3 Best Magento Extensions Store To Show Your Promotion With Styles!

Make your promotions more eye-catching with these tips and Magento extensions store.

Promotions are a big part of your business, whether to an online or offline store. But no matter how appealing your promotions are, if your customers don’t notice it, then it means nothing.

Nowadays, it’s harder and harder to grab visitors’ attention, especially to eCommerce businesses. On the internet, every single day, people are exposed to a wide range of content. Thus, they easily get distracted.

And that’s why you need the touch of visuals to help boost your promotions. Don’t just rely on texts. Because the plain text is boring, and boring will lead you nowhere.

That’s why we wrote this article to share some tips on visual elements in promotion messages to help you. And not just that, we will also introduce you to some Magento extensions store to take advantage of visual elements and show your promotions effectively.

Why Do You Need Visual Elements In Promotion?


There’s an old saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” And it’s even truer in marketing.

Visual is instantly noticeable. When you see something, its visual look is the first thing you see. Thus, visual elements are one of, if not the best, things to draw attention to your promotions.

We truly believe that the difference between an average marketer and a great marketer lies in knowing how to use visual elements.

With that being said, that thing about “Content is king” still remains true. But you must understand that content is not just about words. To create more powerful content, you need to pay attention to visual elements, too.

And among them, there are the three most important visual elements to boost your promotions: color, font and imagery.



Studies have found that colors can evoke certain feelings. 

Below are some fundamental color connotations that you should know:

  • Blue: Trustworthy, conservative, calm
  • Red: Intense, passionate, energetic
  • Green: Nature, health, wealth
  • Yellow: Playful, happy, optimistic
  • Orange: Fresh, youthful, adventurous
  • Purple: Spiritual, luxury, royalty
  • White: Minimalism, pure, clean
  • Black: Sophistication, power, elegance

Colors can influence consumers to take the desired action. So you need to be aware of what you want your customers to feel when using colors in promotion.

Another note is that you should use a color palette that reflects the personality of your brand and use it consistently to make it more recognizable.


The font may seem minor, but it’s just as important as other visual elements. 

The first thing you need to know is that you should choose fonts that are easy to read. After all, font is just how you display the text. If people can’t read the text, then it’s meaningless.

Secondly, you could choose different fonts for the header and paragraph text to make them more noticeable.

And, like choosing your color palette, you should choose fonts that match the feel of your brand. For example, if you run a serious business, you should stay away from Comic Sans. But if your business is more about fun, then you can choose it.



Imagery refers to the pictures and graphics used in ads and online presence.

Imagery choices include:

  • Photography
  • Illustration
  • Iconography
  • Data visualization

While this is not necessarily as important as color or font, it’s still a powerful visual element. 

Imagery should match the look and feel of your brand, but it should also help enhance it.

It also helps target the right market, you can use it to show consumers that your product is a great fit for their interests and lifestyle.

5 Best Magento Extensions Store To Show Your Visual Promotions Effectively

After you learn about 3 important visual elements, the next thing you need to know is marketing tools that allow you to take advantage of visual elements.

Those are:

  • Popup
  • Promotion bar/banner
  • Product label

In this part, we will introduce you to 3 Magento extensions store to help you show your promotions in style.


Popups are beautiful annoying creations. It’s so annoying, but it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools. You just need to use it right.

That’s why in this article about Magento extensions store to boost visual effect, we want to introduce you to the best popup extension for Magento.

Recommend extension: Magento 2 Popup


Magento 2 Popup by BSS

Price: $119

We have the confidence to say that this is the only popup extension you need for your Magento store.

First of all, this module allows you to create so many types of popups. You can create video popup, promotional messages, contact form, subscribe form, and of course, images with CTA, in which you can use our visual tips above to create the most attractive ads.

More on the visual note, Magento 2 Popup provides you with 5 fascinating animations for the popup, including zoom, zoom out, horizontal move, move from top, 3D unfold or no animation at all.

And it also supports you to set up display rules and display pages any way you want.

Highlight features:

  • Create 6 different types of popup for different purposes
  • Set up display rules for when the popup show
  • Display popup on any page 
  • Visible on pages up to 6 positions
  • Target popup to specific customer groups and store views.
  • Offer 6 fascinating animations for popup
  • Config valid date, the cookie expires, timer for popup display

Promotion bar

The promotion bar is another effective marketing tool. It’s one of the first things users see when they enter your website, and it’s not as annoying as the popup.

It’s the perfect spot to advertise new products or announce important news or updates of your store.

A promotion bar is also a place where you can show off your visual skill to grab customers’ attention.

And below is a module to help you create promo bars on your Magento website.

Recommend extension: Magento 2 Promotion Bar


Magento 2 Promotion Bar by BSS

Price: $79

As the heart of this article is about visual elements, the first thing to praise about this extension is that you can freely customize the message, colors, fonts, and add images to create a promo bar or banner that matches the look and feel of your business.

Magento 2 Promotion Bar also allows you to place your promo bar at 5 different positions, and as a result, you can display various promotion bars with different messages at the same time.

And you can display your promo banner on any page you want. 

Highlight features:

  • Flexibly create promotion and notification bars
  • Show one or multiple promotions and notification bars in a slider
  • Visible on pages up to 5 positions
  • Target promotion bar to specific customer groups and store views
  • Config valid date and expiry date for promotion bar display
  • Responsive to all devices

Product labels

A product label is literally the “virtual sticker” that is attached to your products. It is used to show special offers or extra information about that product.

To make product labels work, you need to have an eye-catching design that can capture customers’ attention at very first sight.

After all, a product is all about attractive colors and a significant short text explaining why the product is being highlighted.

Recommend extension: Magento 2 Product Labels


Magento 2 Product Labels by BSS

Price: $119

This module allows store owners to create a more personalized shopping experience with product labels.

Using Magento 2 Product Labels, you can upload your custom product labels that are well-designed to attract customers. It will make you stand out compared to other stores that use basic product labels.

Furthermore, you can easily resize and drag the product label to display it exactly how you want on the product image.

It also supports applying the “Out of Stock” label automatically for temporarily not available products. You can also set rules to automatically apply labels when a product meets the conditions.

Highlight features:

  • Freely upload custom product labels
  • Show various labels on one product
  • Easily drag and drop labels to choose the position on the product image
  • Choose to show labels to targeted customer groups and store views
  • Apply labels to multiple products by conditions


In this article, we have given you some tips about visual elements in promotion and introduced you to the 3 best Magento extensions store to show your visual promotions effectively.

To boost your sales even more, you will need more extension to optimize customer experience or checkout experience. And BSS Commerce has just the collection of every module you would ever need.

Moreover, the BSS team is named as the Bronze Solution Partner of Adobe, so there’s no doubt their extensions are amazing

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We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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