>Hot Update: Magento 2.2 Compatibility for BSSCommerce Extensions

Hot Update: Magento 2.2 Compatibility for BSSCommerce Extensions

Magento 2.2 has been released which is great news that we informed in the previous update blog. In case you haven’t experienced this awesome update, you can download the newest version here

As the Official Magento Partner, BSSCommerce was eager to receive the news and be well-prepared for this update.


From the beginning of October, we have conducted tests and updates for all the Magento 2 extensions including both the extensions on the store and the extensions that are still under development.

Now we are very excited to announce that most of 70+ Magento 2 extension is compatible with version 2.2. The work of testing and updating will be continued to ensure that you get the updated extension as soon as possible.

All the departments are working hard to get the full Magento 2.2 compatibility for all extensions, so please excuse us if there is anything makes you feel displeased.

In case you have any question related to the update, please contact us for further information.