Magento 2 Hide Price Free & Paid extensions to Optimize B2B Pricing

20 Paid & Free Magento 2 Hide Price Extensions for B2B Pricing

Why do most B2B websites hide their prices? Is hide price for Magento 2 free?

All of us may be wondering why to conceal product prices for customers, while other websites attempt to keep transparent pricing. 

In retailing, consumers are primarily one-time buyers with a small number of ordered products. Customers are coming back for additional purchases in some particular cases if they have high engagement and customer loyalty. 

On the contrary, wholesaling’s main characteristic is a large number of products in each order, periodical frequency (monthly, quarterly), and high engagement rate.


Retailers also make a purchase decision faster and easier than wholesalers based on images, prices, and customer feedback. In terms of product prices, more intensively, it always plays a vital role in specifying customer behaviour and setting up pricing strategies for each business model. 

If B2C stores need to expose prices to customers to persuade them to purchase, B2B stores find it necessary to hide prices to require customers to take more actions before displaying the price. 

Actions performed by wholesale visitors include login, call for price, contact for prices, or emails. 

They aim to discuss customers about orders via the sales team, collect more customer data, or even avoid intensely unfair competition from rivalries.  

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Does Magento 2 support B2B store owners to hide product prices? 

The answer is not! If you have the intention to apply this absorbing pricing strategy for your Magento 2 B2B stores, keep up reading these following extensions! 

Plenty of vendors have been launching free and paid Magento 2 Hide Price extensions to help you – store owners to conceal product prices conveniently without any code interference.

Even non-IT background users can perform module actions to make them properly affect the various configured pages. 

Let’s get started now! 

Paid Hide Price Magento 2 extensions 

1. Hide Price extension by BSS Commerce: $79 

hide price magento 2 extension - bsscommerce

Spend $79 and get the full solution of Magento 2 Hide Price for your website. This is one of Magento 2 B2B plugins specialized for B2B stores, including it in the Wholesale/B2B package for better price management. 

Besides hiding prices for selected categories, this module lets the admin users apply to hide prices for certain products by configuring them in the edit pages conveniently. Once product prices are hidden via Product configs (config in the product edit page), prices are invisible on every page.

Even the categories, including products, are chosen to display prices, prices of those products are still concealed. 

magento 2 hide price for guest

Key features:

  • Hide prices for specific products and categories
  • Hide prices for selected customer groups 
  • Hide product prices on any product listing pages and blocks
  • Show custom text or links instead of the Add to cart button 

2. Hide Price & Call For Price by Xtento: $129 

The next vendor in this informative list calls Xtento with both solutions as Hide price and Call for price in an extension. By combining these 2 functions, store owners can make choices to display custom text, URLs, or Call for price buttons flexibly depending on their customized needs.

Furthermore, it adds the Not to Order to the module, aiming to take full control over price display and add to cart functionality. 

magento 2 xtento

Key features: 

  • Conceal product prices for specific categories and products 
  • Set up hide prices for customer groups
  • Replace add to cart with custom button, text or image to encourage customers to contact stores for price publish
  • Disable/enable registration, shopping cart, and checkout 
  • Import and export Hide price attribute

3. Hide Price extension by FME: $80 

hide product price - fme


With this module, store owners will control price visibility by setting hidden prices for the product, category pages, customer groups, and even store views and countries.

Besides such actions as signup to view prices, call for prices, and quotes, the module also offers customers another choice to submit inquiry forms to receive reconnection from the back office. 

Key features: 

  • Hide prices for particular products and replace add to cart button with text, image or quote.
  • Make price invisible for Specific Store Views, Customer Groups & Countries.
  • Hide product prices in any pages and even Related, Cross-sell and Up-sell blocks.
  • Allow customers to submit inquiry forms.

4. Magento 2 Hide Price/Call for Price by BSS Commerce: $119


Simply hiding prices is sometimes not enough, you might need to show customers several ways to reach you right on product or category page to save all their interests. It could be a price request form to collect customer inquires, direct contact or require customers to log in.

The extension is made up of two parts:

  • Hide Price: Set up the hide price features per customer group/ category/ product and replace the Add to Cart button with custom text.
  • Call for Price: Similarly to Hide Price, Call for Price could be set up per customer group/ category/ product and replace the Add to Cart button with a customized Call for Price form.



