How To Create Magento 2 Invoices Automatically In Online Store?

As we all know, the defaulted Magento 2 does not allow admins to generate invoices automatically; thus, they must do it manually. It seems not a “big deal” for small businesses with fewer orders. 

However, imagine if your store is growing or there are some special occasions that customer’s orders are increasing. Do you think you can manage all of this vast volume of invoices in a non-automatic way? 

The answer is NO. You can probably handle this routine task, but it requires more manual effort, leading to the unproductivity of your business flow. 

magento 2 invoices

You’re searching for an effective way to create Magento 2 invoices automatically on your online store but still in the dark? 

Don’t worry, let’s glide down and find out the answer!

Drawback Of Creating Magento 2 Invoices Manually In The Backend

First and foremost, let’s take a few moments to discuss the downsides of manually creating invoices in the Magento 2 backend before going to our suggested solution.

As we informed in the introduction, if merchants still do the task manually as they did in the past, it’ll result in the whole business process – slower and time-consuming. Moreover, it is quietly tough for store owners to handle every orders’ invoices by hand. 

Even if they can afford to hire more employees to make the task go more smoothly and quickly, they must set aside more money for employment costs. And this definitely can not optimize the total cost they have to spend for their store. 

magento 2 invoices drawback

Moreover, the increasing number of tasks require more manual effort, leading to more human errors, negatively impacting customer satisfaction. Because generating invoices is like a routine task for every store, merchants may feel tired of doing the same task day by day. Therefore, it decreases the work efficiency of your business. 

No wonder manually creating invoices is a difficult task. Due to that, we highly recommend you to use Magento 2 Auto Invoices extension to make your store go more smoothly and the most excellent – no need for human effort, no time consumption!

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What Are The Benefits Of Using The Magento 2 Auto Invoices Solution? 

Automatically create invoices

The first advantage of using this Magento 2 Invoices extension is solving the problem store owners encountered above – completely automating the invoice creation process. If the conditions configured in the backend are all met, the module will generate the invoice immediately after an order is created.

Automatically create invoices

Completely control Magento 2 invoices in the easiest way

Secondly, having your Magento store automatically ship orders can be a huge help and make your workflow run more smoothly. It generates invoices, completes orders, and changes order statuses automatically, saving time that would otherwise be spent manually processing.

Moreover, this extension also provides a neat and straightforward configuration that allows web admins to select actions for the automatic massive invoice process comfortably.

Thus, no more error, no more tedious tasks, and no more customers’ complaints! The manual-generate-invoices nightmare is blowing away!

Reduce the complexity of payment methods in Magento 2 invoices 

Another benefit of this Magento 2 invoices extension is that it allows store administrators to automatically create invoices and shipments based on all available payment methods. You will find it much easier to complete invoices in one step, depending on different payment methods.

magento 2 invoices benefits

Timely inform buyers with email notifications

Lastly, when customers place orders and make payments on an e-Commerce website, they definitely want to ensure that their payment is recognized and their orders are fulfilled. They unquestionably look forward to receiving your invoices via email.

This Automatically Magento 2 Invoices extension completes customer orders and changes statuses and automatically sends invoice emails to the customers. Thereby, it increases the customers’ trust in their Ecommerce services.

Well-compatible with Magento 2

Magento is a large open-source eCommerce web application that can carry out almost any function that can be performed on an ecommerce website. Magento 2 Auto Invoices is built using a structure similar to Magento’s core system and the coding standards that Magento supports. As a result, it works seamlessly with any Magento platform and is compatible with other extensions.

Well-compatible with Magento 2

Wrap Up

There are indeed a lot of benefits when installing Magento 2 Invoices automatically. If you’re searching for the easiest way to get you through this time-consuming task, we highly recommend you use the auto invoices extension for your store!

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