  • Allow customers to quickly order by SKU or product names in a form
  • Order in bulk multiple products via a CSV file
  • Pre-fill bestsellers or frequently bought products in the fast order form
  • Select all product options in a smart popup
  • Display a sticky Mini Quick Order to purchase products faster on any page
  • Work with every Magento 2 product type
  • Well responsive on various devices
  • Compatible with Request for Quote and Configurable Grid Table View
  • Compatible with Porto theme & the Fastest and Infinit of Codazon

How To Configure Magento Quick Order Function

In this part, we will show you how to install and set up all features of the BSS Magento Quick Order extension.

Install the extension

After purchasing the module, please add the Skype account: support.bsscommerce.

The BSS customer service will help you install the module immediately for free.

However, if you want to install it yourself, you can follow the following steps.

Note: Please turn off Merge-JS before installing. Only turn it on again after finishing the installation.

  • Step 1: Download and unzip the installation file
  • Step 2: Create a directory called app/code/Bss/FastOrder/
  • Step 3: Upload the directory app/code/Bss/FastOrder/ into the root directory
  • Step 4: Run php bin/magentosetup:upgrade
  • Step 5: Clear all caches

Configure Magento Quick Order

In the backend, navigate to Stores > Configuration > BSS Commerce > Fast Order.


In Enabled: choose Yes to enable Magento Quick Order or No to disable it.

This module provides 2 fast order form templates: 

  • Template 1 – Search box in the row: Customers search for products in the search box of each line.
  • Template 2 – Search box out the row: Customers search for products in the search box outside of the table.

Both templates are designed to optimize the shopping experience.

In Fast Order Form Template, you can choose template 1 or 2.

In Number of Lines: set the number of lines in the Fast Order form.

In Autocomplete Minimum Characters: set the minimum characters customer must type in the search box so that the result can appear.

In Max Results to Show: set the number of results shown in the autocomplete box.


In Main Color: the admin can pick the color of the header and buttons of the fast order form, so it fits the design of the whole website.

In Shortcut URL Key: choose the URL key of the Fast Order page. (This field is auto-filled as “fast-order”, so if you don’t want to change it, just leave it be.)

In Position of Fast Order Shortcut: choose the position to display the shortcut link (near the mini cart, in the top menu, in the footer).

This module enables you to segment customer groups to use Magento quick order. It’s a great feature if you are serving both B2B and B2C customers and you only want wholesale customers to use Magento quick order.

In Enable for customer groups: the admin can choose groups to enable Magento quick order.

In Refresh: choose Yes to keep the products in form after customers refresh the page, No to not keep it.

Configure mini fast order form


In Mini Fast Order Form Configuration section:

In Enabled: choose Yes to activate the Mini Fast Order feature or No to turn off this feature.

In Number of Lines: set the number of lines that readily appear on the Mini Fast Order Form.

Pre-populated products config

This extension supports smart algorithms to pre-load bestsellers or frequently ordered products based on customers’ purchase history whenever they access the fast order form.

To enable it, in the Pre-populated products, set Enabled as Yes.

In Action, you can choose either Automation or Manual.

If you choose Automation, the suggested products will be 5 bestsellers (for not logged-in customers) or most frequently ordered products from the customer’s account (for logged-in customers).

If you choose Manual, you can add a list of suggested products as you want.


In this article, we have shown you how to configure Magento quick order function to fasten the order process and optimize the B2B shopping experience.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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