Magento 2 Email Templates: From A to Z

Email Templates in Magento 2: From A to Z

Magento 2 Email Templates: From A to Z

Magento 2 Email Templates or we call it, Body Message of an Email, to exclude from Header and Footer configuration part, is the main focus of your store mailing system. Its programmatically function is to give notification mailing to on each guests and admins operating actions, revolving to the store.

Aware of Magento 2 templates needed for your store

Firstly, you must know there are 11 categories for your body message template, corresponding to its parent categories in Store > Configuration. Templates starting with Magento_groupname to mark they are default templates by Magento:

  • Magento_Checkout: Payment failed.
  • Magento_Contact: Contact form.
  • Magento_Customer: Change email, change email & password, forgot password, new account, new account (Magento/luma), new account confirmation key, new account confirmed, new account without password, remind password, reset password.
  • Magento_Directory: Currency Update Warnings.
  • Magento_Newsletter: Subscription Confirmation, Subscription Success, Unsubscription success.
  • Magento_Product Alert: Cron Error Warning, Price Alert, Stock Alert.
  • Magento_Sales: Credit Memo Update, Credit Memo Update (Magento/luma), Credit Memo Update for Guest, Credit Memo Update for Guest (Magento/luma), New Shipment, New Shipment (Magento/luma),  New Shipment for Guest, New Shipment for Guest (Magento/luma), Order Update, Order Update (Magento/luma), Order Update for Guest, Order Update for Guest (Magento/luma), Shipment Update Shipment Update (Magento/luma),  Shipment Update for guest, Shipment Update for Guest (Magento/luma).
  • Magento_Send friend: Send Product Link to Friend.
  • Magento_Sitemap: Sitemap Generation Warnings.
  • Magento_User: Forgot Admin Password, User Notification.
  • Magento_Wish list: Wish list sharing.

Later you may have more Magento email templates for other features or modules, for example:

CLICK TO READ change Magento 2 email logo in blinks.

How to Add and Customize Body Message of Magento 2 Email Templates

We will go to the tutorial part right now. Please log onto Admin Panel. Find Marketing on Admin Sidebar. Select Magento Email Templates which is under the section of Communication.


You will browse to Template Management, including a list of created and modified Magento email templates. To preview the last template, click Preview. To delete the template, open the target template by clicking once. And choose Delete Template.



Now we move on to how to modify the template content. Click Add New Template to start:


In the New template Window, choose one Template to change the content. Click to the arrow and find templates start with Magento_,

*Note: Skip Magento_Email (for Header, Footer).


There are some templates is sent by Magento system to admin  (Magento_Directory; Magento_Product Alert, Magento_Sitemap, Magento_User), the rest are Magento system to customer accounts/ guests.


In this example, I will guide you through Payment Failed Template. Find Magento_Checkout, I click Load Template.



Wait a few seconds. You are ahead to customize the name of the template, subject of the email, and template content – styles.


Before that, see the template configuration in Currently Used for. In Payment Failed, you can find and configure in Stores > Configuration, page: Sales – section: Checkout, like in the path.


To add more information to the email, choose Insert Variables, you will see the list of additional fields.


When customization is done, click Save Template to preserve all changes. Click Reset to re-do again, Preview to see the draft template before Save or Convert to Plain Text to quit the present HTML view.

In the next part, you will know how to use the templates you have just created.


Back to Admin Sidebar, look for Stores. Navigate to Configuration.

Find Sales. See the Checkout. At the Payment Failed Emails, specify Payment Failed Email Sender/ Receiver.


Assign the template by selecting templates in the drop-down menu.


After all settings are done, click Save Config to use your edited template body message email. You have successfully compiled your own body message in Magento 2 email template!


In the final part, we would summarize the preview of the full Magento 2 Email Templates list. Take a look now!

Summary of full list Default Magento 2 Email Templates

1. Payment Failed


2. Change Email


3. Change Email & Password


4. Forgot Password


5. New account


6. New Account Confirmation Key


7. New account confirmedmagento-2-new-account-confirmed

8. New Account without Password


9. Remind Password


10. Reset Password


11. Cron Error Warning

12. Credit Memo Update


13. Credit Memo Update for Guest


14. Invoice Update


15. Invoice Update for Guest


16. New Credit Memo


17. New Credit memo for Guest


18. New invoice


19. New Invoice for Guest


20. New Order


21. New Order for Guest


22. New Shipment


23. New Shipment for Guest


24. Order Update


25. Order Update for Guest


26. Shipment Update


27. Shipment Update for Guest


28. Send product link to a friend


29. Sitemap Generation Warnings

30. Forgot Admin Password


31. User notification


32. Wish List Sharing


Best practice for E-commerce Email Template

While using the pre-built email template can reduce your work, it can also bring adverse effects for your business if you don’t weigh carefully about all aspects of the template.


Owners can assimilate these practices into their Magento 2 email templates selection process because a well-designed email can captivate and immediately make an impact on a business’s performance.

  • Keep your email template simple: Keep your Magento email templates simple, not just reduce your time and efforts in producing those messages, but also prevent your business from being listed as spams by the recipient’s spam filter. An email with too many images can also be overwhelming for your subscribers, and they can miss the main point of your email.


  • Attract customers by excellent subject line: The subject line is like the first greeting from you to your subscribers from their inbox. You want to make sure that it’s as attractive and memorable as it can be. Include Call-To-Actions words in your subject line is what we would normally recommend, and you can also utilized phrases like “end soon” or “limited availability” to induce in readers a sense of fear of missing out. And not just the subject line of your email, but a few first words of your email also displayed along with it. Keep that in mind, when choosing your Magento 2 email templates, because those words need to string your contacts long enough for them to get through the sales cycle.
  • Include some visual elements in your email template content: Just because you should keep your email simple, doesn’t mean your Magento email template should be plain-text and insipid. A few images, GIFs, or just colored blocks can break up your message and make it easier to skim, as long as you don’t overdo it.



With many years of experience in Magento 2, we see most stores prefer default Magento 2 email templates and designs for their body email message. In fact, it is quite an informative configuration for operation mailing for a store, you can take good advantages of this ready resource.


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