Top Elements of Magento Web Design for B2B Business

Regarding designing a Magento B2B website, aesthetics may be the first term popping up in your mind. We admit that a well-functioned website must appear as charming as possible; however, engaging Magento web design in the B2B eCommerce world doesn’t just stay at visual aspects. Instead, it involves many other components, such as sales strategies, content, layout, user experience, and more. 


This article will clarify the cruciality of a good Magento 2 B2B web design for online business success as well as present core elements and common layouts to form the best business design.

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The Importance of Premium Magento B2B Web Design for B2B

As you may know, website design is the face of the planning, creation, and upgrades done on website development. In general, it encompasses website structure, information architecture, user interface, and much more.


Undoubtedly, studies have shown that 38% of Internet users will cease engaging with your website if your content and layout are tedious. This becomes a shred of convincing evidence for the benefits that a beautiful Magento web design brings to wholesale businesses.

Build up Professionalism in B2B Customers’ Eyes

Still the old story, website design plays a vital role in enhancing your business’s professionalism and reliability in the eyes of corporate customers.


To begin with, it’s the first thing to strike passers-by to your site; any design sloppiness may discourage them from returning to your store the second time. You know, it only takes visitors 50 milliseconds to form the first impression of your website design. Especially, business clients are even more impatient than B2C counterparts because they are in a crunch. Their buying job doesn’t allow them to waste any time searching for the best product. Thus, they are intolerant of the lack of professionalism caused by your web design.


Besides, a Magento B2B website that appears with a resourceful and user-friendly interface will help accumulate customers’ credibility. Once the trust is established, they can be ready to make large transactions with you.

Enhance Brand Recognition

The more your brand awareness increases, the farther and faster you grow in the B2b eCommerce race. This is a touchpoint driving customers to your Magento site, which is to spark purchases. After all, looks are reflective of your operation and the seriousness of your investment in this business.


Smartly design your Magento website so that each element harmonizes with your business logo including the right image presentation, hue, texts, layouts, and features that speak brand identity louder.


Increase Website Conversion Rate

Conversion rates determine your business success. You can easily satisfy passers-by with a beautiful and scientific design, thereby convincing them to buy or at least want to contact you.


In general, designing a beautiful modern website interface allows users to savor the best experience and helps optimize the website for SEO and thereby improve search engine rankings.

Elements to Make Magento 2 B2B Websites Look More Professional

A Magento 2 B2B eCommerce website needs design elements to appear smart and provide the best user experience because your target audience is companies who are extreme “perfectionists”, demanding and require frictionless navigation. 


Only when your Magento B2B online stores ensure core features such as simplicity, consistency, responsivity, user-centered approach, transparency, then web design can reap all the benefits.


During your website’s decoration, always bear in mind some abstract elements such as user habits, layouts, usability, navigation, and so on.


Let’s see what we got here!

Magento 2 B2B Themes/ Templates

The first key element in the Magento web design process is themes and templates. Choosing a brand-centric theme will help exaggerate your brand voice, convey the message more accurately, and draw more customers.



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Entailing its necessity, a myriad of template providers and DIY tools have come into existence. Even the least experienced designers can leverage these resources to create a professional Magento 2 B2B website.


Magento Web Layouts

If themes and templates are regarded as the backbone of a website display, the layout is the blood vessels that ensure different components to harmonize with each other. The right layout makes your pages outstanding, linked, organized, and informative.


Frankly, there are many types and methods of dividing Magento web design layouts. Here we just introduce a few major branches so you can get an idea of how they look like. Each layout has its own pros and cons, so carefully consider your business goals and customer habits to pick an optimal option.

Fixed Layout

A fixed website layout has a container (a wrapper) with a fixed width, and internal components have either percentage widths or fixed widths. Noticeably, the container (wrapper) element is set to not move. No matter what screen resolution the user has, he/she will see the same width as others.


Here is the general outline of a fixed-width Magento web layout. The components inside are fixed to 520, 200, and 200 pixels, respectively. 


This layout can be created easily and assures that what the designer sees, the user sees also. 



  • Fixed-width web layouts are simpler to use and customize in terms of design.
  • Every browser shows the same widths, which reduces the inconvenience with images, forms, video, and other content that are fixed-width.
  • In case a website is designed to be compatible with the smallest screen resolution, say 800×600, the content will still be wide enough at a larger resolution.


