>Magento 2 – Why Meta Tag Won’t Work (And How to Optimize it for SEO)

Magento 2 – Why Meta Tag Won’t Work (And How to Optimize it for SEO)

What is Meta Tag

When it comes to SEO, meta tag has been the foremost basic setting since forever. The meta tags are included in the code of your web page and they will be read by the search engine crawler bots to have an overview of your website. There are 3 types of meta tags: title, keywords, and description, which make up the metadata. Each page in your site has its meta data. “Do I have to set the meta tags for all pages of my store when I have thousands of products,” you may wonder. The below can give the answers.

Why Meta Tag is Important in Magento 2 SEO

The meta information (meta description and meta title) will be shown in the search engine result pages (SERPs). Meanwhile, meta keywords allow search crawlers to define which keywords are related to your content. Hence, keyword-rich and engaging meta title and description have a remarkable effect on getting more click to your site through the search engines.

How Meta Tags Template of Magento 2 SEO Extension can help you

In Magento 2 default you can set up the metadata for each page. Hence, with thousands of products and up to hundreds of categories, it takes an enormous time to manually write SEO-friendly metadata for all of them.

The meta tags template feature of Magento 2 SEO Extension helps auto-adding rules for meta title, meta description and meta keywords for products and categories in Magento 2. Moreover, admins can create a template for both product and category description to save the time of manually writing. Below are all the aspects you can set up with meta tags of our Magento 2 SEO Extension:

  • Customize meta tag template for products and categories in Magento 2

The templates are created based on your preference. Careful and in-depth research may require if you want to get the best target keywords to improved search engine optimization. The metadata you can assign are:

    • Meta Title
    • Meta Keyword
  • Meta Description
  • Auto-adding description for product pages and category pages

At the template settings, store owners also can set up template rules for description at product and category pages. Dynamic content is easy to get with:

    • Full Description
    • Short description
  • WYSIWYG Editor
  • Choose categories and scope (store view, website) to apply the template

To have a mass-adding of all the rules, just simply select category and scope at the template settings. Then your pages are SEO-ready and user-friendly with full of helpful information

  • Provide multiple variables to edit meta tags template

A list of common attributes in Magento 2 such as name, color, price, etc is always there to help admins come up with powerful metadata. You can select among a wide range of variables.

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