Magento Ecommerce 10+ Simple Tips To Speed Magento Site [Part 1]

Magento Ecommerce: 10+ Simple Tips To Speed Magento Site [Part 1]

Magento is considered to be a popular e-commerce website currently because of its rich features and an open source that provides owners store full advantages of flexibility and controllable management. Although they are being used popularly and brings significant benefits for users, Magento is quite a heavy CMNs, and if you apply the wrong configuration and setting, it might take time for page loading.

10+ Simple Tips To Speeds Magento Site (Part 1)

Can you imagine how annoying a page loads till 10 seconds and customers have to see page keep loading while they can choose the other sites that only load in 3s? We must admit that customers never spend 10s waiting for a page to spin, sputter and load. Every customer hates that because impatience is limitation es shopping online.

To power your Magento site effectively, in this week blog, BSS has researched and introduced you 10+  simple solutions for Magento speed optimization. By applying these simple tips, your Magento site can run fast as you want.

Now, let’s get it started!

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No 1. Clean Database Log

It is clear that large data with unnecessary information can significantly keep your site running less effectively and cause the delay in loading page. Therefore, to speed up Magento site, the first but essential job is to clean up your database by Cleaning Log. It’s just about less than 30 minutes to finish it but considerably useful result in turn.

No 2. Speed up by configuring Caching engine

Magento is developed with an eye-catching default system called “File System,” which is supposed to be one of the slowest caching engines. To get rid of this “File System,” besides, it is suggested to configure another caching engine- Varnish Cache. This extension boosts up your Magento performance nearly 200 times. However, this cache is just used in some particular and essential circumstance as this system may take advantage of development and maintenance.

To turn it from “relatively slow” into “extremely fast” all you need to do is configure Magento by these following steps:

File System => APC => Memcached => Redis cache => Varnish cache

No 3. Optimizes Magento Server Configuration

Server Configuration Optimization is a long and complicated process compared with other methods, but it’s considerably important because of effectiveness it brings. First of all, serve optimization needs a good Magento hosting to ensure that Magento site cannot be broken down, crashed or work properly.

The question is how to choose a good hosting with reasonable price and excellent support?

It is not easy to choose a right Magento hosting provider to get your Magento work well. The most case you only need shared web hosting what support everything for Magento. And your hosting provider must have Magento expert to help you solve problem come from Magento.

No 4. The MySQL Server Optimization

My SQL has owned “query cache” that helps to generate dynamic pages and content while improving the performance incredibly. This “query cache” work according to this below process. First, MySQL stores the query text and results and when the same question is requested, that results are made quickly.

No.5 Advantage performance optimization

One of the best ways to speed up Magento is caching in-process workflow. In this case, using Defer Parsing JavaScript to reduce loading time is the best solution.

Let’s try Defer JavaScript to speed up Magento sites! 

magento defer parsing javascript

Another caching method is Varnish Caching. It will help you a lot in caching with a combined server and Magento process.

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