9 Secret Techniques To Enhance Your Checkout Process in Magento 2


9 Secret Techniques To Enhance Your Checkout Process in Magento 2

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Checkout is the final step on the “path to purchase” of customers. It would be a pity if a buyer, after picking desired items and adding them to cart, abandons at the last minutes. It is such a big deal with every store owner, to whom, profit from orders is the ultimate goal. 

What reasons cause unexpected abandonments? Let’s begin from where they happen. Your checkout process may contain harmful features that make customers daunting to keep staying on it. You might have probably missed significant revenue from those prospects. 

Source: Shiprocket.in

Many statistics have estimated that the abandonment rate of online stores is often between 60% to 80%. But this rate can even reach higher if you maintain an unpleasant checkout process. That’s why you, a Magento store owner, should read this blog for 7 practical techniques to satisfy customers better in this step and directly boost up conversion rate.  

I. Why do customers abandon checkout process?

Source: Ecommercetips.org

Why do customers abandon checkout process? It is essential to define the reasons. 

Take a look at the above chart for checkout abandonment reasons. 

  • Confusing checkout
  • Secure payment methods
  • Doing more research 
  • Had to create an account
  • Unexpected shipping costs

The list reveals how factors in design and setup impact the likelihood that customers leave an e-commerce website. Now, you can easily brainstorm for solutions based on checkout abandonment reasons.

II. 9+ Techniques To Enhance Your Checkout Process in Magento 2

1. Make it friendly to mobile

First of all, to run an e-commerce business, you cannot ignore these numbers: 

Source: moovweb.com
  • 71% of smartphone owners shop on mobile.
  • 69% is the average mobile shopping cart abandonment. 
  • 40% of mobile shoppers go to a competitor after a bad experience. 
  • 57% of shoppers won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site. 

Many e-commerce websites have an unresponsive design to mobile. When shoppers surf those sites, they might encounter unpleasant issues related to the display. For example, product information or images are too small to read and some texts overlay on images. It is challenging for customers to experience such a poor-design website. Once they cannot get product information clear, they are likely to go away and search for other alternatives from your competitors. 

So, the first tip to enhance your checkout process is making it mobile-friendly. 

2. Accept checkout as guest

Source: 123formbuilder.com

Turn on the chart in part I, “have to create an account” occupies 23% of checkout abandonment reasons. 

Not everybody is willing to create an account when they visit your store. People who access your website with no account are considered as guests. If a website always forces those customers to sign up for checkout, many of them will leave that site. 

Therefore, let’s give buyers the flexibility to checkout as guests or allow them to proceed with their social accounts. In that way, the abandonment rate of your store will be more likely to reduce. 

You can easily configure to accept guest checkout in Checkout options in the backend. To find the config: 

  • Go to: Store => Setting => Configuration => Sales => Checkout 
  • At Allow Guest Checkout, set “Yes.”

3. Use a progress bar


Why do you need a progress indicator in your checkout process? It’s because “confusing checkout” is one of checkout abandonment reasons at the rate of 12%. 

Customers would feel more comfortable to be instructed on what steps they have to go through and where they are in the checkout. In that way, you show a clear path to complete checkout. 

In the above progress bar informs shoppers steps towards successful checkout, including Address, Shipping, Payment, and Summary. The steps that shoppers are staying in will be bolded. This bar indicates the checkout process logically and helps customers easily select a step in which they want to make any change. 

4. Support various payment methods


Many shoppers abandon the checkout process at the step of payment because they cannot find a suitable payment method or available methods are not trusted. Therefore, payment methods should be flexible and include popular and secure methods. 

Accept payments by Visa, Master Card, or reputable payment gateway like Paypal so that you don’t lose precious customers just because of an unworthy reason. 

Besides basic payment methods, which do not require the services of a third party, Magento supports various payment methods to make payment become easy in all parts of the world. 

5. Require only essential information

Nobody is happy to complete a checkout page with unnecessary information. Your checkout page should include only essential fields to avoid wasting too much time of shoppers. With additional questions that you want to ask them for research purposes, make it optional. As a result, shoppers will be more willing to proceed with a comfortability. 