Key features:

  • Show or hide product prices for specific categories or products and per customer group
  • Replace Add to Cart button with custom text or Price Request form
  • Easily manage price requests in a grid on the backend
  • Smooth workflow for price negotiation with customers
  • AntiSpam protection with reCaptcha to reduce spam requests

5. Hide Price extension by Mageplaza: $129 

magento 2 hide product price - mageplaza

Mageplaza creates a new way to conceal product prices by setting up rules for products and categories via conditions of product attributes, attribute sets, and product categories. A highlighted feature comes from the advanced report of price requests on the admin panel.

This report helps store owners evaluate the hide price strategy’s efficiency, which requires visitors to send requests to stores. 

Key features: 

  • Automatically hide prices by rules 
  • Select customer groups to hide prices, such as Magento hide prices for guests
  • Generate detailed reports recording figures of price requests 
  • Send notification emails to the admin 

6. Hide Price extension by Amasty: $159 

hide product price - amasty

Belonging to high-cost solutions, the module by Amasty optimizes pricing strategies by limiting price display on product and category pages. It shares many common features with most Hide price extensions on the current market and aims to develop a closer approach to B2B customers. 

Key features: 

  • Remove prices for specific products and the whole categories 
  • Hide prices for customer groups 
  • Make Add to cart button invisible on various pages 
  • Redirect customers to any pages
  • Hide price for products of a particular stock status

7. Magento 2 Hide Price module by Landofcoder: $128

hide price for guest - landofcoder

The plugin is emphasized to be a solution to serve both B2B and B2C stores. With basic and easy-to-config functions, the admin user may find it effortless to manage price display and keep price advantages for authorized customers. 

Key features: 

  • Limit price visibility for certain products and multiple products 
  • Set up Magento 2 hide prices for guests
  • Use catalog rules to take mass action of Magento 2 hide prices for some products at once 
  • Show customized messages instead of Add to cart button 

8. Hide Price module by Magearray: $99

magento 2 hide price magearray

The module does the same functions for B2B store owners to better price management on their websites. Only logged in customers or certain customer groups are allowed to see product prices to protect price information from competitors and keep competitive advantages. 

Key features: 

  • Hide product prices from guests and selected customer groups.
  • Remove add to cart button and replace it with custom text or images.
  • Hide prices from every page including products.

9. Hide Price by Itoris: $129 

magento hide price for guest - itoris

Itoris positions Magento 2 Hide Price as a solution to engage more customers, drive them to contact the business, and receive access to product prices actively. Higher customer engagement means more potential sales! 

Key features: 

  • Control price display for certain customer groups
  • Hide price for products and categories
  • Use flexible rules to limit price visibility
  • Set up a valid time for hiding price 
  • Hide prices on every page listing products

10. Hide Price & Call For Price by Ulmod: $99

Another module combines hide price and call for price to cover every aspect of the secret pricing strategy, enrich customer data, and increase business interaction. If you demand both functions, such modules suit your website to solve every issue in one solution. 

Key features: 

  • Enable hide price for customer groups, products, and categories
  • Let customers submit requests via a popup form with diverse fields
  • Manage all price requests from the admin panel 
  • Hide price on every page

11. Free Magento 2 Hide Product Price: $74

magento hide price ulmod

Sharing the same logic, this extension made by Hungersolft promises to bring the admin users every needed function. It aims to help store owners control prices for a vast number of customer groups, increase possibilities to contact buyers directly, and convert into money. 

Key features: 

  • Control secret prices for not logged in customers 
  • Limit price access for unauthorized customer groups
  • Hide prices for certain products and specific categories 
  • Replace add to cart button with custom text or URL
  • Hide Wishlist and Compare buttons if prices are hidden 

12. Free Hide Price by Cynoinfotech: $25 

hide price cynoinfotech

Never publishing product prices to not logged in customers is the Hide price Magento extension’s main feature. It requires visitors to log in to see prices and make purchases. 

This action enables store owners to avoid rivalries’ research and analysis of pricing and then offer better prices considered competitive advantages. 

Key features: 

  • Hide prices for Not logged in customers (Magento 2 hide price for guests)
  • Open a pop-up for customers to log in 
  • Redirect customers to the same page after login

This module is quite simple for the hide price rule because it just allows B2B stores to conceal product prices on the whole website. You cannot make it possible under the extension’s scope in case of more customization for specific items or categories. 

