Change the Misperception of Bad Impact of Hiding Price in Magento Site

Hide Product Price In Magento 2: Let’s Clear The Misperception!

Although hiding price has been flexibly integrated into the E-Commerce site, many people are still in doubt about the effect of hiding price as they perceived it as an act against traditional commerce.

Because a typical buying experience proceeds as follow: customer view product, make the purchase decision based on price, then add to cart and check out, hiding price would go against the traditional process and seemingly illogical.

They may appraise price hiding as an ignorant way to lose customers to competitors who willing to show product prices.

However, in this article, you will be given some significant reasons to hide cost for your site and real-life examples that prove the importance of hiding price in E-Commerce.

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3 Reasons That Legitimize Hide Product Price in Magento 2

1. Special products to hide product price in Magento

There are many cases when product prices need to be hidden. Take a look at some products whose prices are depended on market conditions: product prices that change frequently, products with fluctuated prices.

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There are also requirement-based products whose prices cannot be decided right away, for example, custom products or service products whose prices are based on customization or personalization.

Besides product prices that need verifying, store owners may need to hide the price of the free product so that only specified customer groups can buy that product or hide the price of an out-of-stock product to maintain the availability of product on site. If store owners want to offer a product discount for bulk purchase, they can hide product price in Magento 2 and show a message instead to let the customer make direct contact and negotiate price discount.

2. Develop a more personal approach to customers

To your surprise, hiding price can increase customers’ engagement on site. A product without the price can trigger customers’ curiosity. Thus they will contact you directly to know that product price.

Magento 2 hide price call for price extension

By leaving a message with your contact information (email, phone number, live chat account…), you can encourage customers to log in, register, or subscribe to the newsletter. For example, you can hide product price, hide Add to Cart button and replace with a custom message as “For professional use, please log in to see the product price.”

Store owners can also choose to replace that custom message with a form to obtain price request and general information of the customer (name, email, phone number…).

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Collecting customer contact will promote better communication between store owners and customers. With receiving a direct request from customers, store owners can provide better service for target customers and nurture the relationship with potential customers.

3. Build flexible pricing policy for store owners’ purposes

With the diversity of customers coming to your stores, you would want to prioritize specific customer groups and have a suitable policy for the others. Hiding price will make your pricing policy more flexible in accordance to your needs and purposes.

For example, you can choose to hide the price of certain products so that only wholesalers and retailers can check the price in Magento 2, hide product price and hide Add to Cart button and replace with a custom message as “Price only available for wholesalers and retailers.”

Magento 2 call for price extension

Hiding price also opens a bargaining opportunity for customers; you can show a different custom message as “Contact….to get a special discount if buying in bulk” or “Email/Call…for price negotiation”.

This message can also be replaced with an inquiry form for the customer to fill in price request and give their contact information.

If you don’t want your competitors to easily check your product price and use that information to advantage them, for example deliberately set price lower than the price of the same product in your store, you can hide the price of that product for not-logged-in and general customers.

Final Words

In short, hiding price does not bring negative impacts as people think. With a clever adaptation of hiding product price, the store owner can exploit and benefit from this pricing policy.

magento 2 bsscommerce call for price

Hide Price/Call For Price extension for Magento 2 provides store owners with flexible ways to hide prices for particular products, specific categories, and specific customer groups.

With clear options in backend config, the admin can display a custom message to encourage customer interaction or an inquiry form to obtain price requests.

If you have any questions about the extension, please refer the FAQs blog here. 


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