New Magento 2 extensions to be released in December

New Magento 2 extensions to be released in December

New Magento 2 extensions to be released in December

December comes with the joy and fun of the upcoming Christmas and New Year Eve. What even more exciting is that many promisingly excellent Magento 2 extensions will be launched in December.

November has witnessed the release of amazing Magento 2 extensions from the BSSCommerce team. Here is the extended forecast for the end of 2017.

Magento 2 Advanced Review Extension

Magento 2 Advanced Review extension enhances the review and rating functions of your ecommerce website. It provides some extra features such as helpful/unhelpful review vote, report function for spam reviews, the advanced rating system for products with custom rating values (price, quality…) and many more useful functions to discover.

Magento 2 Customer Also Bought/Also View Extension

If you are seeking a way to encourage customers to buy more for each order, Magento 2 Customer Also Bought/Also View extension is a clever solution for you.

It tracks the items that are also bought or viewed with the main product from the real purchase history of customers. Anytime buyers visit a product page; they can see the product recommendation displayed for them.

Magento 2 B2B Registration Extension

Every commercial ecommerce site needs an extension with functions to customize registration form and approve B2B accounts. Magento 2 B2B Registration extension offers the exact function as required.

The extension creates a new form for registering B2B accounts and allows you to control and activate the new wholesale accounts.

Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity Extension

Magento 2 Custom Option Absolute Price and Quantity extension help you add absolute price and absolute quantity for the custom options of any product.

The function is useful for store owners to add different types of charges as the custom options of product, such as extra printing cost, fast delivery service, gift wrap, extended warranty, etc.

Magento 2 Custom Option Template Extension

Magento 2 Custom Option Template extension creates various templates for custom options of products; then you can easily assign the beautiful templates to multiple items using product ID and SKU.

Custom Option Template extension is a perfect solution for websites that have many products with the same types and same values of custom options.

Magento 2 Import/Export Wishlist Items Extension

As suggested by the extension name, Magento 2 Import/Export Wishlist Items extension helps you import or export all wishlist items via the standard CSV file. All data related to the wishlist items, including product SKU, quantity, user information, store views… will be correctly imported/exported as wish.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension

The key to providing better user experience when shopping online is to ensure smooth search and navigate for customers.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation extension guarantees to ease the search process with flexible left sidebar or top product filter. This layered navigation allows buyers to find any item through multiple selection and various attributes.

Magento 2 Promotion Bar Extension

Magento 2 Promotion Bar extension is essential to run a promotion on special occasions such as Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, Halloween… The extension helps you create and manage promotion banners to be displayed in any position on any page.

You can freely design promotion banners with options to choose the color, enter text and apply the condition to display the banners (from date to date, for special customer groups, per store view…).

Magento 2 Product Images by Customer Extension

What is the better way to raise your store’s reliability than using the real images of products taken by the previous customers?

With Magento 2 Product Images by Customer extension, you can encourage customers to upload their photos with the purchased items. Then, you can approve, disapprove the customer photo requests, manage and display these images on the product main image section or a separate slider. This is a brilliant method to promote products, increase trusts, and make your products appealing to potential customers.

How To Pre-Order These Magento 2 Extensions In Advance?

These extensions will be released soon in this December so make sure to stay tuned or sign up for the Pre-Purchase Program to get 20% OFF just for early orders.


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