  • With fixed website layouts, B2B customers may be annoyed by excessive white space on larger screen resolutions, thus breaking overall balance and other design principles.
  • Smaller screen resolutions may require a horizontal scroll bar.
  • Larger ones require seamless textures, patterns, and image continuation.
  • When it comes to usability, fixed layouts generally perform under expectation. 

Fluid Layout

In a fluid website layout, as known as a liquid layout, the majority of components inside have percentage widths and thus adjust to the user’s screens.



  • The fluid web design is more user-friendly thanks to its adjustability to the user’s set up.
  • Your Magento web design looks more appealing with this layout because the amount of extra white space is consistent between all browsers and screen resolutions.
  • A well-designed fluid layout can get rid of horizontal scroll bars in smaller screen resolutions.


  • It’s harder for the Magento designer to fully manage what B2B customers see and may overlook problems because the layout appears great on their specific screen resolution.
  • On incredibly large screen resolutions, content lacking may produce excessive white spaces that can diminish the aesthetic appeal.

Unique Fonts/ Typography & Cohesive Color

It’s common for wholesale companies to utilize a distinct font or typography as a signature of their brand awareness over competitors. Nowadays, Magento store owners receive a huge bunch of fonts to choose from, acting as an incentive for B2B companies to express themselves through typography accurately. 


For example, followers can immediately recognize The New Yorker through their use of a unique font – Adobe Caslon Pro. Meanwhile, more specialized fonts, such as Blokletters Balpen, have commenced being used by startups and technology companies.


In your B2B website, we highly recommend you to only apply maximum complementary 2 – 3 fonts to ensure coherence. You can choose to have more, but make sure to include a few main colors and then manipulate slight variations of those core colors throughout the website.


Some psychologists claim that color occupies 60% of a user’s acceptance or rejection of a website. For instance, Ript Apparel and Performable witnessed a considerable rise in conversions by changing their CTA button color.

Striking Images 

Background Images

For any Magento web designs, attention-grabbing images always stand at top elements to open the corporate customers’ hearts. Proven by scientists, rather than auditory or experiential learners, humans are visually engrossed in subjects. That fact may partly clarify why 80% of online shoppers recall what they see, while just 20% recall what they read. As a result, when preparing the homepage design, Magento 2 B2B store owners should use images in line with the business purpose. 


Read more:

Giant Product Images

In companion with background presentation, product images require more intense dedication than any other elements do. Large product image display is an increasing trend in the B2B eCommerce community to bring out various features or product parts. Thanks to these huge images, corporate customers can quickly scan product features and then acquire a solid comprehension of what the product aims for.


Besides images, video is another popular element in Magento web design for its ability to accelerate ROI. Naturally, in this visually-oriented and swift technology era, Magento merchants prefer videos as a highly engaging and converting tool. Professional B2B websites are bound to include video to intensify how their Magento web design looks and feels.


Not only placing videos for homepage background, but companies also shift to use short feature videos to describe specific use cases. Looking no farther, the BSS B2B product page presents a video showing our eCommerce solution features. 


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According to Inc. Magazine, “92% of B2B customers watch online video, and 43% of B2B customers watch online video when researching products and services for their business”. This encourages merchants to produce videos explaining their products because it influences the buyer’s decision-making process. Short videos facilitate your potential customers to consume valuable content without reading tedious letters rapidly. 

Semi-Flat Design

In Magento web design, flat design is an element that doesn’t give the perception of three dimensions, such as shadows. Not only is flat design simple for users to understand, but it can also load more quickly on websites. For its benefits, Apple had fundamentally used flat design for their site in 2013.


Whether you purely decorate your Magento B2B site with flat images or add shadows and other elements, it must be kept consistent throughout your website.


Hamburger Navigation Menu

In the past, most websites showed a long menu of options to choose from. Although this kind of menu could direct visitors to where they want to reach, the downside is that they generally take up a ton of valuable screen space. 


Don’t worry! The hidden (or hamburger) menu can address this. This menu form appears with the icon of three dashes. Thus, designers often regard it as the simplest form based on each page’s saving space. It suits websites with minimal styles and can bring superiority to web interfaces on smartphones.


The idea here is pages on your Magento B2B website should depict a clear path for the user to take. Eliminating hassle navigation delivers a neat and distraction-free experience. Therefore, visitors will easily find the information they need to complete the desired actions. 


A typical example is Google Chrome. You can find a hamburger menu on the right-hand side.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Magento web design involves a forest of elements supporting visuality and UX to ensure B2B customers’ highest pleasure. You can consider all details above as a checklist when designing a website to professionalize your online B2B business in front of corporate buyers.

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