Get More With These Magento 2 Order Success Page Blueprints!

What will happen once you have lured customers to go through with the add to cart and checkout? Once they have ordered a product, subscribed to your store, and moved to the Magento 2 order success page, you have built enough credibility to convince them about the products you deliver and your service quality.

But that’s not an excuse to stop making another sale, or building customer loyalty further after their purchase. While less mentioned than its siblings like add to cart or checkout page, the Magento checkout success page is also a gold mine that’s waiting to be tapped and explore its fullest potentials.

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Best Essentials Elements You Should Have in Magento 2 Order Success Page

1. Ask For Recommendation

Generating new orders has always been the challenge that businesses struggle with. And of all marketing channel, there is one that’s stable and produces consistency revenue if the company does it right:


According to a recent survey by Ogilvy, 74% of customers identify word-of-mouth as the decided key to influence their purchasing decisions.

Follow the example of Dropbox; they use the referral program to grow their customer base quickly. You can offer customers some suggestions about telling their friends and family if they have a satisfying experience in the Magento 2 success page.


One tip to take away is you can take out some of your customers’ works by having a pre-written email automatically inserted in when they click on the referral button. When they have to do fewer tasks to get things done, they would likely go through it.

2. Sharing on Social

The method of asking people to share your service on social media depends on your business marketing strategies, audience demographics, and psychographics. 

Teenagers often tend to share on social media more than sending an email to refer to a service or products.

You can set up buttons that will allow your customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and other networks depending on where your branding would benefit from the most. The social button will make use of the valuable traffic from the Magento 2 order success page on the website, which means they’re already interested in your business, and offer more information, new events, and products to your followers.


3. Offer Discounts

Offering a coupon or discount is another way you can take advantage of the traffic is to offer discounts for customer’s purchases. The purpose of giving out coupons and discounts on Magento 2 thank you page is to increase customer loyalty and retention.

The coupon can be connected to related or cross-sell products with what the customer ordered. It’s a chance to increase sales when your buyers have already warmed and in the mood of spending.

To bring the urgency feeling for your discounts and coupons, you could set the timer to rush them to take action.

However, keep in mind that this tactic might not gain you as many sales as you expected. Many people who have gone as far as the Magento 2 order success page are often done, and only some would consider an additional purchase.

It would be best if you also cared about how you use discounts and coupons to attract customers. If you offer too much promotion and deduction, it might cheapen your image and lead your visitor to expect it. Therefore, having a discount strategy to wisely influence buyer’s behavior is vital when using this practice.


4. Takeaway Contents

Customers come to you for your products, but also the valuable content you deliver. It is always beneficial to have takeaway written content or video, especially with technical products, as buyers often need more instructions on the product they just ordered.


What will set you apart from other competitors’ Magento 2 order success page is the personalized content you deliver to each customer at the end of their purchase.

The problem you often encounter for this practice is: How do you personally cater to the contents to the interests of all buyers come across your site? 

You can either based on their shopping journey or the products they have purchased to pick the content suitable for them. For example, if a person bought books on marketing, they would probably be interested in a marketing webinar. Or if they have just purchased software, it would be helpful to include the tutorial videos how-to-use at the Magento 2 thank you page.

5. Cross-Selling and Up-Selling Other Products

The checkout success page is an opportunity to cross-sell and up-sell more products to your customers. Your customer is already at the right mind to buy, and would probably consider more purchases with the right motive.

Furthermore, you will reclaim some of the escaped revenue from your traffic by asking the customers to consider for more. Of course, you won’t convert everyone, but some will be interested in the deals.

6. Conduct A Survey

It is also a potential idea to ask a survey question after the Magento 2 order success page. Surveying after your customer has been through the whole process is a great way to figure out what makes your audience tick. You will know their expectation from your service, and their pain points to craft suitable targeted marketing messages.

