>Play TRICK or TREAT to Grab SWEETEST TREATS on This Halloween!

Play TRICK or TREAT to Grab SWEETEST TREATS on This Halloween!

Halloween is coming soon, and we know that you have already been busy to prepare for this occasion. So why don’t you relax a bit by joining our mini-games this Halloween? Many sweet treats are awaiting, but hurry up they are only available from 29th to 31st October.

This mini-game called TRICK OR TREAT. Here 2 offers from BSSCommerce, you can freely choose to try the challenging version or the natural version.

The Challenging TRICK OR TREAT

Step 1: Pause at any moment to catch candies from the Halloween candy rain

Step 2: If catch trick candy, a message “Be Tricked” is displayed

Step 3: Pause again until catch treat candy with coupon code inside

Step 4: Use the obtained code for checkout to get discount UP To 20% on ALL Magento extensions

Tips: Unlimited times to pause and play the game. Try all different codes to get the BIGGEST DISCOUNT. Valid: 29-31 Oct. Good luck!

The Incredibly Easy TREAT – No TRICK 

If you find the first game a bit too the challenging, we will give you another option. All codes will be provided for your convenience, feel free to use directly in checkout without wasting any sweat.

There are 4 coupon codes: HALLOWEEN – PUMPKIN –  WITCH – GHOST

Each code is attached with a discount whose value can be UP To 20% on ALL Magento extensions Here is a reveal: there will be 1 code with 10% discount, 1 code with 15%, 2 codes with 20% discount.

Tip: You can try all the 4 codes separately to get the code with the BIGGEST DISCOUNT. Good luck!

(Please note that this promotion is not combined with others in the valid period)

Don’t miss out the great opportunities to have fun and get TREATS from BSSCommerce this Halloween!