Apply These 5+ Secret Techniques To Improve Magento 2 Newsletter Popup

According to reports, newsletter popups have a conversion rate of roughly 3.09%, which is good compared to the average number of visitors. Switching from a static, typical opt-in form to an excellent Magento 2 newsletter popup form can result in an almost 100% boost in signups.

As a result, this post will show you how to use Magento 2 newsletter popup to gain subscribers and build an enormous email list.

Let’s get started.

What is A Newsletter Popup?

Popups are onsite messages you send to visitors based on how they interact with your website. These messages frequently instruct them to do something specific, such as:

  • Take a look at new products and services.
  • Get a lead magnet, such as an ebook or an infographic, to download.
  • Personal information such as their name, email address, or phone number is entered.

The newsletter popup is the most popular among popup types and is also known as an email popup or email subscription popup.

Magento 2 newsletter popups are past newsletters that focus on a particular topic, event, or content sector in greater depth than a regularly recurring newsletter. Publishers enjoy sending popups, marketers enjoy advertising, and audiences enjoy reading them (as seen by their high open rates).

By simply adding an email capture form to any popup, you can turn it into an email popup.

Assume you wish to provide a 10% discount to first-time visitors. You could display them a popup with a promo code, but you’d be missing out on gaining new members.

Why Should You Use Magento 2 Newsletter Popup?


Why are newsletter popups so popular among content providers and publishers? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Limited-time commitment: You can use a newsletter popup to concentrate on providing high-quality content for a limited time without devoting resources to a long-term project.
  • A limited-time commitment for your audience: People are more inclined to keep receiving emails if they know they’re signing up to receive one email per week for ten weeks—especially if it’s a 10-part series of information.
  • Attract new audiences: You can drive a new audience to your other content if you capture their attention; after all, you have their email address. They might discover another part of your content they’re interested in while browsing the content of your newsletter popup.
  • A testing ground for new content: A newsletter popup is an excellent approach to see how interested your readership is in new areas of coverage or content genres. It may indicate a demand for more content in this area if it does exceptionally well.
  • Notify audiences with a high level of interest: Creating a newsletter around a specific issue gives advertisers something against advertising. It provides advertisers with access to an audience they can reasonably expect to be interested in and a mechanism for you to command better CPMs.
  • A way to engage your audience in the background: Several popups, such as a how-to series, offer evergreen material. This material is evergreen, resulting in a low-maintenance mailing campaign that you can fine-tune and perfect.

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Creating Magento 2 Newsletter Popups: 5 Tips to Follow

Don’t underestimate the value of design

A popup must meet two primary requirements: it must stick out and be appealing while yet fitting in with your overall design.

This issue is usually not severe because popups do not appear on the website. You can select a different design or color, but it should still fit your site’s central theme to avoid looking out of place.

Instead of feeling like an intrusion, the Magento 2 newsletter popup should feel like a natural part of your page.

It’s possible to achieve the intended result by utilizing complementary or comparable typefaces, colors, and images.

Consider the following scenario:


This adorable popup blends in nicely with the rest of the site. It makes use of images and colors that are similar. Users don’t get the impression that they’re being presented with anything that isn’t relevant to them. It appears to be a part of the page without actually being one.

Using your company’s name, logo, tagline, or items on the newsletter popup, as seen below, is an excellent approach to staying relevant.


Connect with your audience by using personalization

Personalization may be highly powerful when it comes to Magento 2 newsletter popup.

It gives a popup a friendlier and less invasive appearance. So, how can we personalize popups when we don’t have any personal information about the visitor?

Using your visitor’s first and last name isn’t the only way to personalize your website. It refers to displaying a popup that looks relevant to the user’s interests.


Most businesses rely on cookies to find this information. Thus, you can customize popups based on referral sources.

Also, refer to this Magento cookie popup HERE.

You can connect your newsletter popup to:

  • Pages the visitor checked last
  • The content the visitor engaged with 
  • Information such as whether it’s their first visit or not

Slight modifications can be beneficial. Personalization, according to HubSpot, can increase conversion by up to 202%.

On the other hand, personalization can be pretty extensive, and marketers can waste a lot of time and money managing this component of a newsletter popup campaign.

