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Explore the best Magento 2 social login free extension and 9+ more free amazing extensions by BSS – one of the best Magento extension developed teams!

For those looking for an economical, yet still, effective way to customize and enhance the e-commerce websites, Free Magento Extensions are worth taking into serious consideration. You can download and enjoy interesting features with little or even no extra cost. 

In this post, we’re glad to offer you a brief list of both free Magento 1 extensions and free Magento 2 extensions by BSSCommerce to bring a better ecommerce experience.

Besides, we’ve also picked a list of Top 100+ Best Magento 2 Extensions Free Download, so feel free to explore for more free modules.

Let’s get started!

Free Magento 1 Extensions

4 Free solutions mentioned below are of the most frequently-asked Magento extensions by e-commercial store owners. Give them a try, and you will love the features immediately.

Magento social login free extension

Do you know that the request to create a new account ranks as the second reason for shopping cart abandonment during Magento checkout?

To streamline and speed up the registration, you should use Magento Social Login Free Extension, which allows customers to sign up or sign indirectly via their social accounts. That way, you can expect a higher registration rate, as well as have chances to access users’ rich data.

magento 2 extension free
Magento Social Login Free Extension

By installing this free social login extension in your store, your customers can register or login via 5 most common social accounts (Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Yahoo) with a single click.

This module also allows the admin to place the social login widget at various positions, such as the bottom, top, or in the Login box.

Highlight features by Magento Social Login extension free:

  • Enable customers to register, log in, and recover passwords with their social network ID in one click.
  • Support default registration form, login page as normal.
  • Support 5 Social Network Connects Facebook, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, and Yahoo.
  • Allow admin to display social login widget at different places on Login Page and Checkout Page.
  • Be easy to configure.

Magento Google tag manager free extension

So far, by default, admins have to add the complicated snippet of code to Magento page manually, which is such a workload and even easy to go wrong. Today, we offer you a free solution to save your time and effort: Free Magento Google Tag Manager extension to integrate your Magento stores with Google Tag Manager tool using one simple configuration.

magento 2 free extensions
Magento Google Tag Manager Configuration.

Once you install this Magento module, tags and code snippets collected by Google Tag Manager tool will be directly entered into your sites. What’s more, both item data (id, name, price, etc.) and transaction data (shipping, tax, affiliation, etc.) are auto-transferred to Google analytics for further marketing purposes. You should never miss this Free Magento Google Tag Manager extension for sure.

Magento redirect cart checkout page free extension

The third name on the list is Free Magento Redirect Cart Checkout Page extension, which provides easy and effective features as follow:

  • Bring customers directly to the checkout page on their clicking on “Add to cart” button.
  • Be easy to configure.
  • Improve customers’ shopping experience and increase conversion rate.
Keep Your Process Direct And Simple.

Please note that checkout page is the process that sees the highest shopping cart abandonment rate, so try to make your Magento checkout page as direct as possible. We strongly recommend Free Magento Redirect Cart Checkout Page extension for those doing business with simple products only. This module skips the shopping cart step and redirects customers directly to the checkout page so they can finish their purchases in a moment.

Magento auto invoice free extension

This Free Magento Auto Invoice Extension relieves the workload of admins in creating order invoices as well as builds trust in customers. Since order invoice and shipment are auto-generated based on payment method; customers will immediately receive the notification email for payment and order accomplishment.

Multiple Payment Methods Available In Free Magento Auto Invoice.

Supported Features by Auto Invoice for Magento Free Extension:

  • Automatically create order invoice and shipment.
  • Immediately change order status when orders are completed.
  • Quickly send customers emails of auto-generated invoice and shipment.
  • Easily configure all features in some clicks.
  • Well compatible with other extensions.

Using Magento Auto Invoice Free extension, you can minimize the invoice controls and provide the higher customer service. What’s more, delivering invoice email immediately increases the chances of getting paid soon by customers.

Free Magento 2 Extensions

Magento 2 social login free extension

We’re living in an explosion of social networks when almost every online customer has at least one social account. Hence, social login becomes the must-have functionality on Magento 2 stores to make it easier and faster for shoppers to explore your sites. 

As a result, the BSS team also developed the Magento 2 Social Login free extension, along with the version for Magento 1.

Similar to the Magento version, Magento 2 Social Login Free extension provides the same and more features.

Using this module, your customers can register and login to your store through 6 most common social accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Linkedin, Windows). 

It also provides the admin the feature to place the social login block anywhere they want, for example one the home page, login page or even on the AJAX login pop-up.

Magento 2 Social Login Ajax Popup.

