Can’t Wait To See 5 New Excellent Magento 2 Extensions in June

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt (1925-2006)

That’s right! Remember that new things can refresh your life and new Magento 2 extensions can renovate your online store. In the digital age, working in such a competitive Ecommerce market stimulates merchants to try cutting-edge Ecommerce tools that support them to innovate their website with the aim of grabbing more customers. Deeply understanding your needs, BSS always tries our best to offer the excellent Magento 2 extensions to give the best solutions to your websites. Check it out and see what are the new excellent Magento 2 extensions that BSS brings to you in this lucky June helping your online store become more updated and friendly with your potential customers and visitors. Don’t be left behind!

1. Magento 2 Product Tags ($59)


Magento 2 Product Tags


For $59, Magento 2 Product Tags extension gives you chance to extend the capabilities of your store and add tags for products with any characteristic you want such as colors, trends, style or special occasions. With this module, adding tags as well as managing them never come that easy with Tag Management. As an admin, you can assign one or more tags to your products and improve navigation for your customers, which can narrow the search results by tags in product filters or, conversely, view all products with the same tag. Besides, you can cut down on adding tags time by using the meta keywords because the extension can automatically use meta keywords of all products as product tags.

Needless to say, one of the most outstanding points of this extension is encouraging customers’ impulse purchase because the tags are displayed in easy-to-see position on the product page and each tag can contain lots of related products, leading customers from one product to others that are under the same taste with the aim of promoting their impulse purchase.

2. Magento 2 Product Questions ($79)


Magento 2 Product Questions


For $79, this module allows you to discover all your customers’ concerns about the product and immediately address them. In more detail, your customers can make their questions on the product page,then mark them as private or choose to follow them or not. After submitting a question, a notification email is sent to the admin. The customer is also notified when receiving the answer as well. Moreover, as an admin, you have the ability to restrict customer group to add questions/rate answers and manage Q&A from the backend (edit / delete questions easily and add new questions). Also, you can customize question form freely in terms of text, color, etc and choose to show Q&A on the product page and my account page.

3. Magento 2 Storeview Flags (FREE)


Magento 2 Storeview Flags


If you are sick and tired of all dull text names on the default drop-down menu of store views in your website, Magento 2 Storeview Flags is truly what you need. Thought it costs $0, the benefits it brings about your Ecommerce business is NOT free. This module allows displaying store view names with attractive flags in the drop-down menu that improves the user experience, and helps customers to easily find out where to move to their right stores for purchase. Or else, you can replace store view names with flags to make your page neater and more user-friendly. What’s more, the admin can customize the flag to create your website’s uniqueness by uploading images under a GIF type. In short, it is a must-have solution for multilingual stores.

4. Magento 2 Login as Customer (FREE)


Magento 2 Storeview Flags


Another free extension that we offer for our loved users in this June is Magento 2 Login as Customer. This one gives the admin a chance to log in and take actions as the customer usually do from the backend. Nothing is more effective than putting yourself in the customers’ shoes and detect your online store problems. Moreover, all the information related to customer login actions by admin is automatically recorded in the Login As Customer Log for the convenient tracking.

5.Magento 2 Custom Shipping Method (FREE)



Sometimes, all your purchasing process is perfect until it comes to the shipping method. The default Magento has created some shipping methods for merchants and shop owners; however, in reality, you need more custom shipping methods. That is the reason why we created this extension to solve the problem because we do not want you to miss a big bill just for a nonsense cause. With this module, admin can create unlimited custom shipping methods and easily manage and control them in a grid table as well as set store view for each custom method. More than that, each custom method bears full features of the “flat-rate” method which allows customers with any level of the budget could afford the delivery fee.

Final thought

All of these above extensions are spontaneously powerful and convenient with their outstanding features. To be honest, we – BSS Commerce feel so proud of giving out these excellent Magento 2 modules to accompany you with your Ecommerce business success. A number of big brands have already used and sent us their thanks and 5-star reviews for these five new born but excellent extensions. So, how about you? Don’t hesitate to try our new Magento 2 extensions!


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