Create The Most Effective Popups With Magento Popup Extension

How to take full advantage of the best Magento Popup extension to create effective popups that can drive you to glory?

Popup is one of the most powerful advertising methods in eCommerce stores. Even though it’s very annoying to many people, it also brings so many benefits. That’s why store owners use popups widely to communicate critical messages and encourage visitors to take action on their websites.

So how do you create a popup to bring efficiency to your business? 

Let’s scroll down to find out!

Major Benefits Of Popup


Popup is a small window that suddenly appears while a user is browsing or clicking a button on the website.

Though small as it is, it is a very effective marketing tool. Surely Forbes doesn’t call popup “a modern showroom for brands” for no reason. It is undoubtedly that a popup can bring many benefits.

Below, we will introduce you 4 major benefits of popups:

Grabbing attention

The most significant benefit of popup is that it is so good at grabbing people’s attention. A popup literally pops up right in front of the user’s eyes, making sure its content is delivered.

It is hard to ignore a popup because it will automatically show up when someone lands on a website. Moreover, to close the popup, people have to click the close button. And to do so, they have to lay eyes on the popup for a few seconds, and that’s enough to see what the popup is offering.

Improving conversion rate

Popups can improve customer engagement and conversion rates in your store.

A popup is like a mini showroom that shows customers the products as well as discounts, coupons, and hot deals. When you put those offers on a popup, they will be readily available when someone visits your website, which means the chances of getting more conversions goes up.

You can use the popup to promote many things. You should consider your promotion plan to decide whether and when to use a promotion popup, contact form popup or newsletter popup, etc.

Showcasing your brand

A popup is very easy to customize, and it is the first thing a visitor sees. That’s why it is a great place to showcase what your brand and your business are all about.

You should use popups to show off your hot or best-sellers products or unique selling points.

Why Do You Need Magento Popup Extension?

To take full advantage of the popup’s power, there are some practices that you should follow:

  • Show popup based on the right display and targeting rules
  • Have a well-optimized design
  • Have a clear call to action
  • Load fast on a website
  • Include a clear closing button

However, by default, Magento doesn’t support the popup feature. You can still create a popup using code, but it’s very challenging to do it and almost impossible to customize it.

Thus, installing a Magento Popup extension is a must. And Magento 2 Popup by BSS is the perfect tool to achieve the above qualities.


This module gives admins full control to create and manage attractive Magento popups.

Admins can easily set time, position, place, and other display rules for the popup depending on their purposes.

Magento popup extension by BSS can help you gain visitors’ attention and boost sales more effectively.

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Check out its full list of features:

  • Create many different types of popup
  • Set up display rules 
  • Target popup to specific customer groups and store views
  • Show the popup at up to 6 positions
  • Offer six fascinating animations for the popup
  • Config valid date, the cookie expires, timer for popup display
  • Responsive for all devices

How To Create Effective Popups With Magento Popup Extension

As we mentioned, the Magento Popup extension by BSS allows you to easily create and customize popups.

In this section, we will show you step-by-step how to do it.

Create new popup

Navigate to Marketing > BSSCommerce > Pop-up > Manage Pop-up.


Then click on the Create New Pop-up button on the top right of the grid. 

Scroll to the General section.


In Enable, choose Yes to enable the new popup.

In Name, enter the popup’s name.

In Store Views, select which store views to display the popup.

In Customer Groups, choose the customer groups to view the popup.

In Start Date, select a date in the calendar view to begin showing the popup.

In End Date, select a date in the calendar view to stop displaying the popup.

In Priority, enter a number to decide the priority of the popup when multiple popups are created on a page.

Set up display rule

Scroll down to the Display Rule section.


Here you can choose 1 of the 4 conditions to set conditions for displaying the popup:

  • After customers spend X seconds on the page.
  • After customers scroll the page by X percent.
  • After customers view X pages.
  • Immediately when customers visit the page.
  • Exit Intent

In X equals, you enter a number to decide the value of X.

In Display Animation, you can choose 1 of the 6 options to set display effects for the popup:

  • Zoom
  • Horizontal Move
  • Move from Top
  • 3D Unfold
  • Zoom-out
  • None

In Position, you can select the position to display the popup on the page.

  • Top Left
  • Top Center
  • Top Right
  • Middle Left
  • Middle Center
  • Middle Right

In Auto Close Pop-up After, you enter the amount of time (seconds) for the popup to automatically close. Enter “0” to disable this feature.

In Display Frequency, you select the frequency of the popup display by choosing 1 of 3 options:

  • When all conditions are satisfied: the popup appears if the above rules are executed.
  • Only once: the popup only appears once.
  • Only once per session: the popup appears once in a session. If you choose this option, you need to set Cookie Expires.

For example, if you set up Display Frequency as “Only once per session” and set the 2 minutes for the Cookie Expires, the popup is displayed when the conditions are satisfied, then it won’t be shown in the next 2 minutes (until the session ends or the cookie expires).

In Enable Floating Pop-up, choose Yes to display Floating Popup, which means the popup still appears on the product page after being closed by the customer.

If you choose Yes, you need to implement these configurations:

In Floating Pop-up Type: Alter Popup into Icon or Button.

If you choose Icon, you can choose one of 8 available icon designs: 

  • Contact Form
  • Hot Deal
  • Newsletter
  • Notification Bell
  • Promotional
  • Promotions
  • Social Media 
  • Warning


If you choose Button, you can customize the text and color of the popup in Floating Button Text and Floating Button Fill Color. 

In Floating Pop-up Position, select the position to display the floating popup on the page: 

  • Middle Left
  • Middle Right
  • Bottom Center
  • Bottom Left
  • Bottom Right


In Display “Close” button, select No to not allow customers to close the Floating Popup. Otherwise, select Yes.

In Display on, select pages to show the popup. You can set it up to display it on category pages, product pages, and generic pages.

After choosing each type of page, you can select all pages or specific pages depending on your demand.

Content and design 

In Content, you use the WYSIWYG editor to create content for the popup.


You can insert a widget, image, or video for the popup’s content.

In Pop-up CSS, use CSS to change the popup’s design. In case you leave it blank, the default popup will be applied.

You can also use the extension’s default template to quickly render your popup. There are 5 templates to choose from:

  • Contact Form
  • Age Verification
  • Newsletter
  • Hot deals (product listing)
  • Social sharing

After choosing the template, click on the Load Template button to make the template appear in the Content edit interface.

In the Content edit, you can make any modifications if needed.

In Popup CSS, you can enter CSS code to change the popup design. In case you leave it blank, the default design will be used.

Then go to SYSTEM > Tools > Cache Management > Flush Magento Cache to apply changes to the frontend.


In this article, we have shown you step-by-step how to use the Magento popup extension by BSS to create and customize to create the most powerful popup in your store.

We hope this blog is helpful and good luck to you!

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