Select Magento Seo Extension That Best Suit For Your Ecommerce Needs


Select Magento Seo Extension That Best Suit For Your Ecommerce Needs

I think we can all agree that SEO is vital to every ecommerce success. That’s why the sheer volume of supply for optimizing the site’s visibility is astronomical.


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Based on what type/stage your online store is currently in, your need for SEO will differ. And we here to help you set up your SEO with the least amount of budget spending but still end up gaining every SEO merits.

Let’s get started.

What are your SEO needs?

Generally, you have these 4 groups of SEO factors.


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As you can see, there are many ways you can take to achieve SEO success. And for the record, I mention black hat tactics but I do not condone it. 

One it’s not ethical to do so, and two, these spamming/manipulation acts can backfire big time. 

Base on what you are trying to sell, let’s explore what is the right SEO direction to take. 

Product-based business needs for SEO

If you’re in this category, you want to lean more into on-page SEO plus links, adaptive searches. 

This is because getting in front of the right people is your most important SEO success. The transaction from searching for a product to buying happens almost immediately. 

So if you can’t bring your product to the 1st SERP, the game ends there. 

On-page SEO

Magento On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing your page (in this case product page) for web crawlers and customers using tips, and of course, Magento SEO plugin.

The utmost importance when it comes to on-page SEO is relevancy and Google agree with this statement:


To start it all, you need relevant keywords and reach the keyword density level because search engine bots are scanning your site for these exact words. 

Especially, research has shown a direct correlation between ranking 1st page and keyword in the title.


However, there’s more to on-page SEO than making your Magento SEO URL with the relevant keyword.

It’s 2020, to rank better you also need to optimize your site for:

  • UX 
  • Click-through-rate (the ratio of people see a link to your site and click on it)
  • Bounce rate (you want this as low as possible)
  • Time on page (the longer the better)
  • Page loading speed (as fast as possible)

Adaptive searches

There are more than typing a query into Google. Now, you can start searching for a product using voice, image, and even video. 

As can be seen, Google Image takes up one-fourth of the web search alone. 


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This is not to mention other massive image platforms such as Pinterest, Bing.

What about voice search? It’s estimated that in 2020, 50% of the search query will be performed by voice

And we have the number to back it up.


So, what you need to do for your Magento store in order to adapt to these rising trends? This

  1. Optimize content for humanized queries (like talking patterns, questions).
  2. Optimize for structured data, SEO-friendly meta tags (Alt text). 
  3. Focus on mobile-friendly.

Service-provider needs for SEO

If you’re trying to offer service online, the main focus for SEO should be off-page SEO instead of on-page SEO. That is to optimizing for signals outside of a website to improve its search engine rankings. 

Why? Because selling service requires a lot of trust and reputation in order to convert. More than that, trustworthiness in terms of PageRank is a vital ranking factor according to this Stanford research.

And it goes beyond link-building. Primary there are link-related and non-link-related off-page factors that you need to master:


In addition, you also want to pay attention to Magento metatags SEO, Schema markup, and headings.  

Hybrid business needs for SEO

Hybrid business refers to a business that both sell products and services. The simple answer for what you need to do here for SEO is all of the above.

Now, let’s get to the juice part – recommendations!

Essential Magento SEO extension

All-in-one SEO suite for hybrid Magento business

If you’re in this tier, it’s better to have an all-in-one SEO suite. Why?


It’s cheaper (since it’s in bulk) and can avoid compatibility issues. 

Check these out!

Magento SEO plugin recommendations for product-based business

As mentioned above, we have 2 fronts of SEO for you to battle it out. 

To optimizing on-page SEO, consider the following:


And if you interest in adaptive searches, you should give these extensions a try:

Magento SEO module recommendations for Magento service-providers

First, let’s start with optimizing technical SEO. Take a good look into these Magento SEO module mentions:


Now, moving forward to build your online reputation, let’s start with:


So what’ve we learned today? We’ve dissected the autonomy of a successful SEO Magento website base on intention. Moreover, there are more to sink your teeth into with Magento SEO tips and extension recommendations.

Let me know if you’re interested to learn more about SEO in the comment down below.

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