But no one likes to be questioned too much after the buying process, so you should only ask one to two questions, something along the lines:

  1. What is the deciding factor for your purchase today?
  2. How is your experience with us? What could we improve in our process to make it easier for you to make an order in the future?

It would be further convenient for your customers if the survey questions are in the form of checkboxes, or choices with clear range so that your visitors would have a clear idea of what you asked from them.

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Success Examples For A Thank You Page

Below we look at the successful examples of the order success pages that nailed lead nurturing, and each one demonstrates some points from the above practices. 


AWeber has both the factor of fine designs and a takeaway content to contribute to their success. 


Their Nailing Point:

What they have succeeded in attracting leads on their checkout success page, aside from the design, is the attached takeaway content. When scrolling through the page, you will see both a section and a pop up for your free webinar to transform email strategy. This is a perfect additional gift for customers of AWeber, considering they provide marketing solutions.




Above is the HubSpot order success page, and while it might look simple, it proves its effectiveness in attracting new learners to their courses. Here’s why.

Their Nailing Point:

HubSpot provides information about when the emails will come so the subscribers will know what to expect. As a learner, you would want your lessons coming regularly so you can set the schedule for them.

It also asks for a recommendation to friends and family to join the course, so HubSpot can take advantage of the word-of-mouth marketing method, encourage people to spread the word, building brand awareness in customers’ minds.



Their Nailing Point:

Naturebox nurtures their leads by offering discounts on their thank you page. And it works well with a subscription thank you page because you want them to make their first order right away. But it works just as well for a Magento 2 order success page if you want to set the discount for the next purchase. Setting an ending date for the discount does rush people to action, thus increasing revenue for the company.

One more shining point in Naturebox thank you page is they also attach the social media channel call-to-action buttons, so there would be more people following their social media brand.



Their Nailing Point:

KickResume allows you to create resumes based on available templates, or create a new resume. This is their Thank you page after downloading the free ebook The Job Seeker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

KickResume, similar to the businesses above, tapped into referral marketing to increase their leads and generate more revenues for their business.

They have social media buttons to suit the age range for people who are finding jobs (the majority of them are either teens or young adults), and a minimalist design that still conveys the message, but easy for the social button to stand out in customers’ view.


InfusionSoft is the prime example of a technology business thank-you page.


Their Nailing Point:

Infusionsoft takes advantage of the products they offer in technology and turn their checkout success page into a selling opportunity.

They thank you for your purchase, inform you that your ebook has been sent to the email inbox, and use the opportunity to sell their software demo and include social buttons if you would like to recommend it to a friend.

Explore Endless Possibilities with Magento 2 Checkout Sucess Page

While Magento 2 order confirmation page was supported by default, the page was, frankly, an empty page. There was only the order number, an email address to track down your order, and the two buttons to either continue shopping or create an account. Most customers would exit the Magento 2 order success page without looking back because it doesn’t provide them with any additional information, nor does it contain any deals for them to linger.


With Magento 2 Checkout Success Page, the Magento checkout success page layout was utilized to its maximum potential in capturing back your leads’ interests and loyalty with the brand. With the module, you can give customized thanks to your customers, provide them with full information about their order, and give out discounts and coupon codes to promote your products.

Furthermore, the Magento 2 Order Success Page extension also understands and applies the referral marketing both through email referral and social media buttons integrations. Whether you want to further promote your products by including advertisements or include related, up-sell and cross-sell products on your Magento 2 order success page, the Magento 2 Order Success Page extension is an all-in-one solution for you!


Final Words

When customers have gone as far as your Magento checkout success page, they have already had some insights into you and your products. However, there are still some twists and turns you can make to gain more conversions, build loyalty, and promote customers to come back to your shop in the future. Above are the practices that we hope would help you light up the Magento 2 order success page of your business. And if you’re stuck? Don’t worry! Get our one-stop solution Magento 2 Checkout Success Page, or hand your inquiries to us. We will get back to you right away!

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