5+ SEO Meta Extensions To Skyrocket Your Business

5+ SEO Meta Extensions To Skyrocket Your Business

SEO meta extensions are the best ways to create a repeatable, step-by-step process for technical SEO. Yes, your content is great but Google is ranking you first for your content structure.

Following through, I’m going to give you some of the best plugins on the market to do the magic for you. Here is how you make SEO friendly meta tags.

Let’s get started. 

A short guide on meta tags

There is already a fully guide on SEO and a meta tag tutorial in our blog. But for now, let’s focus on the SEO friendly meta tags.


As you can see, there’re 3 main types of meta tags. However, you only need to focus on the vital and the unexplored.

The vital contains the most important meta tags that you need to master. You can see I put the robots tag in this category. Some might consider it’s unworthy, but I have a convincing reason to back up my claim down this post.

On the other hand, the unexplored has the ones that tend to be forgotten. 

Together, these are what you want to optimize for SEO. In order to do so, you need some SEO tools.

Here is the list I’ve promised.

1. Magento 2 SEO Extension

This plugin can appear as overkill if you only want to tackle meta tags. But hear me out first.

With this extension, you will receive a critical report for every page on the frontend.


This is incredible important to SEO audit since it’s more and more vital to pay attention to Google Ranking and search returns.

Here, the module gives you visual cues that help you fasten the process. 


An SEO audit is also added to this SEO meta extension to fool-proof your optimization.


One of the main advanced SEO features of Magento 2 is the robot.txt. This is great but it’s not a 100% solution to block Google from indexing your site. The only way to make sure is to set up the meta robots SEO.


Now, we’ll venture into the unexplored meta tag which is the canonical tag. In short, this tag keeps Google understand different versions of an exact content and doesn’t punish your site for duplicate pages.


And this is 4.0 era, we have to include automatic options for your pleasure. With the meta template, you can modify your metadata quickly and vastly. This is perfect to audit your site.


Will that be all? Well, there is so much more you can do with this excellent extension. We love an all-in-one solution. 


But let’s say, you only need to better a certain part of the metadata. Head on to these plugins below.

2. Canonical URLs

Out of all types of website, ecommerce is the most frequent to unintentionally create duplicate content. Because there will be several same products in different categories. Furthermore, the sorting of products, pagination, configurable products can produce partly identical content. 

This SEO meta extension is great to solve the problem above. The provider also includes robot tags to further monitor the indexing of search crawlers.


One downside I notice is that you need to email them to get a demo, and it’s on their website. However, they’re more than willing to share their Google Analytics account with you so it’s great.

Try this one out to stop your site from being downgraded by Google. 

3. Social Meta Tags

Social selling is a tempting area as there are over 3.02 billion active social accounts. And you can try to capitalize on that with this SEO meta extension.


Aside from allowing social meta tags, you can set prices for products in maximum and minimum. There is also a hidden price option to boost your engagement. Even your social can have SEO friendly meta tags.

Moreover, each platform sharing needs its own customization and Meetanshi is doing exactly that. You can freely choose pictures, titles, and descriptions to fit the social platform. Appealing is key to open the door to social selling.

They have a live demo for you to try out right on the Magento Marketplace which is a big plus in my book. As for shortcomings, their user guide is all over the place and is currently down. You have to work hand-in-hand with them to set up and use the module.

4. NoIndex NoFollow Tag


As mentioned before, robot tags are vital. And I will tell you why for three reasons.

First, you don’t want to overflood Google Index. That’s will dilute your chance of getting promoted in the SERP. Second, it’s not good if your site is ranked for the unnecessary page.

Lastly, this one is a bit longer because this is the story I touched briefly above. This happened to a fairly well-known ecommerce. Head of SEO noticed their traffic plummeted After the search, he realized the tech team had blocked a whole range of IP.

They thought the site was getting an attack from Mountain View California, so they banned the whole area from entering the site. And Google is located there. That’s why crawls bot couldn’t reach the site and traffic just went off the cliff.

It’s a very telling example of why you would never block IP, just block the unwanted for indexing pages with meta robots SEO with an extension like this. 


And let’s move on to how to make your site pop on the SERP.

5. Rich Snippets in Yoast SEO Magento 2

Ranking 1st is good and that is definitely the goal. But the metric you want to measure for your SEO success is the click-through rate.

That’s why you need to render your appearance as eye-catching as possible.  



With this SEO meta extension, you can put down the suggested meta description you want Google to show for searchers. There are also options to put images and other ribbons to further explain and decorate your products.

But there is a downside to this plugin, whatever you might put in and hope for Google to choose. It’s entirely up to Google. 


But don’t lose hope, everything will pay off, big time. At the end of the day, Google will show which one is the best for the searchers. Therefore, try to dedicate these snippets to your intended customers.

6. SEO Friendly Images

When I designed the infographic guide on meta tags, I was kinda on the fence about putting the Alt Text tag in the vital group. As for SEO friendly meta tags, it is important, no doubt. But it also fits in with the unexplored category as it hardly gets the recognization it deserves.

Regardless, as for an online business, your site definitely has images. And I’m willing to bet you have a lot of them. This is a gold mine for SEO, you just need the right tool to dig it out.


Let’s just put it this way, Google can’t physically see your image. It can only process, well, words. Therefore, you need to describe or at least tell Google: “Hey, this is what this picture is about.”


This SEO meta extension will boost up your ranking with little to no effort. You should try this out and see the result yourself.

7. Advanced SEO MetaData Manager

This is a great SEO meta extension to mass update or to intertwine your metadata. All you need is a CSV file that details everything you want to change with the URL of the page itself. 


Other values that don’t appear in the CSV file will be kept the same. This one works really well with shops that have different store views. The plugin works on URLs so as long as your URLs are unique, you can sign a custom SEO value to them.

I was just a tad unhappy with the fact they’ve not upgraded it to Magento 2.3 and it took a while to get a response. It also can take a while to fully add-in your SEO friendly meta tags file. But overall, good extension, definitely worth a try.

8. Magento 2 Meta Tags Template

This is the ultimate SEO meta extension for your Magento business. It’s automatic, can mass-produce metadata, fully detachable to other tasks in the backend.

If Magento 2 only allows 3 valuables in masking metadata, we expand them broadly. Now you can diversify your metadata as you want.


From there, you can fully customize your SEO friendly meta tags as wishes. Furthermore, the module helps you lay down the backbone from which all metadata can be auto-generated. 


When the metadata is created, there is an option of tracking and leaving it up to be done. Your time is valuable and we understand that. No more waiting for everything fully loading. 


You can see and try this out by yourself here.


In conclusion

SEO friendly meta tags are essential and you can set them up into an auto-grind. You just need to find the right tool. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you out in your way of on-page SEO optimization. You’ve already had amazing products and excellent services. All there is now is to get you on the map.

BSS Commerce also developed a full range of SEO extensions on all fronts. Make sure to give them a go.



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