4 Simplest Tips to Boost Up Sales for Magento Stores

4 Simplest Tips to Boost Up Sales for Magento Stores

What will you do to boost up your sales in this summer when holidays are still far away? Whether sales off, advertisements on social media or other marketing programs are enough for your Magento stores to have a summer breakthrough or not? Let’s be a wise and active businessman in the flow of Magento e-commerce to keep pace with customer demands and provide the right products and services for getting the most profits and retaining their loyalty.

In this blog post, we will come up with some most straightforward tips you have never thought that they will bring you many benefits of generating sales for your Magento stores because small ideas sometimes make big money.

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Make your Magento store discoverable and highlighted

In your business, perhaps you are standing among a lot of competitors with the same products and services as you are supplying. Therefore, the winner will be the first store that customers can search and visit. Let’s think of your store and is it easy for customers to find out on the internet or even on the Google map or any means of searching for a store that has products they are in needs?


On the Internet, one of the best ways store owners need to do is effectively optimizing search engine or SEO. A good SEO strategy will result in your site becoming higher ranked in search results related to your business and products. However, we have to consider an issue that you know to do SEO to get more clicks to the website, but other competitors also carry out things as you are doing. Therefore, besides climbing to the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS), your site needs to be standing out with information such as star rating, reviews, product availability or price that Rich Snippet can easily support you quickly. This will attract more customers and also build their trusts from the evaluation of your products.


For customers to search via Google map, your stores can be easier to find out than others, especially in case you are near customer location. Thus, let’s equip some tools (like Store Locator extension) for your site to help customers to seek your stores conveniently, and you also have more chances to sell products to these customers.

Don’t ignore site speed

You know that nobody likes waiting for a web page to load, especially when it will navigate customers to a competitor site due to faster site loading. According to research published by QuBit, slow loading websites cost retailers £1.73 billion in lost sales each year. It’s a very big figure in sales failures for all business. Therefore, site speed should be considered as one of the most important concerns that store owners need to have solutions to optimize.


For Magento stores, there are a lot of ways to reduce loading time and increase site speed such as defer parsing of JavaScript (put JavaScript files to the end of a page after all HTML and CSS loading) or use lazy images to allow loading images only when customers scroll down the page.

Also, you can depend on your information technology staff to speed up your site by manual ways such as code customization and so on. However, this method is complicated and takes much time to complete, and especially you cannot do it without support from IT experts.

Keep simple by cutting down steps to purchase


A lot of Magento stores have been facing the problem that the purchase process contains complicated steps and causes customers to feel confusing and take much time to complete buying. Thus, store owners had better come up with ideas to reduce these steps to enhance the shopping experience for customers. You can optimize your process by giving them a quicker order process that allows customers to add multiple items to cart at one time without visiting product page one by one. Also, you can minimize the checkout process when displaying all the required information in one page for more natural filling in and checking.

Take advantages of cross-selling and up-selling

Cross-selling and up-selling products will be very potential ones for customers to continue their purchase due to the relationship with other previous items they have already bought. Therefore, let’s show as many related products as possible in many places of your Magento stores where can make customers attracted at first sight. You can see a below example of associate products on a product page


In conclusion, we believe that these simple tips are beneficial for your Magento stores to enhance business more and more and have a fantastic summer to get sales breakthrough before a big holiday season is coming.

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    Especially, I absolutely agree with you about efficiency of Defer JavaScript. It’s very great to speed up Magento site

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    thanks for giving the valuable information about the boost up sales for magento store. This information is very use ful for me, those tips increases my sale.

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