How to Enhance Order Management in Magento 2

How to Enhance Order Management in Magento 2

How to Enhance Order Management in Magento 2

To any online merchants, Magento 2 order management is important because it is involved in successfully delivering orders, yield sales, and profits.

Hence, today’s topic is about Magento 2 order management.

Why Is Magento 2 Order Management Vital?


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It’s always a good sign of growth when there are more and more orders placed and completed, but it’s also a real challenge for administrators to effectively manage that considerable amount of data.

For example: following different order status, keep all in track strictly, identify and separate orders with actual values from the remainings that are for testing purpose only, extract the right information for correct analysis and report to make future strategic decisions, etc.

Without proper manners of handling, getting numerous orders is just a business disaster where everything makes a confusing mess and customers keep being disappointed.

For that reason, and also for the fact that Magento 2 is a new platform getting many concerns from the e-commerce community, this article will mention several notices for better order administration in Magento 2.

How to Improve Magento 2 Order Management?

Automatically create invoice and shipment for orders quickly

Doing everything manually is not effective at all in the business having a large scale. For example, whenever an order is placed, and payment is confirmed, manual generation of invoices and shipments, also sending notification emails to customers takes a lot of time. By automating these duties, Magento 2 order management will be more effective than ever.


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There is a Magento 2 extension that optimizes this issue for store owners called Auto Invoice which automatically creates invoice and shipment after customers finish their payment for orders. And after that, it will send a confirmation email of invoice or delivery to customers at the same time with the order confirmation email.

With this tool, administrators do not have to create invoices and shipments for orders manually as before, which can save a lot of time for dealing in the backend, especially with a large number of orders.

Avoid a messy order list in the backend

By default, Magento 2 allows admin to do actions like canceling or hold/ un-hold orders, but not delete them. As mentioned before, in the order list there must be real orders (with real values) mixed among the junk ones. When this list is lengthened to dozens of thousand orders, it will be very confusing to look at, and any analytical or summarized results are affected.


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To delete unwanted orders, you must need the help of some developers to do his jobs interfering with code structures, or instead use an instant solution provided by extensions. An outstanding example is Delete Order for Magento 2 extension, providing complete deletion of unwanted orders along with all relating data of invoices, shipments and credit memos in the system.

It means that you just need to remove redundant orders and then all the above-linked data is also cleared out from the backend. Besides, one kind of bulk actions is also enabled to delete as many orders as needed at one time.

Therefore, managing orders is now carried out more quickly with a neat and clear order grid without many test or unwanted orders any more. Store owners just concentrate on important orders that they want to hold for some of the particular purposes of their business.  

Improve checkout process


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This might sound irrelevant at first, but let’s think twice. All important information about the order is provided by the customer in their checkout process. Though order reviews do exist, sometimes careless persons still leave a few mistakes in the mistyped data.

On the other hand, orders placed only for testing purposes, in fact, usually happen with fake data. So, it will be much better if somehow the checkout process is programmatically designed to increase the chances of collecting invalid data, such as automatically check the validity of zip code, length of phone numbers or even the name of their cities. They have no choice nothing but enter the right data.

Therefore, order management becomes more comfortable and more convenient with full and accurate information about customers to reduce later steps. To do it effectively, a well understanding of Magento 2 default checkout is necessary for store owners to find out the best way to design it for a better experience.

Magento 2 One Step Checkout and Checkout Success Page can be offered to make your process become more effective.

Run regularly check on orders staying in pending status for too long

It’s better to do this thing in your daily business routine. Maybe those orders are some mistakes and are forgotten, and they will be pending in your system like forever if no action is taken.

There are many kinds of reasons for long-lasting pending orders and some notices from admin to the person who placed them will effectively solve many among these cases: cancellation, a little bit of delay or (the best outcome) fulfilled the payment.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, to arrange and put orders in the backend into a proper and easy-following path for a better Magento 2 order management is no longer straightforward for all Magento store owners. Therefore, if you want to reduce efforts as well as human resources in checking and managing orders, you had better take into consideration of choosing the best solution from BSS Commerce that can help you free from standard ways as before.

About BSS Commerce:

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