Get to know Magento Payment Gateways

Get to know Magento Payment Gateways

Get to know Magento Payment Gateways

Magento Payment Gateway- get to know

The payment gateway is a kind of e-commerce service that authorizes credit card payment for e-business. It assists the progress of information transfer from a payment portal to acquiring a bank. It can be considered merely as an intermediary among customer, merchant and payment processor. Payment gateways will protect customers from identity theft by encoding credit card numbers for customers.

Magento Payment Gateway is one crucial thing that you should bear in mind as a Magento online store owner. Every online store also needs a secure online payment system to get a smooth transaction.

A secure Magento payment gateway can bring you more successful orders, get customers’ satisfaction and draw more profit. Many payment gateways can integrate with Magento. However, it is better to find out the most suitable and compatible payment gateways for Magento websites.

Top compatible Magento Payment Gateways


Paypal is supported by Magento with several integration options including advanced functionality as recurring billing. Paying with Paypal can be conducted with an existing account or credit card. Payment or money will be sent via email of a user, a helpful way to entice users to sign up an account with Paypal.

Google Checkout

With a Google account, users can pay for products and services they purchase through an account connected to their Google profile. It is a fast and friendly way for the transaction.


SagePay is a package of secure payment services processing. Payment over the phone is integrated to the website or ecommerce platform, besides online processing method. Fee and contract are not required, but a merchant account application process in Sage Pay can take around 5-10 working days.

ANZ eGate

ANZ eGate is a safe and convenient way of accepting card payments online. ANZ eGate offers a complete payment gateway service allowing credit card processing via the Internet. It also can support via a call center or Interactive Voice Recognition telephone services (IVR). So, whatever your customer’s online shopping needs, they can pay you anytime with peace of mind. It is suitable for online transactions where the card is not present. Therefore, it is great to have ANZ eGate in your Magento 2 sites because of these above useful benefits. To do this thing easily, we can use a Magento 2 extension to integrate ANZ eGate into Magento 2 sites to get a quicker and more secure payment process. Let’s take ANZ eGate Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2 as a typical extension in this case:

ANZ eGate Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2  integrates ANZ egate payment gateway in your Magento 2 site to enable on-site credit card processing with more secure and reliable online payment methods. Online shopping on Magento site now can be safe and convenient more than ever. This new extension will satisfy you with the following attractive features:

– Integrate ANZ eGate payment gateway into Magento 2 sites.

– Offer additional online payment methods (credit card types) for customers to select (admin select credit types in the backend)

–  Support for both payments and refunds

Magento ANZ eGate Payment Gateway for Magento 2

Get ANZ eGate Payment Gateway Extension for Magento 2 to reach a higher level in payment management!

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