Important Security Algorithm Updates from ANZ eGate

Important Security Algorithm Updates from ANZ eGate

Important Security Algorithm Updates from ANZ eGate

ANZ eGate released an important update about decommissioning the MD5 hash algorithm and changing to SHA-256 algorithm since 30th November. This change can help to maintain appropriate safety, security, and integrity to all Magento business and customers.

Let’s take a look about what happens with this updates:

Firstly, you need to make technical changes to upgrade SHA256 algorithms by following documents MasterCard Payment Gateway Services of ANZ listed.

You can download all of them here!

These documents include Developer Kits and relevant information for each ANZ eGate Implementation Option. Let’s choose the most suitable guidelines to meet your requirements.

Secondly, after downloading your wanted documents, you need to follow these instructions to make settings up by running sample code and integrating it into the website or app software. Then, let’s use test card and test amount that are available in these Kits to do transaction testing. When you make sure that your test is absolutely successful without any conflicts or errors, you can contact with ANZ eGate Support team via email for more instructions to complete your new updates. 

Therefore, you had better keep your ANZ eGate be updated in order not to affect your business operation as well as customer payment when shopping on your store. In addition, you can also take a look our ANZ eGate Payment Gateway for Magento 2 extension to get the latest updates from ANZ eGate quickly and easily! Please contact us now if you like it!

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