15 Amazing Newsletter Popup Magento 2 To Inspire Your Own

Here are 15 amazing Newsletter Popup Magento 2 examples to give you some inspiration for your own.

Email is a wonderful marketing channel. Every $1 spent on it delivers an average return of over $40.

Email marketing is so versatile, too. You can use email newsletters to communicate any messages to your audience, from promoting products to building loyalty.

Thus, newsletter popup is a very common kind of popup in eCommerce stores. Newsletter popup is used to collect customers’ email data.

And in this article, we want to introduce you to 7 impactful, eye-catching newsletter popups to generate leads. Popups that clearly set out what a user will get from your newsletter, and compel them to take action.

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What Is Magento Popup Newsletter?


Popups are onsite messages you send to visitors, usually to ask them to perform one of these actions:

  • Entering personal information (name, email address, phone number, etc.)
  • Viewing new products and services
  • Downloading a lead magnet like an ebook or infographic

Among them, the most common type of popup is the newsletter popup (also known as email popup or email subscription popup).

Simply put, a Magento Popup Newsletter is just a popup that has an email capture form.

For example, you can use a popup to show a 10% discount offer for first-time visitors, then add an email form to your popup. That way, your visitors must enter their email addresses to redeem the coupon code. 

They get a discount, and you gain high-quality email leads. It’s a win-win for everyone.

15 Amazing Newsletter Popup Magento 2 To Inspire Your Own



First, let’s look at a textbook newsletter popup from Canadian womenswear brand Kensie.

What we love about this popup:

  • It shows exactly what you’re getting: special deals, new products, and fashion inspiration.
  • It gives visitors an additional reason to sign up (a 35% discount if they buy today.)
  • It doesn’t ask for much information, just a single field for the email address.

That final point is crucial because people are busy, and they’re also pretty distrustful. If you demand too much information up front, they will not complete your form.

Research shows that more input fields often mean fewer conversions.

So by asking for just one input field, Kensie removes a major barrier to conversion. Combined with the promise of special deals and the discount on signup, there is really no reason not to complete this newsletter popup, especially if the visitor already likes Kensie as a brand.

However, the design of this popup can be improved. The mismatch of fonts, graphics, and colors could come across as jarring to some people.



Next up is an elegant newsletter popup Magento 2 from yoga brand Gaiam.

The popup design is so eye-catching it’s almost impossible to shift your eyes away from it, and the visuals match the brand perfectly.

Another plus point is that even though the visual elements are so stylish, they don’t distract from the copy, which means they don’t distract or dilute from the overall message.

There’s another thing worth mentioning here. You can’t notice it from looking at the screenshot, but this is an exit-intent popup, which means the popup only shows up when the user scrolls toward the browser bar.

Exit-intent popups can be highly effective when implemented well, giving you a final chance to engage website visitors moments before they leave.

Rainbow Jeans


In this Magento 2 popup, denim brand Rainbow Jeans proves that a little humor can go a long way.

This popup works because it sticks with a theme: the idea that by signing up to their newsletter, you’re gaining access to all their “top secrets”.

After setting the tone with its copy, the three data capture fields are underlaid with information of James Bond.

This humor is a nice way to make the whole process of signing up for a newsletter feel a little less transactional.

Ulta Beauty


Ulta shows us that the best, highest-performing pop ups don’t always have to pop up to your face.

In fact, a study from Nielsen Norman Group shows that overly attention-grabbing popups can be a big turnoff to consumers.

So sometimes you should make your popup more subtle.

Ulta Beauty gets it right with this bottom bar that allows you to keep browsing the website, while also presenting you with a compelling offer.

And because the popup doesn’t interrupt the user’s onsite experience, it doesn’t need to go in with a money-off deal.



As a fashion brand, Timberland surely understands the value of high-quality visuals.

Imagery plays an important part in boosting popup conversion rates. Research shows that popups with images convert 83% better than those without.

That’s a huge difference. And the best thing is, it is so simple to include images in your popups.

However, the imagery is not the only great thing about this popup Magento 2.

It also shows the “value proposition” of signing up for their newsletter in 3 clear bullet points. 

That makes it seem like the user is getting a lot of stuff in exchange for their email address. So much so that Timberland doesn’t need to offer a discount to drive conversation.

Gangsta Group


The truth is, the simplest popups are often the most effective.

Gangsta Group understands it and doesn’t do anything complex in their popup. It is just a simple prompt offering a 7% discount in exchange for an email address.

No more, no less.

In fact, the entire popup has 31 words, including the prompt copy in the email field.

Ultimately, this popup works because it communicates the minimum amount of information. It simply and directly tells you what you get for signing up and what they want from you in return.

Elvie & Leo


Most people agree that it’s very annoying being slapped in the face with a popup the moment they land on a website.

So to get your popup in front of people without making them feel like they are being bombarded the second they arrive is to use a time delay trigger. 

As the name suggests, time delay trigger allows you to display your popup after a user has been on a page for an amount of time. And we found out that 8 seconds is the magic number for that.