Highlight features of Magento 2 Social Login free extension:

  • Enable customers to register, log in, recover password through social login block.
  • Allow admin to place social login widget anywhere on Magento 2 websites.
  • Remain default registration form, login page as normal.
  • Support various social network connects.
  • Show Ajax pop-up to register/login quickly.
  • Redirect customers to custom URL after Magento 2 social login.
  • Redirect customers to custom URL after Magento 2 social login.

Magento 2 Free Social Login function will add more value to customers’ experience since they are no need to fill out the long registration form nor need to remember login ID and password. As a result, they will spend more time on your sites and place more orders.

Magento 2 reindex from backend free extension

Another Magento 2 Free extension is Reindex from Backend, which supports reindexing data such as products, designs, categories, customer grid, etc. from admin page without bothering command lines.

One Click To Perform Magento 2 Reindex From Backend.

Time-saving features by Reindex From Backend for Magento 2 free extension.

  • Reindex data of your Magento 2 stores from admin in several clicks only.
  • Display reindex data notification to confirm the rebuilt indexer process.
  • Restrict the admin roles from the reindex-data action.
  • Be easy to configure.

This Magento 2 Reindex From Backend Free extension is a stunning module to simplify the rebuilt indexer process for better management in the admin. Let’s scroll down for more Magento 2 free extensions.

Magento 2 mega menu free extension 

For smooth navigation, we strongly recommend Mega Menu for Magento 2 free extension by which admins can create unlimited attractive Mega Menu to be displayed in the storefront.

Easily Add & Edit Magento 2 Mega Menu Shown In The Frontend.

This Magento 2 Mega Menu Free module is followed by interesting features as follow:

  • Create/edit/remove any number of Mega Menu in 3 different types: classic, content, category listing.
  • Support 3 levels of Magento 2 mega menu if wanted.
  • Highlight Magento 2 Mega menu with 3 labels types including New, Sale, Hot.
  • Include custom links or categories links in the created menu.
  • Choose from 4 types of statistic blocks to insert in category listing mega menu.

With the basic and easy-to-configure features, Magento 2 Free Mega Menu extension offers the ideal way to improve the usability and navigation of your Magento 2 websites. Since online customers have more likely chances to reach their favorite items at a glance, you can expect the significant increase in sales for sure.

Magento 2 pre-select shipping/payment free extension

You can’t find another Pre-select Shipping/Payment for Magento 2 extension, available in the market, not to mention that this module is free. This Magento 2 module allows admin to pre-select and auto-load a shipping/ payment method in the frontend for the faster checkout process.

Auto-select Shipping Or Payment Methods For Magento 2 Checkout.

Unique features by Magento 2 Pre-select Shipping/Payment free module.

  • Select one shipping method to be pre-filled in Shipping Tab of the checkout page
  • Select one payment method to be pre-filled in the Review & Payment tab of the checkout page.
  • Load the pre-selected shipping/payment option based on its availability and set position.
  • Support both ordinary and multi-address checkout.

Pre-selecting a shipping/payment method not only makes it quicker for customers but also helps the store owners to steer them toward the favorite shipping/payment options. Pre-select Shipping/Payment for Magento 2 extension by BSSCommerce is the only module in Marketplace with the following easy-to-configure and error-free features.

Magento 2 disable compare free extension

Disable Compare for Magento 2 extension is a simple and free solution to remove all compare functionalities on Magento 2 stores without interfering with core codes.

Enable/Disable All Compare Functionalities By One Configure Only.

Magento 2 Disable Compare free extension is equipped with the most basic features:

  • Disable/enable compare buttons or links in one backend settings.
  • Remove the concern of rewriting core files.
  • Be easy to configure.

You should really get rid of the compare products functionality, which is of the most common reasons slowing down customers’ purchase decision. If you don’t have a decent command of code modification, then you must check Disable Compare for Magento2 free extension right away.

Magento 2 custom product attribute export free extension

The last name on the Magento 2 free extension list today is the Custom Product Attribute Export module.

All Product Attributes In Magento 2 Stores Are Exported In A CSV Files.

Key features of Magento 2 Custom Product Attribute Export Free Extension.

  • List Magento 2 product attributes in the visible CSV export file
  • Select various custom attributes to be exported.
  • Auto update new custom attributes in module config.

This Magento 2 free module will relieve your management work by exporting all selected attributes to a separate file for future uses.

Final Words

As above, we have introduced 10 free useful extensions for Magento and Magento 2 by BSSCommerce, such as Magento 2 social login free extension or mega menu.

We hope this article is helpful. And feel free to contact us if you have any questions, not only about free extensions but also about Magento extensions. We’re willing to help at all times.

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

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