>How Will Min/Max Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2 Help You?

How Will Min/Max Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2 Help You?

As you know, in Magento 1, we have created Limit Order quantity per Category, and this Magento extension has been handy for online store owners. Understanding about that, we developed this module for Magento 2 and this blog below will reveal how Minimum/Maximum Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2 would help online store owners.

Set up both minimum and maximum order quantity per category

First of all, the default of Magento 2 support you managing order quantity per product, and we need to develop an extension to upgrade this default feature to a higher level.

This Magento 2 Extension will assist you in setting up both minimum and maximum order quantity for products per category that each customer group has to meet before checking out successfully. You can easily customize the required order quantity of each category of a certain customer group, which depends on your business purposes.


When order quantity does not meet requirements, there will be a notification and hide the button to proceed checkout and customers cannot checkout successfully.

Support products belonging to multiple categories

Another outstanding feature of Magento 2 Min/Max Order Quantity per Category Extension is that if you are in troubles with products belonging to many categories, this later version will support you when customers sometimes add this kind of products to cart. This will be tackled by applying minimum and maximum order quantity rules set up from Magento 2 backend; then after adding the products to cart, the category will be displayed in the shopping cart.

Therefore, you will not only be no longer confused when facing these problems but also get more revenue from this useful feature.

Beside useful features for your website, if you are an online store owner, you must be concerned about your revenue, your expenditure, especially shipping cost; and Min/Max Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2 will be one of the most effective solutions to save your shipping cost. There are some products that you cannot let customers buy with few quantities due to the obstacles of the delivery process as well as the expensive shipping charge. So by the way setting up a limitation of order quantity in the shopping cart per category, the customers have to purchase products within the limited number from the setup of Magento 2 backend.

Let’s try demo right now to experience this useful extension!




Username: min-max-order-quantity-per-category

Password: bssmagento2

In conclusion, these helpful features above show you how Min/Max Order Quantity per Category for Magento 2 support your Magento site set up the allowed quantity for your store. If you have any further issues about this extension, feel free to contact us! We provide free support, free installation and 30-day money back that will bring you the most satisfaction when shopping in our Magento store.

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