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The trend

The digital transformation has been setting rules to the commercial world. Thus, we are now living in an e-commerce-driven industry. While mentioning this term, some names would probably pop up in our heads, they could be Amazon, Ebay, or Alibaba.

This Extensive Portfolio of Magento Products

However, there are more brands are trying to sell products directly to their customers. Consequently, e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento has unpacked their potential.

In this article, we mention about one of the most B2B e-commerce trustable platform, Magento, the platform that has received lots of attention because of its full capacity and abundant customizations for users.

While you are so curious about what one of the most complicated e-commerce platforms in the world can do you good with its package, day by day, this platform releases new features and updates.

So, to keep you fully updated and informed of Magento and how can you benefit from it, hereby, we would draw a big picture of Magento product lines. Following with some pieces of advice that we think everyone should hear before making a platform-purchasing deal with Magento. 

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Six Pillars of Magento Products

So what does Magento team sell? It sells platforms, of course, and other solutions that help the ecosystem runs smoothly.

Firstly, let’s see how many platforms Magento team has been creating.  

1. Magento Open-Source

This is a so-called tradition platform of Magento, marking a huge winning point of Magento compared to other branches’ platforms that you can get lots of customizations with it.

Magento Open-Source

This open-source edition can be free-downloaded, coded and developed due to the demand and purpose of each store owner. In detail, Magento open-source does a lot to create detailed and customized ways with lots of inbuilt features like detail reporting, product customization, checkout process, cart, coupons, gift cards, return & exchange etc.

Overall, this is the edition that the newcomers of Magento community should always get along with before reaching to a larger business size.  

2. Magento Commerce

Magento Commerce

Still, Magento Commerce plays an extremely important role in the product lines of Magento. As being innovated and upgraded from Magento Open-source, Magento Commerce provides almost all tools for a scaling-up business.

Additionally, the platform that Magento Commerce based on – SaaS (software as a service) has always proved its strength with the ease of module adding and natural SEO optimization.   

3. Magento Commerce Cloud


Newest-born and expected to be a game-changer. Concisely, Magento Commerce Cloud provides a freedom for merchants to access the source code, so customization possibilities are completely unlimited.

Different form Magento Commerce – the previous edition of Magento, with a new system-PaaS (platform as a service), enterprise operations or third-party vendors can manage operational systems, virtualization, storage, network, and the PaaS software totally in-house.

Since then, Magento Commerce Cloud is a solution for the future of almost any startup, when the business goes global and gathers a lot of vendors connecting in one cloud.  

As we said above, Magento sells platforms and build solutions to allow the vendors and stakeholders in one ecosystem connect thoroughly. Let’s find which solution they are.   

4. Magento Business Intelligence (Pro and Essentials)

Magento Business Intelligence

Nobody can disapprove that data management is a real challenge for all big enterprises. In many cases, product, customer, and vendor data can spin the store owner around and mess things up with the complexity of the management and communication system. Magento Business Intelligence Pro is an advanced version of Business Intelligence Essentials version.

Only in Magento Commerce and Commerce Cloud, Magento offers business intelligence, which with it so you can create the flow of data so it can run thoroughly along the data distribution system, constructed by Magento.

5. Magento Order Management

Magento Order Management

Along with Business Intelligence, to corporate both input and output in one supply chain, Magento build an order management system. Magento Commerce Order Management (MCOM) aimed at the maintenance of multiple fulfillment centers.

This maintenance is fast and flexible enough to combine your web and mobile channels, store and dropship networks, as well as internal and external fulfillment networks within one system.

In a nutshell, MCOM gathers data from all these sources and creates optimal rules for each individual order.

6. Magento Shipping

Shipping is an integral element in the e-commerce world. Magento knew that so it has teamed up with Temado – a Magento Premier Technology partner for shipping and fulfillment.

This product of Magento enables Magento clients to gain instant access to leading regional and international carrier networks. In detail, this solution helps online customers to choose among shipping options with competitive prices.

Additionally, Shipping by Magento is equipped with automated fulfillment process, which allows packing and dispatch of parcels from any location with any carrier.

As consequences, the time waiting for the products of customers decreases considerably. At the present time, merchants on Magento Commerce 2.2.2 and later, or Magento Open Source 2.2.2 and later, can access Magento Shipping from within their Magento admin panel.

How to choose between two editions of Magento platforms

Every business embarks its own business and financial strategies. Since Magento has two editions, we desire to help you figure out what to choose for your own business. Thus, to answer this question, we need to make a comparison between Open source and Commerce

Magento Two Editions

Summing up

Once in a while, Magento has become one of the best e-commerce platform providers because of its complicating structure but fully-capable for any large-scale business. Hence, this is just a part of Magento world that we think you should be acknowledged and make clear about.

What are we missing here? Let us know in the comments and we will add them in! Here are all the newest updates and sharing of our team about Magento and it is still built up every day. Stay curious with us!

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