13. Magento 2 Show Price after Login by Webkul: $35 

magento show price after login webkul

Unlike other plugins, the name of this extension tells us a straightforward functionality brought to users. It was not until visitors log in to the website that product prices are exposed on the category and product pages. 

Key features: 

  • Make prices and add to cart button invisible for not logged in customers 
  • Choose customer groups to display prices 
  • Select categories to show product prices 
  • Hide prices from search result pages also
  • Work with tier prices 

14. Hide Price extension by Magecomp: $39 

Let’s continue with another module from Magecomp vendor. The price belongs to the low-cost range with the mentioned plugins. There is a prominent feature that the call for prices is also included in the module.

This mixture of two strategies provides customers with additional contact channels with B2B stores and gives stores opportunities to make intense consultation, offer more discounts, and finally generate orders. 

Key features: 

  • Hide product prices and the add to cart button 
  • Replace the add to cart button with a custom message 
  • Enable Google Recaptcha to eliminate spams 
  • Set up the call for price function for specific customer groups 

15. Hide Price module by Codeinovers: $39 

hide price module codeinnovers

Like other extensions, this one also hides product prices from selected customer groups and compels visitors to take further actions to check pricing. Yet, there is quite a unique functionality that customers have put inquiry information into a popup, and then stores will contact via emails or phone calls.

What’s more, the admin can replace this inquiry form with a custom message depending on their needs. 

Key features: 

  • Hide product prices from particular customer groups 
  • Replace Add to cart button with a form or text 
  • Conceal prices for specific products or multiple products simultaneously
  • Select categories to hide prices 

16. Magento 2 Hide Product Price – Call for Price by mlxstore: $29.99

hide and call for price module mlxstore

A low-cost module includes both hide price and call for price functions for a B2B website. It covers most of the useful features to hide product prices on category and product pages. 

Additionally, when product prices are equal to 0, they are also hidden from customers. 

Key features: 

  • Hide prices of one product or every product 
  • Hide prices from categories and selected customer groups
  • Make add to cart button disappear and replace with text or links

17. Magento 2 Login for Price by Extension hut: $45 

hide price magento 2 extensionhut

As the name suggests, the plugin requires visitors to log in for price display when browsing the website. Not logged in users cannot check product prices correspondingly. 

Key features: 

  • Hide prices for all products, specific products, and particular categories
  • Make add to cart invisible and replace with text, or links (login links or other links) 
  • Apply hide prices for selected customer groups

18. Hide Price by Meetanshi – $49 

hide price magento meetanshi

The next solution in this list comes from Meetanshi – target separated pricing policy to avoid sales impacts. Whereby, prices are only shown until guests login to their accounts. In the case without any accounts, they are encouraged to create new registrations and nurturing more customer databases. 

Key features: 

  • Hide prices for particular products and categories 
  • Choose customer groups to apply hide prices 
  • Replace add to cart button with custom text or links 
  • Hide prices on all pages listing products 

19. Hide Product Price Magento 2 Extension by Solwin

Our Magento 2 Hide Product Price extension helps store admin to hide product price and Add to Cart button from non-registered users. In order to see the product price, it will encourage customers to register in the store. Moreover, there are two options to hide product price like hide price for all the products or hide prices for individual products.

Hide Product Price

Free Magento 2 Hide Price extension

20. Hide Price extension by Mageme

hide price magento 2 extension - mageme

This is the only Magento 2 Hide Price extension free on the market with useful functionality for a B2B website. 

Key features: 

  • Hide catalog prices from the whole website
  • Only show prices for authorized customers (Magento 2 hide price from guests)
  • Remove “Add to cart” button
  • Replace prices with text or custom button 


This is a list of Paid and Free Hide Price Magento 2 extensions, as mentioned, help optimize product pricing for the wholesale business, require customers to do some actions before getting prices to manage price information better, and segment customers effectively. 

BSS Commerce is one of the leading Magento 2 add-ons providers and Magento development services in the world. With experienced and certified Magento developers, we commit to bring high-quality products and services to optimize your business effectively. Furthermore, we offer FREE Installation – FREE 1-year Support and FREE Lifetime Update for every Magento extension.

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