How to Create Magento 2 Product URL Rewrites

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How to Create Magento 2 Product URL Rewrites

In the previous posts, we introduced all of you detailed tutorials about How to configure URL rewrites and How to import URL rewrites in Magento 2. Today, we together go deep into each type of URL Rewrites on a Magento website: product URL rewrites, category URL rewrites, CMS page URL rewrites or custom page URL rewrites.


In this article, we will first mention the way to create product URL rewrites in Magento 2 by some configuration in the backend.

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Create Magento 2 URL Rewrites

You go to Marketing ⇒ SEO & Search ⇒ URL Rewrites, and you can see a grid table of default URL Rewrites.


  • Target Path column includes current paths of products generated by the default system and often assigned with product ID.  They are not SEO friendly and need rewriting.
  • Request Path column includes new rewritten paths of products. Request paths are replaced for Target paths after creating URL Rewrites.

You click Add URL Rewrite button.


In Create URL Rewrite, you choose Product from the dropdown list.


There is a grid table displaying all products with names and SKUs for you to select which ones to create Magento 2 product URL Rewrites.


You click a product and click Skip Category Selection button under the category tree to go to URL Rewrite Information.


In Store: you choose a Magento level that URL Rewrite is applied. If you have multiple store views, let’s select Store. Otherwise, URL rewrite is created for store view level.


In Request Path: you enter the new path for the product. Please add suffix with the new path if it has.


*Note: The Request Path must be unique for the specified store. If there is already a redirect that uses the same Request Path, there is an error when saving the redirect. The previous redirect must be deleted before you can create a new one.


In Redirect Type: You can choose No,  Permanent (301), and Temporary (302).

  • Permanent (301) means that product URL is rewritten permanently and search engines can retain page rank information for permanent rewrites.
  • Temporary (302) means that product URL is rewritten for a limited time and search engines don’t retain page rank information for temporary rewrites.

In Description: you can give some description of this URL Rewrite.


Then, you save the configuration and see the URL Rewrite in the grid table.

How to Import URL Rewrites to Magento 2

With the above tutorial, it is easy for all of you to create product URL Rewrites for your store, right? However, if you have hundreds or thousands of products that need rewriting, it is a huge amount of work. Therefore, to save time, the human resource as well as cost, importing many product URL Rewrites is necessary and brings big benefits for users because all URL Rewrites are imported to websites via a CSV file only.


By installing Magento 2 Import URL Rewrites extension, you can prepare your product URL Rewrites in a CSV file and then import to your site by one click.


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