You should know when to stop as a marketer. Don’t get caught up in the jargon. Here are a few ideas for getting started:

  • Create a relevant, one-of-a-kind Magento 2 newsletter popup for any piece of content that generates a lot of traffic. 
  • Create a popup email campaign for visitors who arrive from a specified source.
  • It would help if you treated returning visitors differently because they are usually familiar with your services. 

You’ll need to check on the numbers to see which customization form works best to concentrate your efforts there.

Always add a call to action (CTA)

With only one CTA, a popup should be very apparent. It would be best if you avoided multiple CTAs. They will perplex your visitor and may compel them to click the dreaded ‘x’ button without supplying the necessary information.

Remember that popups disrupt your experience; your goal should be to obtain your required information. It should look tidy and well-kept. Users will not read what it says because they are more interested in other topics. 

Consider the following two examples:

call-to-action-in newsletter-popup-CTA

Compare to:


Which one do you prefer or believe will be the most effective?

Of course, the second one. It’s nice and obvious, that’s why.

Although the initial popup may provide helpful information, it is not something that users on the site are interested in at the time.

The second one does an excellent job of informing customers what they will receive and what they must do to obtain it. There is no time to waste.

Provide a discount on the first order 

Consider the perspective of a visitor who encounters a newsletter popup. It’s a one-sided situation. You expect the visitor to supply personal information like their name and email address, but what do you have to provide in exchange?

“Updates”? Sorry, but most users aren’t going to take the bait. They are uninterested in receiving updates.

Users want something valuable in return, something that will be useful. Therefore, please give them a reason to take a few moments to fill out the form.

People adore special offers and incentives, and it’s a fact. You can offer anything from coupons to free shipping.

Take a look at the following example:


The company is offering a 10% discount as an incentive. Anyone interested in purchasing on the site can effortlessly exchange their email for a discount code.

In addition, you can provide free shipping, as shown here:


Spend extra effort on your campaign and combine customization and lead magnets to provide visitors with exactly what they want.

Someone who comes to your page after reading a book review, for example, should see a book-related offer. Similarly, someone who visits your page after reading generic bicycle reviews should get bicycle-related offerings.

Display a gamification popup


In this Magento 2 newsletter popup example, MFMG uses gamification expertly. Suspense is one of the elements that make a great game so enjoyable. MFMG takes advantage of this by hiding a bonus behind the digital lever pull. To participate and learn what they’ll win, visitors must provide their email and phone number in the spaces given.

Besides, the amusing call-to-action “try your luck” adds to the pleasure and suspense.

On the other hand, the popup text is small and difficult to see, which may irritate visitors and force them to close it. Remember to make your text readable for all visitors, regardless of their age or level of vision. Keep your text at 16px for the best user experience.

Know when to launch a Magento 2 newsletter popup

How do you react when you visit a website and are greeted by a popup? The majority of individuals dislike it. It gives them a negative impression and may cause them to quit the website.

When it comes to launching a newsletter popup, a savvy marketer knows when to do it. Allow consumers time to interact with your website and learn about what you have to offer.

In fact, not everyone who comes to your website will be interested in your services. Furthermore, new users viewing your website for the first time may be skeptical.

Intelligent users do not give up their email addresses or personal information to people or websites they do not know or trust.

There is no universal consensus on when a popup should appear. According to the screenshot below, it may be good to display a popup once a visitor has browsed at least two pages.


The above image shows that the conversion rate on the landing page is 3.94%, but after two pages, it jumps to 8.05%, which is more than twice. However, it is not always effective because it depends on various circumstances, including the nature of your site and the nature of your visitors.

As a result, A/B testing might be an excellent way to determine what works and what doesn’t.

We try to bring you more ideas with 7 Magento 2 Newsletter Popup Examples To Steal & Earn More Subscribers!

Outstanding Magento 2 Popup Hacks

Magento 2 newsletter popup is a potential and valuable business tool for swiftly establishing communication with clients. It also can help you enhance website conversions, generate warm leads, extend your customer base, and collect valuable data. 

However, it would help to utilize them properly so that site visitors do not notice irritating advertisements but rather a welcome addition.

After reading the five tips above, are you ready to create your Magento 2 newsletter popup? 

It’s never been easier to build subscriber lists for your email campaigns. We wish you excellent conversion rates.

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