Magento Extensions to Get Better Display for Configurable Product

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Magento Extensions to Get Better Display for Configurable Product

Configurable product may not be a strange concept to Magento store owner. This is a typical product type used in Magento online store.

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We can understand that configurable product is a collection of single products that have at least one mutual attribute, or it can be assumed to be a unique product with lists of options for each variation. In general, the Configurable Product has complicated components, and it is hard to display it visually. How to give customers a complete and eye-catching view of the Configurable Product become a necessary question.

In default Magento, customers can select options for each attribute from a drop-down list. Only after choosing one option for each attribute, they can see the price, tier price and availability status of the child product.

Magento configurable product

Recognizing drawbacks of this setting is easy. Firstly, customers cannot see price, tier price and availability status of the product in advance. Instead, they only can see this information after choosing an option for Configurable Product. Secondly, customers are also not allowed to add different child products with different attributes to cart at one time. Furthermore, they cannot know the total payment if not go to the shopping cart. These inconveniences can make customers easy to quit in the middle of the purchasing process.

Knowing the demand for giving customers the most comfortable purchasing experience, we have developed extensions to make a breakthrough in configurable product displaying. Now you can get a better display for Configurable Product.

1.  Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension

You can find more powerful functions in the advanced edition of this extension: Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View Extension.

You can set the price for a particular child product without depending on the price of the configurable product. Besides, you can add tier price to each simple product based on quantity range.


The color swatch is another added significant feature of this version. You can add color swatch function to each child product, so customer can review color before making a purchasing decision. A thumbnail image will be automatically displayed when they click to each color option.


Both above extensions already have many advantages compared to Magento default, however, let think about the case that your product has too many options for each attribute. Imagine a very very large table with 100 rows to show 10 colors and 10 sizes. It will confuse your customers a lot.

2. Configurable Product Matrix View Extension

With this extension, each child product will display in a cell of the table with options of 2 attributes displayed in row and column.

configurable product matrix viewADVANTAGES

– Add to cart multiple child products at one time

– See total payment right on the product page

– Be able to contain many options of each contribute


– Work with maximum 2 attributes

– Difficult to display price, tier price, stock number of each child product

So, in which situation should you choose this extension? The answer is when most of your configurable products have the same price and tier price, so you do not need to show them in the matrix view, and when each attribute of your product has so many options that grid view cannot display neatly.

We are updating this extension to remove shortcomings. A pop-up will open to make clear each child product when customers click on the cell. A drop-down or additional selection may be the solution for the third attribute if necessary. Wait for the advanced edition in upcoming time.

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3. Configurable Product Table Ordering Extension

The most updated version – Configurable Product Table Ordering Extension will provide a much more professional and simple table to display attributes of the configurable product. This is the combination of table and tab to make the table less complicated.  Options of the first attribute are shown in tab and options of the second attribute will be shown in table correspondingly. Customers choose each option in the attribute tab first and then select options in the table to make complete children products


+ Information of each child product is displayed visually and easy to customize in admin

+ Avoid too large table in case products have a great number of option

+ Add to cart one time for all wanted child products

+ When prices and tier prices of child products are the same, admin can show them in a separate table

+ Admin can choose to calculate tier price based on total qty of child products or not

+ Having shortened qty table based on options of the first attribute

+ Color swatch function


+ Not display all child products at one time (customers must choose at least one option in advance)

+ Not suitable for products with more than 3 attributes

So, you should use this extension when the configurable product has 2 attributes which has a considerable number of options, or you want to set up a different method to calculate tier price. Last but not least, if you want a neat and logical appearance for your site, this extension is a solution for you.

Look at this infographic to find out the differences among 3 Magento Configurable Product extensions:

Magento Configurable Product Extensions
Magento Configurable Product Extensions

The Bottom Line

There is a wide range of choice for you to get a better display for the configurable product. Depending on your demand, take one of these extensions for your Magento online store and experience the difference.


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