That way, you are giving them a little breathing room before hitting them with your offer. And that is exactly what Elvie & Leo does here.

This definitely 100% better than not having a timed trigger. Plus the $30 gift voucher offer just for signing up more than makes up for it.



What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • “Subscribe & Enjoy” evokes a pleasant feeling about joining the mailing list and enjoying amazing offers.
  • A direct message again. Visitors know right away they can receive 10% off.
  • Simple. Visitors just need to enter their email addresses and click the button. The process is over in a second, appealing to busy people.

What can improve:

  • Too much subtext. Sometimes “less is more.”
  • Including a name field would allow some personalization in future emails.



What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • Bright colors and branding guide the visitor’s attention toward the eye-catching popup.
  • An easy-to-read and straightforward offer.
  • The upfront offer is compelling and highlights a long-term commitment from the company (50% off, then 25% off twice).

What can improve:

  • The CTA isn’t enticing or extraordinary. Rather than “Continue,” something like “Send Me My Special Offer” is more likely to increase conversions.
  • The CTA button could stand out a bit more by using a contrasting color.



What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • The popup is aesthetically pleasing with legible text and a stylish photo.
  • Visually, the CTA button is clear, identifiable, and aligned with the brand’s color.
  • The message behind the popup is simple: Get 5% off.

What can improve:

  • The offer could be more significant to make it worth the visitor’s time (10% or 15% off).
  • The CTA button and copy could be more exciting.

Paddywax Candles


What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • A visually appealing design that blends well with the brand.
  • The image is attractive and straightforward. It isn’t filled with contrasting colors and gives visitors one item to focus on. 
  • Unique offer. When visitors enter their birthdate, they are insinuated with a birthday surprise. 

What can improve:

  • There is too much text.
  • The text color against the white background isn’t easy to read. 
  • They don’t emphasize the 15% discount that visitors care more about than the “New Here?” heading. 



What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • The incentive is clear: Win $100. The text is large and bold without being overdone. 
  • The color is practical and on-brand. Yellow makes the design very attractive.
  • The image is appealing and gives visitors a sense of what they could purchase with their $100 reward gift card.
  • Easy and only takes a second to sign up. Great for busy visitors. 

What can improve:

  • The subtext is wordy and not entirely clear.
  • The CTA button text could be a bit more exciting, such as: “I’d love to win!” or “Sign me up!”



What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • The informal, first-person language gives it more personality.
  • “No spam – just the good stuff” helps reassure skeptical visitors who might be hesitant about opting in.
  • The “Join the Club” CTA button creates a sense of community and exclusivity.

What can improve:

  • It needs some sort of imagery. The format has personality, but the appearance is dull.
  • The “save 10%” offer could be bolded for emphasis.



What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • The fullscreen popup that blends seamlessly into the background can increase engagement.
  • Direct message. Visitors know what they are getting when they sign up. 
  • It doesn’t require much personal information; only ask for an email address. This is an excellent trick for spiking conversions and requires little effort from visitors.

What can improve:

  • Adding a name field would create a more personalized user experience. 
  • A horizontal layout would be better. Moving the image to the left would help guide visitors’ eyes to the sales copy on the right. 

2X eCommerce


What’s great about this Magento Popup Newsletter:

  • Highly visual. The color of the CTA button contrasts the color of the background, drawing visitors’ attention immediately.
  • The text’s pain point and value proposition are apparent, enticing visitors to subscribe. Who doesn’t want rapid eCommerce growth and exclusive growth strategies?
  • Customers know exactly what the business is offering by reading the headline.

What can improve:

  • The CTA might not be specific enough and may not increase conversions. Adding “Sign up for my private newsletter” to the CTA button would let visitors know what they are getting even before reading the smaller text. 
  • The subheading is hard to read, especially for people with visual impairments.

The Best Newsletter Popup Magento 2 Solution

The default Magento doesn’t support the newsletter popup feature. 

Thus, to create a Newsletter Popup Magento 2 on your website, you must install a popup extension.

And hereby, we want to introduce you to the best popup module: Magento 2 Popup by BSS.

This extension enables store owners to create multifunctional popups, including newsletter popups.

Moreover, you can easily set up the time, position, and place of the popup, as well as its animation.

In addition, this module helps you efficiently manage and configure popups.

INSTALL NOW: Popup Magento 2 by BSS!

Full list of features:

  • Create several forms of popups.
  • Configure the display rule and pages
  • Include target popup to each customer group and configure based on store views
  • Up to 6 places are visible on each page
  • Six enthralling pop-up animations are available
  • Configure the valid date, cookie expiration, and popup display timeout
  • Responsive for all devices


In this article, we have shown you 7 totally different amazing newsletter popups to generate leads. 

We hope that you can see that there is no one single “right way” to do popup Magento 2.

However, there are a few things you should avoid when it comes to newsletter popups:

  • Don’t interrupt users the second they land on your website
  • Don’t demand too much personal data
  • Don’t make your offer too complex. 

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento extension providers and web development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bringing high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

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