How to Set up Different Prices of Products per Magento 2 Store View

How to Set up Different Prices of Products per Magento 2 Store View

How to Set up Different Prices of Products per Magento 2 Store View

Prices in default Magento 2 

As you know, default Magento 2 just allows administrators to set up prices or special prices to be applied for the Website and Global scope, or on the other hand, these prices of a product are consistent in all store views of a website.


Therefore, it is almost difficult for store owners to sell a product at different prices for local markets which are corresponding to store views in case they have some particular pricing strategies for those areas.

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Why do we set up Magento 2 prices per store view?

According to a lot of questions from StackExchange that concentrate on how to set up prices of a product per specific store view in both Magento 1 and Magento 2, it can be said that this issue has become a very essential demand of many store owners. There can be some reasons why they desire to offer various prices of products for each store view such as:


  • Adjust suitable pricing for specific local customers: each area can pay particular prices when buying a product depending on his/her selected store view.
  • Enhance competition capability by concentrating on prices as an important factor in 4P Marketing.
  • Adjust costs in the operation and delivery in each area such as storage, transportation,…

How to set up Magento 2 different prices per store view?

Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing is an ideal extension to help admin easily set up different prices, special prices, and tier prices of a product for each store view. This module adds an option of Store View in Catalog Price Scope configuration for admin to select and then set up prices/special prices of a product for the store view level.

magento different prices for same product-enable

The different thing is if Website is always chosen here to fix prices for the whole website and cannot be changed in default Magento, this module allows us to set price scope as store view easily.  As a result, the admin can conveniently set up prices of a product for each store view by going to Product information and switch store views to configure in the Price section.

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Take examples to get more understanding about how Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing can function for this awesome feature: show different prices and tier prices of product Put It Messenger Bag in English and French store view.


Price display in the frontend

Frontend Demo

  • In the English store view, the price of Put It Messenger Bag  is £ 200: magento 2 store view pricing-english
  • In the French store view, the price of Put It Messenger Bag  is € 400:magento 2 different price per store view-french

Let’s try its FRONTEND to see how different they are in more detail.

Price settings in the backend


These are settings in the backend to set Magento 2 different prices per store view. Go to Product ⇒ Catalog ⇒ choose Put It Messenger Bag and switch Store View and change suitable prices.


  • In English store view:magento 2 different price per store view-set up price in english

In French store view: magento 2 multiple store view pricing-set up price in frenchTo set up Tier prices, you need to set up in Advanced Pricing in each store view. 
Backend Demo

It can be seen that prices of Put It Messenger Bag in both store views are absolutely different, which is the strongest point of Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 bringing for store owners to overcome limitations of Magento default. That is definitely the fastest and easiest way that admin can do to set up prices of products per store view in Magento 2. 


In addition, after installing Multiple Store View pricing, you can easily import product prices per store view without going to each product to edit.

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What’s more? Not only does this module display Magento 2 price per store view but also lets you set up the base currency for each store view.


Like base price, the scope of the base currency is Website level, meaning that customers always check out with the base currency of the whole website no matter which store view they have gone shopping. There causes a not good shopping experience when customers may see product prices under their own currency (display currency) but pay with another one (base currency).

With Magento 2 Multiple Store View Pricing extension, buyers now purchase and pay with their currency conveniently according to their store views because the base currency (used for transaction) is set up for each store view easily.



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Prices in default Magento really include a lot of limitations that can cause store owners some difficulties in their own business because the price is one of the most important competitive advantages in the market or particular local market. Therefore, extensions like Multiple Store View Pricing for Magento 2 can be very useful for them to improve their competition capability, reduce operation costs, and serve customers with better pricing strategies.

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