>Get Ready to Change Magento 2 Sign-up Form for Even Better

Get Ready to Change Magento 2 Sign-up Form for Even Better

Every business starts by knowing its customers. Nevertheless, the default sign-up form which is impossibly extendable fails to do so. Then, online merchants keep wondering how to grow customer database, to be specific, how to add custom field in Magento 2 registration form. Here we present the quickest way.

First, Why Is Expanding Magento 2 Registration Form a Must?

While many people ask how to add custom field in Magento 2 registration form, some think the opposite, say, “Customers want their shopping experience as fast as possible, so keep everything short!” Our advice is still enriching your Magento 2 custom registration fields but make it exciting and convenient.

Online merchants need to develop the customer-focused strategy

Being customer-focused means placing the spotlight on people who keep your online business afloat – your customers. Accordingly, the most critical tasks are to understand their needs, provide them the best, keep them satisfied and coming back. The easiest way to know them right from the start to include additional Magento 2 customer attributes in the registration form.

Customers desire the personalized shopping experience

Bear in mind that online customers are hugely impatient, who do not feel like hanging around a website that is not directly focused on them. Hence, if you show your dedicated care right from the start, they will quickly fall for your sites. Ask them which their preferred products are, how often they do online shopping, or whether they love promotions, etc. However, they also hate long form that asks them to fill in over and over.

Now, the question coming across your mind is more specific: How to add custom field in Magento 2 registration form in a user-friendly way? – The answer is Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension.

Second, Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension – The Quickest Way To Add New Field in Registration Form

Believe us; the default registration page looks boring and inadequate to collect customer information. Creating new Magento 2 custom registration form is in need.

how to add custom field in magento 2 registration form
Default Magento 2 Registration Form

Magento team is aware of the shortage, but they only allow adding extra fields in the Enterprise Edition, not in the Community Edition. Yet, we all know how costly it is. Hence, we offer Magento 2 Customer Attributes for the CE to override the limitation. Like its name, the admin possibly creates as many custom fields as wanted and adds those field to customer sign-up form. Accordingly, the golden goal of enriching customer data to develop better strategies for the targeted customer becomes as easy as ever. First, line up which customer information to exploit. Second, add the corresponding customer fields to the registration form and manage them in a convenient Customer Attribute Grid.

Third, How to Add Custom Field in Magento 2 Registration Form in Detailed Actions

Create and add Magento 2 customer attributes of 8 different input types to registration form

magento 2 customer attributes

Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension supports 8 different input types, including Text Field, Text Area, Date & Time, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Checkbox, Radio Button and Dropdown.

These newly created customer attributes will be displayed as extra fields in the registration form. Such the flexibility gives the admin the privilege to diversify the custom sign-up fields. Here is the example:

how to add custom field in magento 2 registration form
Freely Add New Fields in Registration Form in 8 Different Input Types

Record added fields on Customer Account Page (Frontend) and Customer Attribute Grid (Backend)

All custom field values will be displayed on the Account Information tab of Customer Account Page. Customers can check their information or adjust it if necessary.

Also, the admin can manage the created customer fields at hands since there is a new Customer Attributes grid available to make necessary adjustments: change the sort order, change default name and enable or disable the attribute on the frontend/backend, etc.

Show customer attributes in Customer Grid, Customer Detail, and Order Detail

Besides including additional custom fields in registration form and Account Page of Customer Dashboard, Magento 2 Customer Attributes module also display the attributes on many other pages in the backend, such as Customer Grid, Customer Detail, and Order Detail. 

Display all registration form fields on Order Detail using Magento 2 Customer Attributes

Assign different customer attributes to multiple store views

Add different customer attribute values for multiple store views

In case, you run a multi-store-view website, Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension makes it possible to set the attribute value for a specific store view. In particular, when adding a new attribute, the admin can enter the attribute value with the corresponding store views. The customer attributes will be displayed depending on which store view customers have selected.

Ready to check all the features out? – Start here:

magento 2 customer attributes

Final Thoughts

All customer attributes will support the order fulfillment and customer management. Hence, using our Customer Attributes extension is the best answer for your initial question “how to add custom field in Magento 2 registration form?” Get advanced features of the EE right in EE at a reasonable price, not to mention the premium policies such as FREE installation, FREE 1-year support, and FREE lifetime update. What else to be hesitant?

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