If you’re still confused about what crucial information should you show on your checkout page, here is an example. It is quite minimal, which covers only indispensable fields about Shipping Address, Shipping Methods, and Payment Method. That’s all the store owner need for order fulfillment. 

Source: bsscommerce.com

6. Show off security features


The fast development of informative technology makes people more worried about their privacy and security. There have been cases of customer information leaks from e-commerce websites. So, a store with outstanding features will be appreciated by customers. 

Let’s show customers your security features, ensure every step features trust signals to persuade them that the process will be secure.  

7. Gather all information on one page

Source: The Baymard Institue

Many websites have a more-than-one-page checkout process. It’s not a big deal to wait for a page loaded. But a complicated process with a low load speed would be seriously harmful. Why do customers have to stay in those stores while there are a lot of e-commerce stores out there?

There are many One Step Checkout modules for Magento 2 that can help you solve the problem. Among those, One Step Checkout by BSS Commerce is always on the top with outstanding features. Let’s choose one so that you can streamline your checkout process on one page. 


In that way, customers can complete orders without loading several times. 

8. Express transparency in the costs

Source: dansdeals.com

“Unexpected shipping costs” is a significant cause of checkout abandonment in numbers of e-commerce websites, at the rate of 28%. 

You obviously cannot provide products and services at prices as low as customers want. However, you can avoid surprising them when they see the final cost by express transparency in the costs. 

Keep showing extra costs until the last minute. Once the shipment data is entered by a consumer, the relevant shipping rates will automatically load. The price will be added to their sum if they choose a delivery rate.

9. Offer a range of shipping option

Source: rishisb.com

Every consumer has a different time range a budget when creating an order. Some want to get their orders immediately without having to worry about shipping fees, while others may be significantly concerned about costs. For that reason, it will be more enjoyable if you give customers various ranges of shipping time. 

In that way, you enhance the convenience of your store to another level to stand out among a vast number of e-commerce businesses. 

III. Advanced Checkout Page with Magento 2 Add Field to Checkout

Magento 2 Add Field to Order

If you search for Magento 2 add an attribute to order, Magento 2 custom checkout page, or Magento 2 custom checkout fields, search no further. Keep reading because we are going to write about this clever tool right now. 

1. Why do you need Magento 2 Add Field to Checkout?

Sometimes, the default checkout page in Magento is too boring, which shows only mandatory questions. In business practice, you may need more than what it contains for some reasons: 

  • You want to understand customers well to serve them better. 
  • You need data to do some research. 
  • Each business may require different additional information from customers for order fulfillment. 

2. Key features of Magento 2 Add Field to Checkout

Magento 2 Add Field to Checkout, or Magento 2 Add Field to Order, is a useful module for every Magento store. Customizing your checkout page is now more convenient than ever with its support. 

Highlighted features of Magento 2 Add Field to Order: 

  • Freely add extra fields to the checkout page in Magento 2 custom checkout page
  • Use those extra fields as order attributes to enhance management
  • Display custom fields in the order grid and on order detail page
  • Note custom fields in transaction emails and PDF documents 
  • Get custom attribute values through API

Experience Magento 2 Add Field to Order in the demo store now. 


3. How does Magento 2 Add Field to Order benefit you?

  • Improve poor features of the checkout page

Magento 2 custom checkout page completely improve default features by allowing adding additional fields in your expectation.  

  • Make customers feel cared by your store

By adding more questions such as “Your expected delivery time,” “Your expected delivery date,” ” Are you satisfied with the purchasing process,” you make customers feel appreciated and cared for by your store. 

  • Enrich your customer database

You can collect more data thanks to Magento 2 custom checkout fields. It enhances your competitive advantages in the era that data is king. 

IV. Conclusion 

By understanding the importance of the checkout process and its impacts on customers’ behaviors, you can make the right decisions to design and modify it. If it has already been perfect, congratulations! If it still needs some improvement, It’s time to apply the above nine techniques at your store before it might lose more customers. 

We hope you find the blog useful. Special thanks!

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