>How to configure Bss Defer Javascript Extension work with Mirasvit FPC

How to configure Bss Defer Javascript Extension work with Mirasvit FPC

Website speed and page waiting time are unquestionably a motive power behind your website visitors’ behavior as well as directly affect the success of your e-business. Not only search engines but also consumers are more preferred when visiting a page with fast speed, as a result, these faster sites will be over the lower ones.

Additionally, BSS Defer JavaScript and Mirasvit Full Page Cache are two popular Magento extensions that are installed in various Magento platforms to improve website’s loading speed. In this post, we will mention how to make BSS Defer JavaScript and Mirasvit Full Page Cache work well together.

1. BSS Defer JavaScript


BSS Defer JavaScript is a Magento extension developed by BSS Commerce, whose primary function is increasing the speed of Magento website performance by spontaneously deferring your JavaScript loading.

Key features:

– Immediately defer JavaScript loading

– Dramatically enhance the JavaScript Effects to improve website’s appearance

– Terminally load JavaScript Files until HTML and CSS files completely

– Enhance page ranking with various search engines

2. Mirasvit Full Page Cache


Mirasvit Full Page Cache is a Magento extension developed by Mirasvit. FPC has the same goals with Defer JavaScript in fastening website loading time, enhancing the ranking of a website and sale conversion.

Key features

– Reduce waiting time for cached pages for less than 0.3 seconds

– Run on any pages belongings to your e-store

– Allows to drop specific pages from cache

– Support mobile theme

– Uphold various types of cache such as Memcache, Apc, and File cache

– Support multi-domains, multi-stores, multi-languages, and multi-customer groups

– Integrate crawler to make sure cache up to date

– Naturally delete related cache as changing products, categories.

3. How to make Mirasvit Full Page Cache and BSS Defer JavaScript work together

To configure module Defer Javascript with module Full Page Cache, please follow all following instructions:

Step 1: Open /app/code/local/Mirasvit/Fpc/Model/Processor.php in your editor

Step 2: Find:


Replace with:
Step 3: Find
Replace with:
After all of these steps, you have done configuring module Magento Defer Javascript to work well with module Full Page Cache.