Quickest Way to Add Customer Attributes in Magento 2 Registration Form

With every Ecommerce business, developing a customer-focused strategy is always the prioritized request. In order to sell more and promote products effectively, store owners must understand their customer better. But how can they collect additional information from customers? This article will unveil the ultimate extension to add customer attributes in the registration form for obtaining customer data right from the very first step of registering an account on site.

Can Admin Add Extra Customer Attributes to Magento 2 Registration Form By Default?

Customer attributes refers to all the information related to customer, for example: customer name, customer email, customer address and so on. The default registration form only provides limited customer attributes with some default fields. Let’s look at this example:

default magento 2 registration form Default Registration Form in Magento 2

If you want to ask more question for customers, such as “What is your job?”, “How do know about us?”…you need to create additional customer attributes in the registration form. Unfortunately, this function is only available in Enterprise Edition (read this blog for more details), not Community Edition.

Magento 2 Customer Attributes Extension – The Quickest Way To Add Create Custom Registration Fields

Customer Attributes extension overrides limitation of the default registration page. The extension allows admin to create unlimited customer attributes and place them on any position of the form. These custom fields are cleverly added to obtain precious customer information right from the very first step of signing up an account on site.

With this extension, admin can easily achieve the golden goal of enriching customer data. Thus, they can use that data as a reference to develop better strategy for targeted customer. Depending on which customer information that admin want to exploit, they can add the corresponding customer fields to the registration form and manage them in a convenient Customer Attribute Grid.

How Magento 2 Customer Attribute Extension Works?

Create customer attributes of 8 different input types and add them to registration form

frontend demo button

Customer Attributes extension supports 8 different input types, including: Text Field, Text Area, Date & Time, Yes/No, Multiple Select, Checkbox, Radio Button and Dropdown.

These newly created customer attribute will be displayed as extra field in registration form. The variety of customer attribute types gives admin the privilege to diversify the custom registration fields. Let’s look at this example:

magento-2-add-customer-attributes-in-registration-form Customer Attributes on Registration Page

Display customer attributes in Customer Account Page

magento-2-customer-attributes-display-on-customer-account-page Customer Attributes on My Account Page

The additional customer field values will be displayed on the Account Information tab of Customer Account Page. Customers can check their information or adjust it and save changes if necessary.


Specify different customer attributes for multiple store views


You can visit the backend demo to try creating new attributes. More outstanding than other similar extensions, BSSCommerce Customer Attributes extension supports adding different attributes value for websites with multiple store views.

magento-2-customer-attribute-support-multiple-store-view Add different customer attribute values for multiple store views

When adding a new attribute, admin can enter the attribute value with the corresponding store views. The customer attributes will be displayed depending on which store view customers have selected.

Manage all customer attributes in a convenient Customer Attributes Grid

All the created customer fields can be easily manage in a convenient grid. From this Customer Attributes Grid, admin can make any adjustment to the attributes such as change sort order, change default name and enable or disable the attribute on the frontend/backend.

Show customer attributes in Customer Grid, Customer Detail and Order Detail

magento-2-customer-attibute-display-on-order-detail-page Display customer attribute on Order Detail

Besides adding additional customer fields on registration form and Customer Account Page, Customer Attributes extension also display the attributes on many other page in the backend, including: Customer Grid, Customer Detail and Order Detail.

Final Thoughts

Customer Attributes extension is your best choice to override Magento 2 Community Edition default to add new customer attributes to any steps of registration form.

Don’t skip the chance to equip Customer Attributes with advanced functions for your stores. We are always ready to provide instant support if you have any question.


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