PWA Pros And Cons: Reveal The Winner Of The Three Hottest Solutions


Keep following the last part PWA Pros and Cons: The Battle Of PWA Studio, Vue Storefront And ScandiPWA, this article will offer more information about the performance of PWA Studio, Vue Storefront, ScandiPWA through specific tools; extensions and integrations comparison. Finally, we will find out who is the winner in this battle. Don’t wanna miss out? Scroll down and check it out!

Performance Audit Tools

We have examined the performance of three solutions based on 3 popular performance tools: Lighthouse, Google Pagespeed Insight, and GTMetrix.


Lighthouse is an open-source, automated tool that can improve web page quality. You may use it on any web page, whether it’s public or requires authentication. The tool has audits for performance, accessibility, PWA, SEO, etc… to give you insights on which parts need optimization (Google).

  • Performance: This audit analyzes website speed or app load and how long it takes for a visitor to see the page. In this section, we will know the estimated amount of time for the first image to load; the main content of the page to be visible; the full interaction of its functionalities, and its speed index.
  • Accessibility: The audited website will be evaluated to see if it is friendly for people with disabilities. The test includes color contrast, buttons and links structure, alt-text description for screen readers,…
  • Best Practices: The tool will evaluate the standards of your website development and primarily focus on your security performance. It audits the credibility of resources and examines the susceptibility of JavaScript libraries. 
  • SEO: The test assesses the performance of the website on search engines and its ranking on search results by these criteria such as meta title and description, canonicals, hreflang,… It also recommends solutions to fix if your website does not meet the maximum score. 
  • PWA: This category describes the health of its PWA development to see whether it meets PWA functions or it occurs a 200 error…


Google Pagespeed Insight

PageSpeed Insights (PSI) provides statistics and data of a page’s performance on mobile and desktop devices and makes recommendations on how it might be improved. At the beginning of the report, PSI provides a score that summarizes the page’s performance. This score is determined by running Lighthouse to collect and analyze lab data about the page. A score of 90 or above is considered good. 50 to 90 is a score that needs improvement, and below 50 is considered poor (Google). A website with optimized Google Pagespeed scores will enhance its ranking on the Google search engine by better SEO performances, which increase its visibility to potential consumers.



GTmetrix is a free tool to analyze website performance and page load time. It can help you develop a faster, more efficient, and all-around improved website experience for your users. GTmetrix uses Google Lighthouse to grade your site’s performance and provides easy-to-follow recommendations to fix these issues.


Extension & Integration comparison

As PWA is a new technology, there is still no one-for-all solution for PWA websites. Each PWA provider is still developing their PWA solutions by more extensions and integration. Let’s take a look at each PWA solutions’ extensions and integrations. 


PWA Studio Vue Storefront Scandi PWA
Magento CMS Yes Yes Yes
Storyblok No Yes No
Contentstack No Yes No
Amplience No Yes No
Contentful No Yes No
Bloomreach No Yes No
Magnolia No Yes No
LexasCMS No Yes No
Payments No Yes No
Paypal No Yes Yes
Braintree Yes Yes Yes
Stripe No Yes Yes
Klarna No Yes Yes
Apple Pay No Yes No
Google Pay No Yes No
Mollie No Yes No
Third-party services
Algolia No Yes No No Yes No No Yes No
Cloudinary No Yes No
Webeyez No Yes No
Available PWA Extensions
Count 0 0 49 (coming soon 14)

Login as customer No No Yes
MultiSafepay Payments No No Yes
Social Login No No Yes
Store Locator No No Yes
Magento 2 B2B No No Yes
Magento 2 Commerce Gift Cards No No Yes
301 Redirect Upload No No Yes
Upper Navigation for Mobile No No Yes
UPS Access Point Navigator No No Yes
Mageworx SEO Suite Ultimate Extension No No Coming Soon
Amasty Improved Layered Navigation No No Yes
Adobe Live Search No No Yes
Compatible with Other Magento 2 Extensions Need to customize Need to customize Need to customize
Own PWA marketplace No No Yes


Obviously, with long-term development time, Vue Storefront has developed many integrations for its PWA solution. It developed basic CMS integrations, payment integrations, third-party services integrations. 

In terms of payment integration, while PWA Studio only supports Braintree, Scandi PWA supports 4 main payment methods, Vue Storefront provides most of the needed payment integrations with 8 methods. 

In terms of available PWA extensions, Scandi PWA is the only provider to have its own PWA marketplace and also nearly 50 extensions (the list is still updated). All PWA solutions are currently not compatible with other Magento 2 extensions, however, users can choose to customize the Magento 2 extensions for their requirements’ fulfillment. 


Because PWA solutions are being developed, each PWA solution’s pros and cons are still listed. Let’s sum up by comparing the current performance, support, and other criteria. 

On web analytics (Desktop)

PWA Studio Vue storefront Scandi PWA
SEO 100 99 84
PWA Best Practices 93 100 93
Performance 55 75 89
Accessibility 97 89 88
Summary 345 363 354


Notice the details, each PWA solution has its own strengths.  The PWA Studio is the best solution for SEO support, while Vue Storefront is evaluated higher in terms of PWA Best Practices and Scandi PWA is the winner for its performance. If we consider all criteria are equal, Vue storefront will be the winner on web analytics (desktop). 

Based on other criteria


PWA Studio Vue storefront Scandi PWA
Integration Features Winner
Number of Live Websites Winner
Top Sites in 100k Winner
Sale revenue websites Winner
Number of Integrated Extension Winner
Compatible with M2 Versions Winner
Stable Winner (Still Beta for M2)
Developer Friendly Winner
Number of Payment Gateways Winner
Community Winner
Smallest Number of Issues Winner
Frequent Updates Winner
Official Adobe Support Winner
Sum Win 6/13 Win 6/13 Win 1/13


The final question must be: which PWA solutions will be the best? It’s obvious that there is no certain answer to this question. Because each PWA solution has its own pros and cons, the best one should be suitable for your business – depending on your priority requirements. If your first requirement is to have a stable and developer-friendly solution, your website should go with PWA studio. In case you look for a comprehensive solution with supportive integrations, the winner will be Vue Storefront then. However, if you consider the available extensions as the most important aspect, the Scandi PWA should be your first choice. 

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We hope that this PWA pros and cons checklist can help you to pick up a suitable solution for your business. Therefore, in case you are considering PWA solutions for your eCommerce website, your requirements should be discussed and advised by an experienced consultant to have the best suitable solution for your needs. 

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