How to Optimize Magento Order Process

It can be denied that order process is one of the decisive factors in an online stores. It is almost the final step that decides whether you get a customer or not. So, it is worthwhile for store owners to consider optimizing order process to get more customers and enhance revenue.

In Magento, the order process consists of following steps: adding an item to the cart, proceeding to checkout, selecting checkout method, filling in some billing and shipping information, selecting a payment method and finally place the order.

Go through all steps, you get a customer with one or more than one order. Stop and take a look back. Do you totally satisfy with Magento functions for order process? Although the final result is that you get a customer, is it the best way? Is there any customers leave an abandoned cart because of inconvenient order process?

This blog will give you some ideas to optimize Magento order process, making it faster and simpler to bring best experience to your customers, then encourage them to make buying decision more quickly.

Optimize searching process

Except the case customers is recommended by another source and buy a product directly, most of customers have the demand of searching to find out exactly the product they want. Even if they have seen the product, they may want to see other similar but better one to purchase, and they also use search box. Therefore, optimize searching process is the first step to get customers’ attraction. It should give customer more choices as well as useful suggests, so they can choose products and place order as quickly as possible.

Optimize seaching product

Optimize the number of products which can be added to cart at one time

In case your customers want to do wholesale business and they want to order a great number of different products at once, how they can do? In normal Magento order process, customers have no other ways than adding all desired products to cart one by one. This repeated process takes a lot of precious time from customers and may annoy them. So, it is better to give them a choice of adding multiple kinds of product at once conveniently, and freely customizing the quantity of products.

optimize customer group
Optimize customer group management

On the other hand, beside wholesalers, there are still other kinds of customers who just want to buy a certain numbers or kinds of product. Multiple add- to- cart in this case can make the order process more complicated on the contrary. So, admin should be able to manage which order placing process is applied to which customer groups

Optimize the process of placing order

In the middle of order process, customers should be allowed to review product’s details in popup so they can have the most appropriate decision.

Magento Wholesale Fast Order is one outstanding solution to give customers the most satisfactory experience when placing order in Magento site. It combines significant features that best support wholesale business on Magento site.

+ Enable searching by both product name and SKU

+ Allow customer to quickly order by popup or CMS page

+ Allow adding all wanted products to cart at one time

+ Apply for each customer group




Optimize Magento order placing process and make a movement in your e-commerce business performance.

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