Easy Steps to Set Up Minimum Order Amount in Magento 2 in 2 Minutes

Easy Steps to Set Up Minimum Order Amount in Magento 2 in 2 Minutes copy

Easy Steps to Set Up Minimum Order Amount in Magento 2 in 2 Minutes

Due to the balance of revenue and cost, shop owners sometimes need to set the minimum order amount to ensure their profit goal. With Magento 2, users can freely set up the minimum amount after applying discounts for all customers or orders shipped to each address in multiple address one. The customer can only click on Proceed to Checkout button when their order subtotals reach the minimum amount.

minimim-orderMinimum order message

Shop owners can effortlessly set up this function by the simple process below:

  1. Login as admin. On the Admin menu, select Store> Setting> Configuration > Sales > Minimum Order Amount 
  1. In the Minimum Order Amount section, set Enable to Yes.
  1. In the area for the Minimum Amount, type the Minimum Amount required for the order subtotal after applying all discounts.
  1. To Include Tax to The Amount, choose Yes.
  1. In the Description Message box, you can change the default message at the top of the shopping cart when the subtotal is less than the minimum amount. Leave this box blank, Magento 2 will automatically display the default one: Minimum order amount is + [the specified minimum subtotal].
  1. Similarly, type your error message in Error to Show in Shopping Cart area if you want to alter the default message: “Subtotal must exceed minimum order amount.” (the Error message will be shown when the customer clicks on the Checkout button when current subtotal is less than the minimum amount)
  1. To require per address in a multi-address order to reach the minimum amount, set Validate Each Address Separately in Multi-address Checkout to Yes.
  1. Fill in Multi-address Description Message and the Multi-address Error to Show in Shopping Cart boxes if you want to change the default messages.
  1. When you’re done with the settings, click the Save Config 


A considerable drawback of minimum order amount function on default Magento 2 is that a single minimum limitation will be applied to all customer groups, which makes it challenging to manage the order amount of different market segments.

Each group of customers has special buying power; therefore, applying a single minimum amount policy to all kind of customers may worsen your sale performance and decrease total revenue.

To resolve this problem, BSSCommerce has introduced a useful extension called Minimum Order Amount For Customer Groups in Magento 2.

This Magento extension was developed to aid shop owners directly set up the different minimum amounts of orders for different customer categories. With a simple configuration display in the backend, this extension allows admin to add customer groups, the set constraint for each group, and custom message for customers.


If interested in our extension, you should pay a look at other Magento 2 extensions developed by BSS Commerce.

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  • Rachel

    Thank you for your post. I came across the extension once but haven’t made up my mind till I read your tutorial. This module really provides what Magento default lacks.