How to Grow Customer Database in Magento 2 Easily?


How to Grow Customer Database in Magento 2 Easily?

Living in the information century, customer data become extremely valuable. Especially, it’s not easy to collect customer information, such as email, phone number, name, age, etc. in e-commerce. Hence, all e-commerce stores in general, Magento websites in special always strive to collect information of customers in different ways.

So what is your method to make your online visitors leave information or sign up customers on your Magento store? Are you in trouble to find the special and effective method?

Let us show you an amazing combo solution for you. Furthermore, it is pretty suitable for wholesale business.

That is a great combo of Magento 2 extensions which help you get contacts from wholesale shoppers.

1. Magento 2 Hide Price Call for Price Extension

The first extension we want to introduce in this wholesale combo is Magento 2 Hide Price – Call for Price extension. This module combines both Hide Price configuration and Call for Price setting which will hide price flexibly to meet store owner’s requirement.

Magento 2 Hide Price Call For Price Extension
Magento 2 Hide Price Call For Price Extension

Have a look at these useful features below to find out how it can help you:

  • Show Call for Price popup for customers to send the price request
Magento 2 Hide Price Call For Price Extension
Magento 2 Hide Price Call For Price Extension
  • Disable the price of products on Wishlist, Comparison Page, Related, Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Block
  • Hide price for not-logged-in customers and any customer group as you want
  • Hide Add to Cart button and reveal a custom message

In case you just want Hide Price feature, please check our standard module: Magento 2 Hide Price Extension. This Magento 2 also has some similar features:

  • Hide price from non-registered customers and particular customer groups
Magento 2 Hide Price extension
Magento 2 Hide Price extension
  • Hide price and replace Add to Cart button with a custom message
  • Disable Add to Cart button and redirect the customer to custom URL
  • Disable price or Add to Cart button separately
  • Hide price for child product of configurable products

There may be a question in your mind: why you need to hide price instead of maintaining price available in your Magento 2 store?

Be patient, here are the answers. At first, if you reveal price right in the Magento frontend, your rivals can lower the price to compete with you. Secondary, verifying the price frequently will make you difficult to set a fixed price and show it to all your customers on the websites. Thus, you had better hide all prices or hide for particular customer groups on site for the sake of business.

2. Magento 2 Force Login Extension

After installing Hide Price function for your Magento 2 site, you need something to stimulate your online visitors to log in or require login to see prices. That’s why you need our second module in this wholesale combo: Magento 2 Force Login extension.

Magento 2 Force Login Extension
Magento 2 Force Login Extension

Magento 2 Force Login Extension gives restrictions for specific pages, which requires customers to log in to view websites.

Now take a look at these functions below:

  • Force Magento 2 guests to log in before they can view any specific pages
  • Redirect customers to Account Dashboard/Homepage/Previous/Custom URL after logging in
  • Show notification to alert customers when they are redirected to the login page
  • Select specific pages to enable “force login” function
  • Be able to activate customer registration function on Magento 2 websites as wish

Until now you have just finished 50 percent to force your guest login. You still need to make them become your loyal customer and collect their information.

Okay, keep patient and moving on the third module in this combo.

3. Magento 2 B2B Registration Extension

Magento 2 B2B Registration extension creates a new wholesale registration form including several essential information for B2B customers. To have an overview of this wholesale plugin, look at this list:

  • Create a new registration form containing Date of Birth, Tax/VAT number, Gender and Address Information for B2B customers
Magento 2 B2B Wholesale Registration Form Extension
Magento 2 B2B Wholesale Registration Form Extension
  • Ability to approve/reject B2B customer registration. For more information, this Magento 2 wholesale registration form is integrated with Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension.
  • Send emails to admins when having a registered wholesale account
  • Send an email to notify customers when their accounts are accepted/declined
  • Be able to approve/decline multiple accounts at once in the backend

4. Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension

When deciding to install B2B Registration extension, you should not miss this top-seller extension: Magento 2 Customer Attributes.

As you know, the default Registration Form in Magento 2 Community Edition do not satisfy store owners’ demand for collecting extra information from customers by only providing limited customer attributes (namely first name, last name, and email).

Hence BSSCommerce developed this Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension to resolve that drawback by adding as many additional customer attributes as admin wants on the wholesale customer registration form.

Let’s see how many features it has:

  • Create customer attributes of 8 different types easily.

  • Configure to show additional customer attributes in Registration Form and Customer Account Page in the frontend.

  • Add customer attributes to Customer Grid, Customer Detail Page and Order Detail flexibly in the backend.
  • Display custom customer registration fields for multiple stores views as shop owners want.


Here is our great combo for any wholesale store owners who need to collect database from customers and make every guest become customers. So don’t hesitate, get all of them now!

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