How to Create Custom Options for All Products in Magento 2


How to Create Custom Options for All Products in Magento 2

No one can’t deny that Magento 2 product custom options function brings your store’s many benefits. However, by default, this feature still exists many weak points, which may cause the disadvantage for your management as well as customer experience. Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce an extension that helps you effectively manage product custom options.

1. The Limitation of “creating and managing product custom options” in Magento 2

No matter the newest versions or eldest version of Magento 2 that you are using, when you want to add custom options to products, you have had to go to the backend product edit page and create one by one manually. And it’s similar in case you need to update, edit or delete product custom options on your site. This inconvenient drawback makes the time-consuming and might cause some unexpected risks.

2. An Essential Tool to Create Custom Options Templates for All Products in Magento 2

Magento 2 Custom Option Template extension comes to override the limitation mentioned above. This module makes your custom option management easy and more flexible. The key feature of the extension is creating custom option once and applying to a lot of products as you want at once.

Magento 2

Besides, you can try other extensions to improve Magento 2 custom options: Magento 2 Custom Option Package, Magento 2 Custom Option Image extension and Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity extension.

3. How Does Custom Option Template for Magento 2 Extension Work?

Now, let’s learn how to customize this Magento 2 Custom Option Template extension in the backend.

  • Freely create as many templates of Magento 2 product custom options as you want

Using Magento 2 Custom Option Template extension, the admin can create a lot of templates with the title and some short description. Then, the product custom options will be edit right in a tab of the template.

  • Edit custom options of a template in all input types

Create custom options of a template
  • Flexibly set up the custom option templates

You can update the custom options in templates whenever needed, conveniently enable/disable or delete any template, and clone the similar one.

  • Add or remove custom options from multiple products by names, SKUs or a grid.

Custom Option Template extension for Magento 2 allows you to mass-assign custom options templates to multiple products as well as all products in your store by a few clicks.

Choose to assign a custom options template to products by Name, SKU or Grid
  • Support various product types: simple, configurable, bundle (without dynamic price), virtual and downloadable product.

  • Conveniently manage all custom options templates in a grid

When complete all settings, you can check products that are added custom options template in the frontend:

4. Conclusion

Magento 2 Custom Options template extension is easy to install and flexible to configure. It is an effective custom options manager tool that helps you save time significantly to spend on other important things. Besides, we want to introduce to you Magento 2 Custom Option Package which is a comprehensive solution to help you break all limitations of custom option in default.


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