>The 2018 World Cup Champion Has Called FRANCE – Qualified! Congratulations!

The 2018 World Cup Champion Has Called FRANCE – Qualified! Congratulations!

Congratulate France on Becoming the 2018 FIFA World Cup Champion

2018 World Cup tournament came to an end after more than one month. The new king of football has been called. Many congratulations to France! The impressive performances in Russia, as well as the convincing victory over Croatia, helped Mr. Deschamps and his men name their country as the champion of World Cup for the second time.

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Considered the most exciting match during World Cup history, the tournament final in Russia also took place in a special way. There was a first-time own goal, a controversial penalty decided by the VAR technology, great things and also mistakes … After all, Frenchman deserved to be the 2018 World Cup champion because of the pompous but effective way to close the match at 4-2. The names such as Kante, Pogba; Matuidi, Mbappe, Griezmann … made the game more worth watching.


With the Croatian players, the first trip to the 2018 World Cup final match was also a wonderful journey of Modric and his teammates. Despite playing against the far stronger competitors, not mention that the team had just gone through three consecutive games to play extra time, the Croatian players were still aggressive and enthusiastic.

The Croatian midfielder, Luka Modric said after the game: “We have no regrets because we were the better team for much of the game. Unfortunately, some clumsy goals swung it their way.” He was awarded the Golden Ball as the tournament’s outstanding player.

2018 FIFA World Cup: Awesome Statistics and Interesting Facts

Let’s throwback for a moment on 2018 World Cup by several figures and events to understand why FIFA World Cup becomes the biggest and most widely-viewed sporting event every 4 years.


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