Top 5+ Magento 2 Modules To Strengthen Your Online Store’s Security

Let’s explore the top 5+ best Magento 2 modules to enhance your online store’s security, so you never need to worry about cyberattacks anymore. 

“Safety first!” are two wise words that can be applied to almost anything, even running online stores. Especially when running online stores, since there are so many security headaches like spamming, phishing, and data exploitation for both store owners and customers. 

Without a doubt, Magento is one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms, and it is also the prime target of hackers for illegal purposes.

Even though the Magento team has developed many reliable inbuilt security protection functions, cyberattacks are becoming more and more challenging to detect. 

So to help you protect your website to the maximum, in this article, we will introduce you to 5+ must-have Magento 2 modules for security.

But first, let’s learn about all Magento 2 security threats.

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Magento 2 Security Threats


In this part, we will talk about some of the most common Magento 2 security threats and how to cope with them.

Cross-site scripting cyberattacks

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks are one of the easiest types of cyberattacks to prevent.

XSS attacks are a type of injection in which malicious scripts are injected into websites that have vulnerabilities. 

This type of attack takes place when the hackers send malicious code with the help of an online application to an end-user. When the user’s browser executes the malicious script, the attacker can access the user’s cookies or data.

Code executions

Remote code execution is a hazardous type of cyberattack because attackers can run the malicious code on a vulnerable Magento server. 

The hackers create and execute CSV files that cause damage to both the website and the server.


Ransomware is a type of malicious software that doesn’t allow users to access their data and displays a notification message demanding a fee to fix the problem.

This malware can be installed through a link. You should install Magento 2 modules for security to avoid the attack.


Botnet attack

Botnet attack is all about sending spam messages. In case of this malicious attack, your customers’ data is not at risk of being exposed. However, spam filters may add your server to a blacklist.

Silent card capture

Silent card capture cyberattack allows hackers to record your customers’ payment details. 

The attackers install the malicious software on your website to replace the users’ credit card details with other payment details that lead to hackers’ servers.

This is one of the most harmful cyberattacks because it can go unnoticed for a long time. It would cause great damage to your brand’s reputation. 

Brute force cyberattack

Brute force attack is based on the methods of guessing possible combinations of passwords until the hackers gain access to the admin’s account.

Hackers usually use automated programs and tools to generate different password combinations and quicken the process. If you have a weak password, it only takes mere seconds for attackers to apply brute force and steal your account.

How to protect your website from all these security threats? Read the content below.

Why Magento 2 Modules For Security Are A Must?


Magento 2 modules for security can protect your eCommerce store from spam, fraud, and other types of attacks. 

These extensions will make your website become more user-friendly because it will immediately appear when detecting suspicious activities.

Magento security extensions help increase the protection of your store, identify the possible security risks, avoid malware attacks, and update features to maintain security.

To protect online stores from cyberattacks, the Magento development team releases new security patches regularly. However, these releases are announced publicly in the Magento Security Center. The hackers know how the company is going to fix the vulnerabilities and know what vulnerabilities have not been patched. They constantly find new ways to get access to your online store and your customer’s sensitive information.

That is why Magento security modules are the perfect solution to protect your website.

Top 10 Best Magento 2 Modules For Security

Two-Factor Authentication by Mageplaza


Two-factor authentication (2FA) guarantees that you are the only person who can access the admin panel. With the 2FA security system, attackers cannot login into your Magento store to steal customers’ payment details, orders, and other personal data. 

The Magento module by Mageplaza requires the admin to pass two verification steps to access store data: providing a username and password and providing an OTP (one-time-password).

The principle is quite straightforward: You need to go to the Users section in the backend, generate a secret key and scan the barcode with your phone to log in. Thus, the attackers cannot log in without access to your smartphone. 

This extension supports mobile authentication app integration (such as Authy or Google Authentication) very well. You can use those apps to create a confirmation code to register 2FA after scanning QR or using a manual key to register 2FA. After registering successfully, the app will provide a unique code for 2FA verification every time the admin logs in.

MageReport Magento 2 module by Hypernode


MageReport by Hypernode is a free service that allows scanning your Magento website for all possible vulnerabilities. It also provides detailed information on ways to cope with the detected problems.

This module uses identification patterns based on behavior and detects threats faster than any other system. 

Hypernode – the provider of MageReport – is a Dutch hosting company that keeps track of the latest Magento releases to stay on top of industry trends.

This is the ideal extension to gain insight into the security status of your Magento store and fix possible vulnerabilities to protect your website.

Magento Geo-IP Ultimate Lock module by FMEextensions


Geo-IP Ultimate Lock allows you to regulate the traffic from specific countries for the product pages, CMS pages, or the entire store. 

It enables you to restrict access based on product attributes such as price and color.

You can track the traffic in real-time and quickly block malicious visits to your online store. 

Besides, you can make multiple access control lists for a specific region.

Mage Firewall Security by MageCloud


Magento Firewall protects your website by adding an extra layer of security around it. 

This module blocks and blacklists attackers and alerts you when somebody is trying to break into your online store.

It also has a special scanner to analyze the unpatched security issues and provide you with recommendations concerning the setup of your website. 

The extension is super effective against brute force attacks.

Magento 2 Spam and Bot Blocker module by MageAnts 


The bot blocker extension helps you to detect automated spam bots and block them to access certain request paths. It prevents your store from getting hacked and spamming customers.

In most cases, bots are identified in contact pages and review forms. Those bots create difficulties when you are responding to customers. The module protects your online store from spammers.

It restricts fake customers based on specific IP, email ID, domain and first or last name.

Moreover, it allows you to block and emails from hacking your eCommerce website.

Security Suite by Amasty


Security Suite by Amasty is a full solution to protect your website from external threats like spam, bots and fraud with Google Invisible reCaptcha.

Since this extension is invisible to customers, your website’s security will be strengthened while remaining user-friendly. Invisible reCaptcha only appears in cases of suspicious requests. If the session seems to be safe, it won’t bother your customers.

It also gives you a full picture of backend activities. You can see detailed Information of each logged action, active sessions and pages visit history. It helps you stay aware of all admin actions performed in your store, and if there are any incorrect actions, you can detect recent changes and restore previous settings.

This security suite doubles your admin panel security by enabling two-step authentication. And it will send you notifications about all login attempts, too.

Other than that, it also provides spyware protection, the ability to add secure IP addresses to the white list and more advanced security features.

This is one of the most amazing all-in-one modules to enhance your Magento store security.


In this article, we have talked about some of the most common Magento security threats and introduced you to 5+ best Magento 2 modules to protect your eCommerce website from cyber attacks.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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