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Customer Attributes & Registration: The Perfect Combo For B2B

B2B Customer Registration is an advantage combo for your Magento 2 e-commerce when you know the proper way to use it. 

Customers are the essential element in Ecommerce in general and in Magento in specific. Collecting a customer database is pretty necessary for marketing strategies. However, the default of Magento does not provide enough information for store owners to collect customer data when they register accounts.

Simple default signup forms keep your B2B website’s customer database from growing. While B2C users may provide you with basic information, B2B is a different story.

For store owners to understand business characteristics, manage long-term relationships, and even offer relevant promotion programs, wholesale client data is critical.

Furthermore, B2B registration verification is required! There is a chance that some of the signups are spam, garbage accounts, or firms that do not satisfy your criteria.

The major stumbling block here is that Magento by default does not generate an informative B2B registration and does not allow the shop administrator to choose who becomes wholesale customers.

Understanding that we introduce a perfect combo for wholesale customer registration: Magento 2 B2B Registration and Magento 2 Customer Attributes. There are also 3 reasons why you should use this great combo for customer registration in Magento 2.

1. Manage Magento 2 B2B Accounts Conveniently

manage-registered-wholesale-accounts-in-magento 2
Manage Registered Wholesale Accounts in Magento 2 Conveniently

As you know, the default of Magento 2 automatically accepts new accounts without verifying. For B2B, this makes an inconvenience if the store owners want to manage sign-up accounts. So, this Magento 2 wholesale registration combo helps you to control registered customers instead of the default automatic activation.

This is quite helpful when you want to verify customers’ detailed information before giving them access to your Magento 2 site. Hence this B2B combo for Magento 2 is beneficial for wholesale websites.

2. Expand Magento 2 Wholesale Customer Database

Collect Extra Information for Wholesale Customer Database in Magento 2

Meanwhile, Magento 2 B2B Registration extension aids Magento 2 shop owners to create a new wholesale registration form while Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension helps to include more additional information on that form.

Therefore, installing this extension couple will collect supplementary information from B2B customers after filling all customer attributes fields as required on the wholesale registration form. Hence, this couple is a great solution to enrich the customer database as wished.

3. Develop a Flexible Strategy for Target Customers

Develop a better strategy for targeted customers

As mentioned above, by getting extra information through customer registration fields, the admin can easily segment customers.

With Magento 2 Customer Attributes, all particular questions for customers, for instance, “Where do you work?” or “What is your job?”… provides precious information that Magento 2 Community default cannot do that.

Hence, as a store owner, with this combo for account registration, you can take advantage of the customer database to develop a better marketing strategy for suitable customers.

Here are three reasons why you should install this combination. Now, check these extensions’ functions in detail.

Magento 2 B2B Registration extension:

  • Create a new wholesale registration form for B2B customers
Frontend Demo
  • Integrated with Magento 2 Customer Approval Extension for B2B
Magento 2 B2B Registration extension
  • Ability to approve/reject B2B customer registration
  • Send an email to admins when having a registered wholesale account.
  • Send an email to customers when their accounts are approved/rejected.
  • Be able to approve/decline multiple accounts at once in the backend.

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Magento 2 Customer Attributes extension:

Download now
  • Create customer attributes of 8 different types easily. 
  • Configure to include additional customer attributes in the Registration Form and Customer Account Page freely.
  • Add customer attributes in Customer Grid, Customer Detail Page and Order Detail flexibly.
  • Show custom customer registration fields for multiple store views.


In conclusion, if you want to take advantage of customer registration, you should use this combination to collect more information from your guests. This Magento 2 B2B registration combo satisfies you.

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